Bang Mommy

What do dogs dream about? Learn about who is the better driver between Dave and Andi as well as who wears underwear. Andi describes a lovely fan message she received this week on OF. Do you know what a bang mommy is? You do now. End with a lovely ditty by the one and only, Andi.



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[00:00:00] Dave: Hello and welcome back to episode two of quiet and kinky. I’m Dave And so today I just wanted to ask, how’s your week been? Bow?


[00:00:10] Andi: Mm I don’t know. I don’t ever remember anything that I do. It’s just the same thing, pretty much every day


[00:00:19] Dave: and that kind of interesting how the repetitive task on a story. Yeah,


[00:00:24] Andi: I don’t know. It seems pretty good. I’m alive, That’s


[00:00:28] Dave: true. How about you? I’m doing a rain, you know, it’s been really great. We actually determined to turn one of our bedrooms into the studio, which has brought me a lot of joy.


[00:00:39] Andi: Yeah, we’ve been using headboard as a


[00:00:42] Dave: backsplash. Yeah, it looks really good for the Youtube channel. So you know, we’re getting crafty, we’re growing with it


[00:00:49] Andi: like


[00:00:50] Dave: are set and now you got a little table to put your wine on. It’s all about comfort at this point. It’s fancy. We’re definitely fancy. All right, So what is our first topic of the day?


[00:01:02] Andi: What we have discussed that we were going to do is have a new word introduced every time that we do a podcast. So it may be a legitimate word or it may be


[00:01:14] Dave: from urban dictionary.


[00:01:15] Andi: Yeah, I like a slang, fun, whatever you call it. So the word that you chose, I


[00:01:21] Dave: specifically noticed she pointed it was me because I did pick this one


[00:01:25] Andi: out. Do you remember what the word was?


[00:01:28] Dave: Bang mama bang! Mommy


[00:01:30] Andi: bang! Mommy.


[00:01:31] Dave: Yeah, I remember that.


[00:01:33] Andi: So this is a woman expected by her male partner to fulfill a mother like role in supporting his needs similar to cooking, cleaning, soothing bad moods, but also providing sex on demand,


[00:01:47] Dave: That’s kind of nice, isn’t it? Yeah, I love the idea, the reason I wanted to bring that up because I noticed that, you know, in only fans lately, you’ve been getting a lot of messages and people like that mommy type vibe, but this is like the next level of that, that’s what I would want,


[00:02:01] Andi: this is like, yeah, mommy too, like she cooks and cleans like the mommy role that I have requested is more like be a naughty step mom and talk dirty and that kind of thing, but this is like clean cook for


[00:02:17] Dave: me, doesn’t it just sound like a little dirty of a word for what it implies.


[00:02:23] Andi: Well it says sex on demand, so bang mommy, I don’t know, I guess


[00:02:27] Dave: you’re right, that does make


[00:02:28] Andi: sense. I don’t know, I broke up with Daniel because he was just a bang, I was just a bang mommy to him as the example for Daniel or Daniel will never be the same. I mean he had, he obviously had quite a thing going, yeah, he had a bang mommy, damn Daniel, I’m sorry man,


[00:02:47] Dave: So yes, every week we do want to introduce a word or phrase in this case


[00:02:53] Andi: and so what I would like to do is implement that word into the podcast.


[00:02:58] Dave: Oh, oh, you want to give it a next level. Alright,


[00:03:01] Andi: so at some point before we close you and I both need to use our new word, bang mama bang Mommy mommy don’t be like, I’m going to suck it up some stuff. That’s not what it says.


[00:03:13] Dave: Mommy, Okay. Yeah.


[00:03:16] Andi: And as you can see if you’re joining us on our youtube, is that we SAB Stewie in my lap as usual.


[00:03:23] Dave: He’s just our black little dioxins that’s just lying in our laps and it’s really nice. She’s got some knee high socks on time.


[00:03:29] Andi: So I’m just being


[00:03:30] Dave: warm. I mean it looks good. Thanks. Thank you.


[00:03:33] Andi: That’s a whole winter vibe on like a toasty and cuddly. Hell


[00:03:39] Dave: yeah. Warm. The next part we wanted to talk about was going to be how we kind of like move down to more of the minimalistic type approaches. And when we mean minimalist, I mean we’re not full bore, but we’re a lot more minimal than we used to be.


[00:03:56] Andi: We simplified


[00:03:57] Dave: a lot life. So like when we first met were working corporate lives, we were doing good, but it’s like we were spending as fast as we got it.


[00:04:05] Andi: Well that’s all we had for fun is we would work hard and then we would spend the money, we earned hard,


[00:04:14] Dave: We did a lot of retail therapy. Yeah,


[00:04:16] Andi: it wasn’t fulfilling though.


[00:04:18] Dave: So, and then, so we basically, we did investments in real estate. So we moved and every time we moved, we would end up getting rid of so much ship and I guess essentially gaining more shit.


[00:04:32] Andi: Yeah, sort of, we would flip the house and then we would want new things for the next house and then we would flip the house and then our taste would change again and again all while. We’re still working insane hours, how we did all of that. Because most of what we did to flip these houses, we did ourselves, meaning mostly


[00:04:52] Dave: you manual labor


[00:04:54] Andi: a lot. And so I think it was just like we thought that was a good way to reward ourselves, but that it just never, we finally realized that wasn’t doing anything to make us feel


[00:05:06] Dave: better. Well, well, and another thing is like on our last episode, we talked about how we’re not, we don’t do the valentine’s day type things were not, what is it? Not? Nostalgic


[00:05:16] Andi: were not conventional. We don’t just follow the path because that’s what people tell us to


[00:05:23] Dave: do right, Which before we really kind of let this go, I was accumulating a lot of sh it, yeah, I just, I didn’t want to get rid of anything.


[00:05:32] Andi: You know, I was never that


[00:05:34] Dave: way you’re throwing out my ship since we got married.


[00:05:37] Andi: Yeah, I’m not a background. I’m like, you don’t use it, you haven’t used an ear, you don’t need it,


[00:05:42] Dave: but you know what’s going to happen every time it happens, you throw something away. I’m going to need it. You don’t need it. No, I don’t. But it would have made what I was doing at that time a lot easier. Yeah. I think you’re telling myself then.


[00:05:53] Andi: Yeah. So and it’s kind of like realizing what where the value actually lies in things and in contentment just being content. You can’t be content because you’ve got a new boujee designer couch or whatever. Our new BMW. It’s not that’s not where it’s at now. Nice things are great and we still like


[00:06:18] Dave: nice things. Nice food. Really?


[00:06:20] Andi: Yeah, but we’re not living for


[00:06:24] Dave: it, right? So we’re before we just worked nonstop. Like I don’t know how we got through that because we would both come home with the anger and the anxiety from work and then have to live with each other. I remember you yelling at a apparition of somebody, you were envisioning somebody you were yelling


[00:06:45] Andi: at. It wasn’t like Pat wigging the funk out. You’re


[00:06:48] Dave: just angry and you were venting about someone very


[00:06:52] Andi: loudly. Yeah, I think in our neighbors heard. But yeah. So so the great resignation. What’s your state? What’s your take on?


[00:07:00] Dave: Well, I mean like the great resignation that they were talking about essentially came down to that people started finding the value in things and so they weren’t having to work as hard because the things they needed every day today didn’t cost this much. So they cut back on the travel and going out and spending on ship. They didn’t need, That’s why everybody, I guess, just kind of calm down. That’s kind of what I think we’ve done. We’ve just kinda cut back and relax and just kind of living right now.


[00:07:26] Andi: Well, it’s funny because you see so many help wanted signs and restaurants are, there’s a huge weight, but there’s tables open everywhere and you have to understand they’re just down there is just gone. And people will say, well, what are people doing? How are people surviving? They can’t be surviving on these economic stimulus and this and that. And I just want to mumble like only fans. That’s not why we did it. It was just the timing around the same time. Um, but yeah, that’s that’s where my mind is. I’m like, well, how else people making money? They’re on cam shows are working out and


[00:08:03] Dave: the industry continues to grow.


[00:08:06] Andi: It’s not smut it’s sex,


[00:08:08] Dave: sex. Yeah, I guess that ralph just


[00:08:11] Andi: sex. Yeah. I don’t think it’s smut we’re all sexual. That’s why there’s billions of people in the world because everybody had to fuck. Somebody could get that person


[00:08:21] Dave: here. That’s true.


[00:08:23] Andi: It’s what happens.


[00:08:26] Dave: This is going to be good. So, we figured every week we would just have general couples questions and not really discussing beforehand and just see how we fight it


[00:08:35] Andi: out. I’ll win. That’s fine.


[00:08:37] Dave: That’s natural. But I’ll give it a fighting chance.


[00:08:40] Andi: That’s all you can do, honey.


[00:08:42] Dave: It is. Thank you.


[00:08:43] Andi: So, between the two of us, who’s the better driver?


[00:08:47] Dave: Obviously you say it’s you you


[00:08:50] Andi: are the


[00:08:51] Dave: worst driver. Alright, explain to me first. How am I the worst driver?


[00:08:55] Andi: You wait till the last minute. You never are, you’re never proactive, you’re never looking ahead, you’re thinking of right now you are. Oh you’re just you think my car is much smaller than it is and it can just slip in here in this little spot. I literally can’t I can’t I can’t with you.


[00:09:13] Dave: I always wondered what I was. I mean the biggest thing with you for the longest time you did have a problem with texting and driving but you don’t do anymore, right? But you swerve. You have to see that sometimes it doesn’t matter. My motion sickness can sense it. Like you’re like, you know just going a little effort, you’re just so chill.


[00:09:33] Andi: Where of what I’m doing, right? I’m


[00:09:35] Dave: inebriated. No, you’re not in your brain at all. But you’re just sitting there just kind of laid back and then


[00:09:41] Andi: you want to talk about your motion sickness way,


[00:09:44] Dave: who’s been in the last, correct? That’s all you have is all they have and that is a great valid point in


[00:09:50] Andi: this because you backed into a post at a gas station.


[00:09:53] Dave: Fuck it right. Yeah


[00:09:55] Andi: dammit. So we’re done with that argument now back to motion sickness. You are in a parking lot, you were trying to decide what parking spot you want and there are parking spots on both sides of us. You literally go left, No, I’m going to whip it out and go to the right note and change them and I’m literally vomiting in the floorboard.


[00:10:18] Dave: Do you know what that is? That’s my anxiety of you. Because No, no, no, because this is what happens if I don’t, like, what will happen is I’ll pull into parking spots a little too far out, it’s usually far out. And as we’re walking in, she goes, I’ll look at that spot is right there and then she taunts me with it, but she just knows how to poke my buttons. And so now I have anxiety about every time I try to park the car, not anymore. Really?


[00:10:40] Andi: Your own demons. And that is your own problem. Because while you were doing this back and forth psychosis that go right, I’m going to go, you’re getting motions like nothing to


[00:10:49] Dave: you. That’s true. It’s a voice inside my head.


[00:10:53] Andi: Don’t go there, don’t go there, I’m not doing that. You cannot blame me for the multiple personality disorder that you have in your brain. Next question,


[00:11:03] Dave: Okay, when is the


[00:11:04] Andi: next question, Who said, I love you first.


[00:11:08] Dave: Dave,


[00:11:09] Andi: I


[00:11:10] Dave: want to say,


[00:11:12] Andi: you’re looking at me like there’s a right or wrong answer.


[00:11:14] Dave: Well, the thing is I don’t remember, okay, I want to say it was me. Wasn’t me,


[00:11:22] Andi: I have no freaking idea,


[00:11:24] Dave: jesus. So you don’t remember either? Oh my god I don’t even remember that. Yeah I know our first guest was like in a parking lot against a car but remember that but yeah okay good thank you.


[00:11:36] Andi: No no no


[00:11:39] Dave: No one of those great


[00:11:40] Andi: things thank you. It doesn’t matter. Yeah no I think it was the same time that we did our blood sample together when you cut your finger and you kept behind and we put our blood like blood brothers. Alright alright we didn’t do that, we never did that. So now all of a sudden you have glasses off.


[00:11:56] Dave: Well I can take my glasses off in the session. Yeah there is consistency and things like this. See you can hear you, you can hear you do okay I’m just making sure because it’s okay.


[00:12:08] Andi: So this is the same issue that we have when it comes to what time to leave. I never show up late to anything but Dave never shows up too late either because he leaves four hours too early. I leave at the very last second but I’m never late.


[00:12:27] Dave: Okay that part does kill me about you. So like whenever we go on a trip anywhere, notice I’m talking at a distance but any time we go on a trip anywhere uh you always have everything bind down to the final minute. Like literally like get off a plane and go in there’s Uber like everything’s time that scares me to death. What if something goes wrong? What if there’s one thing that just doesn’t go to plan and then your whole plane you can get on the plane.


[00:12:57] Andi: So what if the plane goes down and we burst into flames.


[00:13:01] Dave: That would suck. It


[00:13:02] Andi: just doesn’t matter your what ifs are just nonsense. Thank you. They’re unnecessary


[00:13:08] Dave: essentially. I just have natural anxiety.


[00:13:10] Andi: Have we ever missed a plane or


[00:13:12] Dave: we have not remember?


[00:13:15] Andi: Have we


[00:13:16] Dave: taken quite a few and even a lot of work trips? Yeah. Okay. I’ll give you a lot of credit. You don’t suck up but it still gives me anxiety.


[00:13:24] Andi: Not everybody can pull into the right parking space on the right and the first try only you can you know I mean not everybody can have a wife that’s also a bang. Mommy just


[00:13:36] Dave: got mine. I got mine. You did. You have fun? Yeah,


[00:13:43] Andi: you’re going to lose. So between the two of us, who is the clumsy one? This is easy.


[00:13:50] Dave: I’ll let you take this one.


[00:13:53] Andi: I’ve never in my life in all the things I’ve ever done. Met a person that can drop ship more than you in a day. I don’t know what it is. I don’t either but you see it.


[00:14:07] Dave: I do. I do naturally.


[00:14:09] Andi: You will pick something up and be looking at it and know that I’m looking at you, you’re gonna drop that and you’ll just fucking


[00:14:17] Dave: drop it. It’s a reflex my hand. I don’t know what is going on.


[00:14:21] Andi: It’s not a reflex it’s a disability.


[00:14:24] Dave: And what do we need to call this disability?


[00:14:27] Andi: I don’t know. I don’t even know. And then you give me a shot from a helicopter. Arms. Yes, if it’s even if it’s not dark, if you’re going through a room for some reason you flail your arms and ship gets knocked off, drinks, water, splatters, all the all the things, everything.


[00:14:48] Dave: The funny thing about this is you had a four worrying of this.


[00:14:51] Andi: I don’t remember that. No, it seemed like in the last year it’s been more predominant where I’ve just noticed it more. But I don’t really remember you always doing this. I think that your brain is


[00:15:02] Dave: deteriorating when I find really funny is you don’t remember this. But we were looking at Zillow, one of my childhood homes and we were looking at the carpet that where my bed was and there was a big fucking stain that should have been. You saw that?


[00:15:18] Andi: I think that was from excessive ejaculation. That was brown. Apparently


[00:15:23] Dave: that really you really think that entire just


[00:15:26] Andi: jacked off to you were


[00:15:27] Dave: just the pain. That’s actually probably very true too. But I don’t understand it would look like coat color.


[00:15:34] Andi: I don’t know. You need to get that checked out. So who is most likely to get lost on a journey or a trip


[00:15:42] Dave: you I mean, of course this is if we don’t have a phone that can tell us where to go.


[00:15:49] Andi: Even with a phone. I probably would, I can admit that. Yeah. To me, don’t ever talk to me in directional terms don’t say go northwest on broad Street or don’t funk with me with stupid ship like that. Like you know, I just don’t


[00:16:10] Dave: like the famous Angela johnson line where she is like the perpetrator had started running which way to go? He took a left.


[00:16:18] Andi: Yeah, same thing. Yeah. No. So I could never be like a dispatcher for 911. I could, I would, I would literally be like he’s on the other side of burger king. Not the side where the sign is


[00:16:31] Dave: not the same for the drive through but on the other side. Right,


[00:16:34] Andi: right. Yeah. It took a rough, but he took a left but he’s kind of veering toward, you know remember you know where john and julie used to live? It’s kind of like that way, but it’s a little bit, not quite that way and then go like halfway down. I’m not sure where, but then there’s like a turn that would be me


[00:16:52] Dave: very, I feel like those are directions you’ve given before


[00:16:56] Andi: but don’t throw some northwest south. No, don’t throw that shot at me.


[00:17:01] Dave: I think the best way to say this is whenever we go into a store, like one of the malls or something, we’ll be going down a specific way, the direction of the mall will go in and when we come out you want to go back the way we came from every time you always get turned around.


[00:17:15] Andi: I always get turned around. I have to start remembering mannequins when I go anywhere by myself, I landmark like breadcrumbs like Hansel and Gretel. Yeah, I’m like okay, there’s a naked mannequin or this mannequin has a little cute turtleneck on and I’ll remember that on the way back since we’re talking about directions, it seems perfectly legitimate and sensible to start talking about underwear


[00:17:44] Dave: really. I agree. I agree because directions always lead to underwear.


[00:17:49] Andi: So the south, it’s south. Yeah, I know that much


[00:17:52] Dave: south. There’s northern than their south.


[00:17:54] Andi: Yes. So what questions you have about panties?


[00:17:57] Dave: So I’m kind of curious. I know there’s all different types. So what are the different types of panties? Like the different shapes and stuff?


[00:18:04] Andi: So you have g string thong, hipsters, boy shorts, bikini cut


[00:18:12] Dave: Boy. Listen, I know you don’t typically wear underwear. I don’t, but when you do, what is the most comfortable type?


[00:18:20] Andi: The ones that I don’t


[00:18:22] Dave: wear, the ones that you don’t work. Yeah, that’s why I don’t wear them


[00:18:25] Andi: understood. I hate panties. Yeah, they all kind of end up in the same spot. So I would just wear a thong and be ready for it if I was going to do it. I like to wear pretty panties. Like if I’m taking some pictures but long term I prefer no panties. I don’t like panty lines and I don’t like the way they feel. So to me there’s not much reason for it. How about


[00:18:53] Dave: you? Now? One thing I have to say for me is I’ve never seen you in a G string until recently, like six months ago. That was hot as hell.


[00:19:04] Andi: So what kind of panties do you wear? Dave.


[00:19:07] Dave: I wear boxer briefs pretty much all the time.


[00:19:10] Andi: We don’t like the whitey tidies.


[00:19:11] Dave: Never wore the whitey tidies. And the one thing I thought was funny is I’ve worn in my mind boxer briefs my entire life, but I watched one of the videos we made when we were first dating and I had boxers on really big, bulky boxers and I was like, what the funk was I thinking? Yeah, sexy was also hilarious. Fuck yeah. If I could say anything to my younger days, I would say trim up traumatic time. That ship really put a lot more to that fucking ship.


[00:19:42] Andi: Apparently I didn’t mind it too much. Yeah, you were nice. I don’t remember that either because I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of


[00:19:49] Dave: that. I thought it was funny. Like you didn’t even remember I had that either.


[00:19:53] Andi: No,


[00:19:54] Dave: my dick had sideburns.


[00:19:56] Andi: I was just a bang. Mommy, I got too damn it. I can’t funk. I could even give you that one. You really could have. Do we hear sleeps with us at night as you can tell every single fucking doesn’t go far. He’s not by my side but at night he there sleeps up against me on the side or in between us he’s one or the other, he’s touching me


[00:20:20] Dave: and now he’s crying for no apparent reason.


[00:20:22] Andi: He’s like I don’t have a voice in this many times a night. He will the way he’s laying, he has his paws against my skin and then he’ll start having a dream. So here I am like in my little nestled slumber and I’m all comfortable and all the good things and he’s running he’s chasing something and doing that you know he’s barking and then I like wiggle him and I wake him up and then We both fall asleep and it feels like 15 minutes later. I don’t know how soon it is, he’s doing it again. So what are they, what are they dreaming about? What our dogs dreaming about


[00:21:06] Dave: Number one. He never sleeps next to me. So I never had to experience that. But you’ve seen him do it. I have. I I will. So most of the time he’s running so I’d like to think he’s running after our neighbor’s cat Leroy in his mind because you know he we have a cat that comes over and randomly we pet him all the time in our ducks to, he does not like him give him treats right. So I think he’s pretty much thinking of attacking things when he’s doing that other than that he’s probably running from like a bottle of coke or something in history because he’s scared of everything.


[00:21:39] Andi: Like a two of the two liter bottle, the


[00:21:41] Dave: empty, two liter bottle on the ground.


[00:21:42] Andi: He’s scared of everything is true. Yes. He doesn’t chase anything. So like what the hell is he chasing like a cheetah? Like what wears his little nostalgic, his little fairy tale imagination? He’s like a big burly dog. He’s like, alright look, he’s like that. You know what? That’s enough. I’m not going to let you sit here and bash


[00:22:02] Dave: me. I will not have this anymore. Oh was that the, is that the way of saying the oven is probably done now. I


[00:22:10] Andi: think he was saying I have to, well now we just did


[00:22:13] Dave: that. Yeah. How is the with you? So hey, hey, bang mommy, what are you cooking right now? That’s how it works. Oh yes it


[00:22:24] Andi: is. You can’t call me


[00:22:26] Dave: a bang mommy, you are my bang mommy right now. You’re making me dinner.


[00:22:30] Andi: You need to suck it.


[00:22:32] Dave: I’ve got to use it. You’re my bank money. One other segment I want to start adding in on a weekly basis here is like an only fans moment of the week. Like just something that you’ve seen experienced something on your only fans page that was just hot, sexy, mind blowing or just scared the funk out of you.


[00:22:51] Andi: One thing that jumps out to me that was memorable this week as I had a new subscriber on my premium only fans page, he signed up and he sent a message to me and all it said was fuck


[00:23:06] Dave: off, wow, that’s nice. Okay. Well, so I don’t know, wow that and that was the only message you got from him interesting.


[00:23:18] Andi: Yeah. So in only fans, you have the option as a creator that you can stop or block a person, but it also refunds them. So if they’re not happy and you don’t want to deal with it, they’re not losing anything. You know, they’re getting refunded and I’ve only done that one other time. And so I did that with this person that just like I funk off. Like how was,


[00:23:44] Dave: we definitely have to take control of them.


[00:23:46] Andi: There was no love lost, but I just didn’t know why.


[00:23:49] Dave: All right. So now that we’re back and we made sure that our kitchen is not on fire,


[00:23:55] Andi: which I never thought was, you just have a fear of that. Just kind of like, I don’t do, I don’t leave super early to get places. I don’t time


[00:24:04] Dave: things are dog was giving us all the signs like lassie and ship


[00:24:08] Andi: and how did that work out? Nothing was wrong. No, you can’t,


[00:24:11] Dave: you can’t trust him. For sure. No, he’s a great guard dog.


[00:24:14] Andi: I don’t measure things when I cook. I don’t measure the butter or the water. I eyeball it. And I also just time it in my head. Sounds good. And if you try to read directions and like proper little bag up and read it, I will just knock it off the


[00:24:29] Dave: counter. I am a direction reader. Which is really surprising considering how lazy I typically am. Actually reading directions to cook is the one thing I do.


[00:24:38] Andi: I just, I’m very, I’m a very much of a hard ask. So don’t tell me what to do. And to me that’s what directions are telling me what to do


[00:24:46] Dave: are the directions suggestions.


[00:24:49] Andi: I think it’s aggressive.


[00:24:51] Dave: It’s aggressive. Everything can be cooked in the oven at 350.


[00:24:56] Andi: That is your golden time you travel. You go north


[00:24:59] Dave: North and set the oven at 350


[00:25:01] Andi: and that is the best life advice I can give you


[00:25:03] Dave: should be that. And everyone can be healed by Neos born some good stuff. You love that ship. Yeah, I used to joke if I lost an arm, you would put fucking Neosporin on it


[00:25:15] Andi: if I had enough. Yeah, grow that ship back and a good little like a snake or a lizard.


[00:25:20] Dave: Okay,


[00:25:22] Andi: yeah, you’re very creative. You just don’t understand the power of news


[00:25:25] Dave: porn. Okay, well I’ll use it more. Thanks. Going to do more than just you.


[00:25:31] Andi: Yeah, it can predict the future. Holy fuck. And


[00:25:35] Dave: Neosporin can predict the bucking future. You never knew that ship. All right, Get


[00:25:40] Andi: out of the volcanoes. Yeah, it’s very mystical. It’s a very high price commodity.


[00:25:46] Dave: Exactly. It’s going to start going off the shelves.


[00:25:49] Andi: They can’t really confirm or give out the secret of what the ingredients are.


[00:25:54] Dave: What do you think it is?


[00:25:56] Andi: It’s just it’s God.


[00:25:58] Dave: We want to talk about why we named our show kinky or Quiet Fuck. We wanted to talk about why we named our show quite a fuck. We want to name it quiet and kinky. So why do we want to name it Quiet and kinky?


[00:26:20] Andi: Well, um it doesn’t seem like we’re quiet because we have a lot to say, and I always have something to say, and I’m definitely not quiet in the sexual horizon,


[00:26:33] Dave: Is it really that we’re just introverts?


[00:26:37] Andi: I think Quiet just defines describes who we are as outward people to the to society?


[00:26:46] Dave: All I know is like, all the people that we knew in the very beginning of our relationship, If they knew your really that that kinky side of you, I guess it would have blown their fucking mind. So you’re like a quiet, kinky. So maybe that’s that’s a great way to put it is you’re quiet.


[00:27:02] Andi: Yeah, I don’t necessarily share it. Well, I do now show


[00:27:06] Dave: you the world everywhere. Everyone can see it.


[00:27:09] Andi: But I mean, I like that, but I don’t if I’m at a party. I don’t want to be the center of attention. So I guess that’s where we came off with were quiet because we’re kind of the ones that we’re not looking for attention, but when we have fun or we like something sexually, we don’t hold back.


[00:27:29] Dave: Another way to say is we did quiet too kinky. I mean, when you think about it, you know, we, I guess in my mind we had traditional sex life in the beginning of our marriage, very active, very fun, but we always found a way to spice it up to the next level and more and more and more, and now we just get to share all that ship with the entire world. But yeah, I just like, I like how the group is actually in your freakiness and just grew with me my freaking you’re freaking aside was I feel like it was very tame, and like, I got PG 13 kinkiness side of you and in the past like five years it has just come out in 10 fold, wow, I mean,


[00:28:10] Andi: I’ve been a bad influence on you.


[00:28:12] Dave: I don’t know, you’re like a fine wine, you’re getting sexier and kinkier as the time goes by. I


[00:28:16] Andi: never had a kinky wine. A kinky wine. Yeah, well, you said you’re like a fine wine, you get sexier and I’ve never had sex or kinky


[00:28:24] Dave: wine. Hell yeah, well, I’m going to go find you a nice Stella rose,


[00:28:28] Andi: I’m going to find some kind of wine that’s called kinky or king.


[00:28:32] Dave: No, you just need to find a wine that’s called Bang Mommy.


[00:28:36] Andi: If anybody nice, thank you. If anybody can find any of the above types of wine, please


[00:28:42] Dave: let me know seriously, if you can find a wine called Bang Mommy.


[00:28:46] Andi: No, that’s out


[00:28:48] Dave: there. That’s out there. Bank Mommy wine. Yeah. Are you serious?


[00:28:53] Andi: I don’t want to talk about our next business venture. Bang Mommy wine dot com. It’s a little sexy. It’s a little kinky and it’s a lot of grapes.


[00:29:04] Dave: Well, the thing, I love it when I actually looked that up on urban dictionary, there’s a little advertisement right below it and it’s like get a little custom made coffee cup and it’s a get a cup for your dad Jose for this word. And I was like, yeah, so Jose. Get your dad a cup that says Bang Mommy is essentially with the ad right below the word said who’s


[00:29:27] Andi: Jose?


[00:29:28] Dave: I don’t know, every computer were you on every new line had somebody else’s name. Like get it for your mom donna, That kind of thing. It was just, I guess trying to associate, but I mean my mind was blown. That was great advertising. I almost bought a funding cut.


[00:29:43] Andi: Did you ended it say Jose.


[00:29:45] Dave: Now it needs to be


[00:29:46] Andi: happy birthday Jose.


[00:29:47] Dave: Happy birthday Jose from Bang Mommy,


[00:29:51] Andi: you’re not right.


[00:29:53] Dave: I’m not right. But so now being mommy as a noun


[00:29:57] Andi: mm. I guess it always was. That’s true. So I’m glad you kept it consistent


[00:30:05] Dave: or was I translate It was an adjective.


[00:30:08] Andi: No, let’s not start getting into different. No,


[00:30:11] Dave: no. I want you to just well, I want you to teach me this. What is that?


[00:30:15] Andi: Is a noun.


[00:30:16] Dave: It’s now person place or thing.


[00:30:18] Andi: Yes, I remember that


[00:30:20] Dave: good job. It’s about the only


[00:30:22] Andi: thing I remember from do you want to start talking about compound sentences? Fuck


[00:30:26] Dave: you


[00:30:27] Andi: know, just like you know how they would break up the sentence and do like the whole diagram and the dissecting it. And the little the subject was appearing the verb within the middle and then you know the adjectives and prepositions,


[00:30:42] Dave: fucking my head hurts. So I have a question when I wrote those little love letters to you in the beginning of our relationship, did you not see how bad my grammar was and go, you know, maybe I should not marry this guy. He’s not very bright.


[00:30:58] Andi: I think you’re writing those to Jose because I don’t recall


[00:31:02] Dave: Remember the letters. I sent your emails and I had the little MP three attached to it saying you’re amazing. Just the way you


[00:31:08] Andi: are One 1, 1. It literally was referencing the song. You’re amazing. Yes, that’s the one you’re referring.


[00:31:17] Dave: I’m referring to that one then.


[00:31:19] Andi: Yes. Actually, I don’t think it was an email, I think was an instant message and it was


[00:31:23] Dave: not an instant message because I found the email years later,


[00:31:26] Andi: but it was what was playing overhead in the office


[00:31:29] Dave: And I found that I actually went and found the MP three that took a minute. Don’t tell that story. Why?


[00:31:37] Andi: Because you can recall the only time and it was like a one liner. I’ve


[00:31:41] Dave: sent you plenty other love letters and stuff like that and little post it notes and stuff. The best. That doesn’t mean I’ve sent you emails or written letters iron. Oh goddamn it. Well, we are glad that everyone could join us for this episode of quiet and kinky. If you all both of you both of you. Hey, I think I got like 17 or some. Yeah, I got a good number. I’m going for the twenties packed


[00:32:10] Andi: house baby. That’s


[00:32:11] Dave: what I’m talking about. And if you want to find us. Actually, all of our podcasts are, the video of them will be posted on our youtube which you can search us and find us at quiet and kinky on our youtube. Or you can just go to quiet and kinky dot com. You can find how to find us everywhere. And if you just want to go straight to the nasty and find Andy how do we find you Andy


[00:32:34] Andi: only Andy dot com Andy


[00:32:36] Dave: with an I so that’s A N. D. I N D. Dot com.


[00:32:41] Andi: The one and only.


[00:32:42] Dave: Thanks everybody.


[00:32:43] Andi: Thanks see you next time.


[00:32:45] Dave: I’m gonna let you do the exit.


[00:32:51] Andi: Don’t you know so far me radio. No lives on the first floor. Father next to me. So you know when love is 60, that was rather of the mothers you can plainly see and when they leave, they always take along their family.


[00:33:06] Dave: I love you. That was beautiful. I get


[00:33:09] Andi: that for you.


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