Getting to Know Dave and Andi

Getting to Know Dave and Andi. On this episode of Quiet and Kinky, Dave and Andi ask each other questions speed dating style. Some of the answers may surprise you. And lastly, Dave learns a new word that everyone already knew.

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[00:00:00] Dave: you are listening to the quiet and kinky podcast with David Andy.


[00:00:04] Andi: There is explicit material in this podcast. So if you are under 18,


[00:00:09] Dave: go away. Consider yourself warned. Hello and welcome to Episode 10 of Quiet and Kinky. I’m Dave and we made it Episode 10. I can’t. I mean, we really we’re sticking to this. Pop them out. Heck, yeah. We’re going to keep these


[00:00:28] Andi: babies.


[00:00:29] Dave: Oh, gosh. So I guess we’re going to be starting today’s episode with a word of the day. Maybe


[00:00:35] Andi: the word of the week. Word of


[00:00:37] Dave: the week. That’s a big word.


[00:00:38] Andi: So this is a word you already know, of course, but it’s been added to our new definition has been added to the dictionary for it.


[00:00:48] Dave: Interesting.


[00:00:49] Andi: And the word is thirsty. Thirsty. So of course, everybody knows what it means to be thirsty. Thirsty? Yeah, exactly. I’m never thirsty. Um, but this is, uh, having a strong desire for attention, especially on social media. Thirsty is informally being used by mostly young people. So, as an example, my brother is thirsty. He posts so many photos of our dog jelly bean on Instagram because he wants her to be a dog


[00:01:17] Dave: model. Yeah. Okay. Thirsty for the social media attention?


[00:01:22] Andi: Yeah. So I don’t know if that’s related to how they say thirst traps. Yeah, it seems like it would be, like, kind of saucier


[00:01:29] Dave: pictures, right?


[00:01:32] Andi: Yeah. So I don’t know. It sounds like it’s from the same family. Social media.


[00:01:41] Dave: Okay, so we have to use that in the episode today.


[00:01:45] Andi: Properly, properly. I can’t say I’m thirsty. Can I get a drink? So we have, Of course. Our last episode we talked about you being vertical on a pole. I believe we couldn’t find the picture in time to put it on our YouTube channel. So we are going to add it today.


[00:02:05] Dave: Okay, So and here is the part where in YouTube, we will show the picture.


[00:02:10] Andi: I like how you throw your hand out. Like that’s doing some time proof picture. Yeah. So if you haven’t seen our YouTube channel yet, check it out because it’s just sitting here in a chair with a dog on my lap, and it’s like he knows what’s going on. I don’t call him. He just pops up here and gets in place. He loves me more than you.


[00:02:27] Dave: He does? Well, he was in here helping me set up, so I think he just knows that when I start turning the lights on that


[00:02:31] Andi: it’s Yeah.


[00:02:34] Dave: Now


[00:02:35] Andi: I’m the reason to eat and all that kind of thing. It’s true. We are going to do an interesting episode today. Kind of getting to know David Andy episode. Uh, so I’m going to throw a bunch of questions


[00:02:48] Dave: out. There’s gonna be some curveballs here. There’s


[00:02:52] Andi: not Okay, good. So it’s just basically, if you want to elaborate, you can. If not people know a little more about


[00:02:59] Dave: you. All right. Okay. So where are we going? To both answer the same questions? Okay. Yeah.


[00:03:04] Andi: The first question Dave is Do you snore?


[00:03:08] Dave: Oh, absolutely. I’ve only heard myself once, nor I woke myself up once, and it was bad. I don’t know how you sleep next to me. You don’t


[00:03:18] Andi: always know her,


[00:03:19] Dave: but when it’s bad, it’s


[00:03:20] Andi: bad. It’s warrant it warrants leaving the room.


[00:03:24] Dave: Well, I started learning after a while that you kick me or push me while I’m snoring, and it changes my direction. I don’t know how hard you’re kicking me But do you take out some internal aggression during those times?


[00:03:37] Andi: I don’t. I just give you a couple of chances, and then I go to the spare bedroom. Nope.


[00:03:43] Dave: With regards to your snoring, I can answer this one. You rarely snore. And when you do, it’s like the cutest little baby Smart baby part Like I snore. You can hear me from one end to the other. Your store I’ve recorded. It was so cute because it’s cute. It was at night time You fell asleep while we were watching TV. And you just have this, like, baby snore. I got my phone out just so I could prove to you you were snoring. It


[00:04:06] Andi: was I was not feeling well what? I had it. Like you’re


[00:04:10] Dave: saying that excuse


[00:04:11] Andi: had a head cold, but no. Otherwise I sleep like a baby princess. That’s right. You don’t wake up with full makeup.


[00:04:19] Dave: Yeah, just like in television. It’s amazing how they did your you poof up like this.


[00:04:26] Andi: Like, look at this gloss and cat. I I woke up like this always impresses me. So, Dave, you ask the next question.


[00:04:35] Dave: Okay, So I’m going to pull through here exploring or lazy on the beach. Lazing lazing on no lazy, lazing lazing on the beach.


[00:04:48] Andi: Um, I would say if I’m, like, exploring on the beach. I like to do


[00:04:54] Dave: that. Well, we like to walk down the beach.


[00:04:57] Andi: Yeah, I like to look for things, but for the most part, I’m just kind of a people watcher. I like to just kind of hang out and soak up some sun. Yeah, only from my waist down, because I always have something covering the top part of my body because I can’t handle It’s too much. I’m real boujee like that Have a lot of requirements. I’m high maintenance. It’s okay. What would you say? I


[00:05:21] Dave: would say, Ali being lazy, I like bringing out the beach chairs going out there, And 90% of the time, I just know that you’re gonna be walking around. So I like watching you walk around in your bikini and everything. So it’s really just a like to enjoy the sound of the waves and just kind of chill out, tune everything


[00:05:39] Andi: out. Oh, yeah.


[00:05:41] Dave: And I mean, it’s just and also just being on the beach, just staring off in the distance. I mean, you know, that’s got to be one of the most relaxing things you can


[00:05:48] Andi: do. Yeah, If you could be granted three wishes, what would they be?


[00:05:53] Dave: Oh, sh it. Let’s do this one at a time.


[00:05:56] Andi: Okay.


[00:05:57] Dave: Well, fuck. Now, this is like where it jumps into our personality traits would go straight for the good stuff and not like world peace from fucked. All right, if I was not going to go for any of the traditional cliche things that I should be going for


[00:06:13] Andi: Well, let’s let’s remove obvious that we did. We want to remove, like, misery and dying in the world


[00:06:21] Dave: like those things are


[00:06:22] Andi: taken care of. Okay, this is more of a selfish question I


[00:06:28] Dave: would like to be. I would wish that I could play every instrument perfectly like be the best of every musical instrument because I can’t play a single fucking thing. And that is like my polar opposite. Like I’ve always wanted to play the piano or guitar. I can type on a keyboard. I just can’t function fucking musical devices. So that would be one of my wishes.


[00:06:51] Andi: No, I definitely did not care about that. My first wish would be that I could just die in my sleep when it’s time for me to die. Jesus,


[00:07:00] Dave: your mind was bad. You just You want to go in your sleep


[00:07:04] Andi: when it’s my time? Whenever that is, I just go to sleep and I wake up.


[00:07:08] Dave: I’ve always said that if we’re going to go, we’re going at the same


[00:07:10] Andi: time. You should be careful when you go to sleep, then.


[00:07:13] Dave: I mean, that’s like what you said in previous episodes or I said that I should wear dead when you’re going.


[00:07:18] Andi: So where is your second wish? My


[00:07:20] Dave: second wish. I think I’d be kind of cool to have my own little island, you know, like it’s a little resort on it. You know, I can invite people to it and just chill the whole time and just have wild sex parties and stuff like that.


[00:07:36] Andi: So you’re going to be Kenny Chesney? Yes,


[00:07:39] Dave: Well, depending on what version of Kenny Chesney you’re talking about,


[00:07:43] Andi: So I would say the downfall. You know, you gotta be careful what you wish for, but the downside of that would be island taxes, and you’re going to be a property owner and all these things for taxes and sunshine taxes. And


[00:07:59] Dave: it’s like that movie a bedazzled


[00:08:01] Andi: It would also be fearful of, like rearing out the people that were originally there.


[00:08:07] Dave: Wow. Yeah, You just made me, like, a little funding


[00:08:10] Andi: title. I did. I made you an asshole.


[00:08:12] Dave: Wow. Alright, So my last wish, I’m gonna have to make up for all that show. What would be your second one?


[00:08:17] Andi: My second wish would be that, um I could eat anything I wanted And never worry about calories


[00:08:28] Dave: that can truly believe


[00:08:29] Andi: because I love to eat. That’s all I want to do.


[00:08:32] Dave: We had, like, a dinner we went to this past weekend, and we ordered three, like, family sized outsides and all kinds of stuff. Yeah, we eat everything.


[00:08:43] Andi: Yeah,


[00:08:45] Dave: I can see that. Well, and without guilt. Mhm.


[00:08:48] Andi: I’m a foodie and fucker. Yeah, those are my two favorite things. That’s why I


[00:08:52] Dave: love you. God damn.


[00:08:54] Andi: So your third one your last wish.


[00:08:58] Dave: My last


[00:08:59] Andi: wish, and you can’t say to get more wishes.


[00:09:03] Dave: Why do there have to be so many stipulations? Oh, I would wish that climate change would be fixed


[00:09:10] Andi: too big. That sounds like world hunger. Okay. No, no, no. Selfish.


[00:09:15] Dave: Selfish. Yes. I wish my house had completely solar panels and electric.


[00:09:21] Andi: Everything’s Christ amazing with you. I


[00:09:24] Dave: just want it all just mhm, naturally occurring electricity from solar


[00:09:29] Andi: Panels. You had a wish, and you’re like I want solar panels. You’re like, I don’t want to. 13 just told hancock I want I want solar panels. I want to be efficient.


[00:09:37] Dave: Oh, gosh. See, you could sit there and see. That’s like that movie Bedazzled. You could sit there and ask for a £3 cock, but it won’t work. You know, it could just be like, Oh, it’s £3. You didn’t ask if it was a functioning.


[00:09:46] Andi: You get three wishes you are never to get. You are never to answer the wishes. Question. If a genie shows up already, they’re going to come to solar panels and he can play the fucking piano. Here we go. Fucking fantastic.


[00:10:00] Dave: So many things could have been self wears. Okay, what’s your final one?


[00:10:04] Andi: That I could travel the entire world and see everything I wanted to see and anything that’s fascinating. Before I die in my sleep


[00:10:12] Dave: in there with you? I


[00:10:14] Andi: don’t know. You’re probably at home playing the fucking flute or something. Okay,


[00:10:18] Dave: fine. Like


[00:10:19] Andi: installing laser panels on our solar panels. I’m like, Okay,


[00:10:22] Dave: I’m gonna go travel the world for the


[00:10:25] Andi: French Polynesia. I’ll see you later. Like you’re playing my piccolo. This was this was a


[00:10:30] Dave: setup.


[00:10:31] Andi: Not really your answers.


[00:10:34] Dave: My answer was really wrong. I got it. All right. Okay. I can


[00:10:37] Andi: fail. It’s okay.


[00:10:40] Dave: O d I y or call an


[00:10:41] Andi: expert. Definitely. D i y you


[00:10:44] Dave: know that? Well, if you’ve listened to our previous episodes, this woman has basically made me learn how to do everything you didn’t You didn’t make. Yeah, you did.


[00:10:53] Andi: I didn’t make you know


[00:10:55] Dave: you didn’t, But it was. It was kind of like one of those things. I didn’t want to be a less of a man.


[00:11:00] Andi: I just don’t think that you need to be helpless. Like there’s some things that do require professional. But then there’s small things. Absolutely. Figure it out as long as you can do it safely.


[00:11:12] Dave: Like I said, me when we met Didn’t know how to do ship. Thank God I learned some ship Welcome. Thank you. Welcome. So, yeah, we’re definitely always going to be the wires. Unless it’s now, at this point going to be, like an overwhelming fucking project. Yeah. I’m not going to be aware


[00:11:26] Andi: that she’s not doing that. If your friends compared you to an animal, what animal would it be?


[00:11:31] Dave: Oh, fuck. Um,


[00:11:34] Andi: Number one Get friends passed to


[00:11:36] Dave: you, passed to you


[00:11:38] Andi: passed to me. Um, I would say I would be torn between like a leopard and elephant.


[00:11:51] Dave: Really? Why? Why? I want to know why. Both?


[00:11:55] Andi: Because elephants are so just majestic and intelligent, they’re emotionally intelligent. They have, like, feelings. Yeah, and they’re just incredible. They’re just giant. And I want to have a big tusk. I can drink out of, like that, pick people up with them and then the leopard, because they’re so vast. Like, wouldn’t it be nice to just be like you’re a


[00:12:21] Dave: leopard? Fast elephant? You’ve mixed it too.


[00:12:25] Andi: Yeah, so no. So that would be mine. So what would you say?


[00:12:30] Dave: Oh, I don’t have to pick two. I just pick one. Now that I really thought about it, it would be a sloth.


[00:12:36] Andi: Fantastic.


[00:12:38] Dave: I’m just laid back. Chill hanging on my tree all the time. Poisonous.


[00:12:42] Andi: Don’t Probably. I don’t think they ever really like. Use it. I don’t know. I may be making


[00:12:47] Dave: that up. I think it’s like their mouths have so much bacteria. If they bit you, you would just die from. Well, that’s


[00:12:52] Andi: pretty accurate. I


[00:12:53] Dave: mean, I see. Exactly. I thought I nailed it with the sloth. I mean, there’s no such thing as a sexy slots, but if you really think about it, they’re really swap. Like


[00:13:01] Andi: I don’t think there’s water, but I think they’re just lazy slugs.


[00:13:05] Dave: All right, well, you disagree on this one. I don’t think you’re lazy. Slug? No. No. I’m saying my laid back chill demeanor on everything. Like, I don’t try to. If anything is going fucking wrong in the world is melting down. I’m the one going. Come on, guys, calm down. You know, it’s fine. There’s no reason anybody should be having an increased heart rate or anxiety right now. Yeah,


[00:13:28] Andi: that’s me. So you’re on the next question. Let’s see. We are


[00:13:34] Dave: I don’t know. Where have you ever been told that you look like a famous person.


[00:13:39] Andi: Oh, yeah. Really? Yeah. I’m apparently a double game. Or for Faith Hill. And, of course, I live in the country music capital of the World Music City.


[00:13:52] Dave: So yeah. So, yeah, I can see where you get that a lot. And you’ve had that for a while. Oh,


[00:13:57] Andi: Yeah. Since the 90s as


[00:13:59] Dave: Well as your pictures in the 19 year. The big, curly, poofy


[00:14:02] Andi: hair funk that was beautiful bangs and all that.


[00:14:05] Dave: You nailed it well. And then we were at the store this past week, and we saw the new thing with her show That’s on Paramount. And we saw her. It was like what happened to her. And it was, thank God her hair was done to fit the times of the 1800s because we were really concerned that her style had gone and didn’t want to be


[00:14:22] Andi: compared. She looked like bozo. She’s so pretty. That was a terrible hairdo. I’m


[00:14:28] Dave: sure I still would love to get the two of you side by side just to have a picture taken.


[00:14:32] Andi: Yeah, I heard it for a long time.


[00:14:34] Dave: Of any other famous person, you’ve been compared to its always Faith Hill.


[00:14:38] Andi: Yeah, I had Charlize Theron a couple of times, but Faith Hill for sure takes the On that one. So how about you? I


[00:14:48] Dave: don’t know me looking like any famous person.


[00:14:51] Andi: Tell your airplane story.


[00:14:53] Dave: Well, there was We were on a trip with it. Our honeymoon? Maybe. I’m not sure. Simply It was a trip, and we were on the plane. And all of a sudden the stewardesses on the plane just started coming over to us and flight attendants, flight attendants, I apologize. Came over to us, and we’re like, you’re famous. Who are you? I’m like, I’m not. I’m not famous. I’m if I’m famous, why am I? You know, that kind of thing? I was like, No, no, no. Tell us. They even got to the point of asking us for a frickin autograph.


[00:15:21] Andi: Well, you she asked you to sign a napkin,


[00:15:24] Dave: and I signed a napkin. Really? And I just handed back over to her


[00:15:27] Andi: because I knew it. I’m like


[00:15:29] Dave: what? Well, I got a kick out of it because the guy behind us was like, Man, you need to go with it. Maybe you’ll get some extra shit. I’m like, Dude, this is fucking Southwest. There is no upgrades here. What, am I going to get some extra pretzels, maybe? No,


[00:15:43] Andi: we never know.


[00:15:45] Dave: But other than I can’t have you ever heard of me


[00:15:48] Andi: looking like any? No, not like that. Like they were all convinced it wasn’t just one flight attendant. She passed it on to the others, and they would walk by and like, I know who you are, but like I’ve got you, like, I’m not going to make a big scene but like you are, because even the people around us are like looking at us and trying to, like, secretly snapped pictures. I’m like, What


[00:16:09] Dave: the hell? Well, I think during this time to Johnny Depp had flown Southwest incognito. And


[00:16:15] Andi: you don’t like people


[00:16:16] Dave: like No, I wasn’t saying I look like John, but they’re like celebrities are going on planes, not using the real names, that


[00:16:22] Andi: kind of thing. Maybe Maybe that was it. I don’t know. She was convinced none of that. Well,


[00:16:27] Dave: if anybody knows that I look like anybody famous, please leave it in a comment or something.


[00:16:32] Andi: Because I’ve never heard that. I’ve never like seeing another actor and said, You are a dead ringer for whoever you really don’t have that I don’t have a public anger, your faces unique. Thank you


[00:16:45] Dave: know, Luckily, there’s a difference. A


[00:16:47] Andi: little snowflake. If you had to be someone else for a day, who would you be? And why


[00:16:54] Dave: ship to be? Honestly, I’d like to be Elon Musk. I mean, just not the fact that he’s the richest man where I have one day, but like going a day in his shoes. Like seeing Tesla SpaceX like he’s in fucking everything. My mind is blown by that I even not even being like him for a day. If I could just shadow him for a day,


[00:17:14] Andi: that would be kick pass. Yeah. Um, I think I would be the Queen of England for a day. I can see that you can nail that ship. I would get her in so much


[00:17:24] Dave: trouble as the Queen of England. What would be some of the things you would if you want to be the queen of England? Like, what are you going to


[00:17:30] Andi: do? I don’t know. I go off on that balcony and have, like, a bunch of Mardi gras beads around my neck.


[00:17:37] Dave: So you’re like for this one day I want everybody to come together and congregate in front of


[00:17:42] Andi: the palace. I would do like a tea party for the whole country. The wave. She does like a scoop wave.


[00:17:49] Dave: Would you not mix it up a little bit? Maybe do a booty shake


[00:17:52] Andi: or something. You know, I heard that she actually has a fake hand that she uses in the car, that she just does this Because it hurts so much. She’s been waving for, like, 9000 years.


[00:18:04] Dave: When you said she had a fake and I would have assumed it was like a stick and she could just sit there and hold it and it would just sit there and do this. Maybe that’s what it is, because what you just did there seemed like way too much


[00:18:14] Andi: manually. So maybe yeah, maybe. Maybe it’s electric fancy. Maybe it’s around.


[00:18:21] Dave: I can’t wait for a book that coming out 20 years from now, telling us about the deep secrets of Queen Elizabeth.


[00:18:28] Andi: If that’s her deep secret, she isn’t really much tie, does she? I don’t know how to fake hand. I’m just going to They


[00:18:33] Dave: will tear her ASAP on social media. They were trying to figure out which times her hand was fake.


[00:18:37] Andi: Nobody can do that.


[00:18:40] Dave: If you could invite anyone dead or alive to dinner, who would it be?


[00:18:47] Andi: First of all, who wants to invite a dead person dinner? Because that’s real


[00:18:52] Dave: boring. Are you kidding me? That would be fucking


[00:18:54] Andi: amazing. So if they’re But they’re alive for dinner or there just a corpse? Because if you invite


[00:19:00] Dave: the question did not specify either way, equally creepy. Because if they’re dead and then they stink, that’s going to suck for the dinner


[00:19:07] Andi: part. Gosh, if I could invite anybody. I hate to go back to the overseas, but probably Princess Diana. Princess Diana. I’m obsessed with her. Yeah, I could see that. I would just be like, Can I touch your face?


[00:19:26] Dave: Yes, if you don’t know. And he really loves Prince and staying out. I


[00:19:30] Andi: do. I do. I watched her wedding and I watched your funeral and cried at both when I was much younger than the other


[00:19:40] Dave: mine. If I got to invite invited to dinner the first one that comes to mind is primarily Monroe Pervert. I know it’s really for perverted reasons. Like she was like, the first woman that was kind of perceived symbol sex symbol with more meat on her bones. And that’s just I think she was the first playboy I looked at. And that might be why I’m attached to that body style. Yeah, she was thick. She was doing it right. You


[00:20:06] Andi: like too thick with two C’s. Yeah. Yeah, you do. That’s why I never diet. Because you don’t need to. Diet always justify. Everything in my mind gets fine. Dave likes us. Eat the cake. You


[00:20:18] Dave: can’t see any time. Oh,


[00:20:22] Andi: God. I love you, kid. Dessert. All right. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it


[00:20:28] Dave: be? Rome. Why? I don’t know it. Just every movie I’ve ever seen. That’s like, got that kind of erotic kind of exotic look, I guess, um, it was always in Italy and I’ve never been so maybe I might change my mind, but mentally speaking out, I like the idea of it. I love the old architecture


[00:20:51] Andi: and interesting


[00:20:54] Dave: Italian women have some good curves, too.


[00:20:56] Andi: That’s so generic. That’s not generic. Can’t say that I can No, You can’t get the meatballs. It’s the lasagna. I would say French Polynesia out on a little island in a bungalow.


[00:21:11] Dave: I could say that little Stewie just had his own little swing and


[00:21:13] Andi: everything. Sunshine and crystal water.


[00:21:17] Dave: And would you just be naked all the


[00:21:18] Andi: time? No wear like a sarong or something.


[00:21:21] Dave: Gotcha. I’d love to see you just walk around naked. If we lived there, I


[00:21:24] Andi: could Don’t. I could totally live the beach island life.


[00:21:28] Dave: Be an island girl.


[00:21:30] Andi: Yeah, just go there and just I don’t know. I could just by a resort or work for the resort can be a masseuse.


[00:21:38] Dave: There you go. Or you could be like a couple of resorts. We’ve gone to you. They have these girls that work there That kind of keep you motivated and stuff around the pool.


[00:21:46] Andi: A little party, girls. I don’t know. Maybe too old for that.


[00:21:48] Dave: No. No. Last time I saw you on the party scene out there at a resort Damn. We were nailing that


[00:21:52] Andi: ship or whatever. That’s a lot of fireball. Lots of fireball liquid courage.


[00:21:59] Dave: I don’t know how we consume that much?


[00:22:01] Andi: I don’t know. All right. You’re the next one,


[00:22:05] Dave: homie. I’m the next one. Okay? What would be your ideal holiday destination?


[00:22:12] Andi: Oh, I just want to go to Europe.


[00:22:16] Dave: Just


[00:22:16] Andi: anywhere in Europe or the Maldives. I mean, I


[00:22:20] Dave: don’t know. I love to get the melodies. That just sounds fancy.


[00:22:23] Andi: Yeah. I don’t know. I love water and sunshine and stop it. But I would like to like you mentioned Tour Europe and see the history and the Perry. Where do you want to go?


[00:22:40] Dave: Um, And what was it where


[00:22:43] Andi: you could go anywhere. Where would you want to go? And you can’t say Rome. Gotcha.


[00:22:48] Dave: Uh, if I could be, like, teleported there, and I didn’t have to fly their Fiji


[00:22:55] Andi: Fiji. Okay,


[00:22:57] Dave: It’s just a completely remote fucking island. Like it’s as remote as you can get from where we live. And that’s where I would go if I had the ability to completely detach from Internet and everything.


[00:23:10] Andi: Okay. All right. Sounds good. What’s the most reckless thing you’ve ever done?


[00:23:18] Dave: I would say writing on top of a car surfing. Uh, that didn’t end


[00:23:26] Andi: well, Wolf.


[00:23:28] Dave: Pretty much like teen Wolf, but the province we were doing in the backyard car? Yeah, and in the backyard. And a car. I wasn’t driving the car, and my friend was driving the car I was writing on the top of the card in his yard. It was a big yard, and the yard had There was another house in the very back of it to this lot. So we were driving to the back. We were all kind of messed up, and they slammed on the brakes right before we got to that back house and I flew the funk off and slammed into the


[00:23:54] Andi: wall. Nice.


[00:23:56] Dave: That was probably the most reckless thing ever did.


[00:23:58] Andi: Didn’t you break your neck at one point?


[00:24:00] Dave: It was fifth grade. That was on a trampoline that didn’t count, Didn’t count, cracked my skull, broke my neck. Fantastic. Yeah, I’ve done a lot of damage to my body,


[00:24:10] Andi: But you have indeed. Yeah. The most reckless thing I’ve ever done was the only accident I’ve ever been in in my life was about six years ago, and I was on my way to work, and I had a long interstate commute, and I was looking at an email. It was totally my fault, and I totaled my car and I totaled somebody else’s car and I hit another car that didn’t total it. But I damaged it. Um, and she was like, 27 months pregnant and I say she shouldn’t have been there. She’s in the HIV lane. Technically, she had not given birth. She shouldn’t have been there, so I technically think I shouldn’t have had to pay for her car.


[00:25:01] Dave: That is a technicality there.


[00:25:03] Andi: But no, I I looked up. It was I knew the interstate drive so well and I knew where the slowdowns were. And this this particular morning, the slowdown was much sooner. And I was Doing about 80, maybe. And I looked up and all I saw were brake lights and I locked it down. I hit the back of a car. Luckily, nobody was hurt, but there were some. The woman I hit went to the hospital.


[00:25:34] Dave: They checked out because airbags


[00:25:36] Andi: deployed. She went home that day and I got I got banged up, but I was fine.


[00:25:42] Dave: The interesting thing about that can I say that I drove all the way there, and when we got to remember what the officer said.


[00:25:48] Andi: Yeah, so I was. I landed in the emergency lane like that’s just where my car stopped. My frame was completely off.


[00:25:55] Dave: My car pinballed over the rip the axle off the car in front of you, and then your axle had been ripped


[00:26:00] Andi: off. So that’s just where I landed, like, properly in the emergency. And he walked over and said, Are you okay? And I was hysterical because I was afraid initially that I had heard somebody. I was really upset, and I didn’t want to move like I was in shock in a way, but I also didn’t want to know. But then I’m also a medical professional, so I’m like, Should I move? You know, like I didn’t know what to do. So, um, the lady in the car that I hit was not moving, but when I looked back, all of her curtain airbags were down, so I couldn’t see anything. So their kids in the car, like I was just a mess. But he leaned in and said, Are you okay? And I said, I’m fine and he said, Well, you’re lucky, because none of your airbags deployed. And I didn’t even dawn on me until I was sitting there looking around like, Oh, my gosh. So


[00:26:54] Dave: in that condition your car was in, your airbags


[00:26:56] Andi: should have deployed. I literally hit the back end of a car and then hit another car and then hit a wall,


[00:27:02] Dave: if you can straighten on the back of that thing.


[00:27:04] Andi: Yeah. So luckily on my seat belt on, of course. But it wow like that. Just you didn’t even hit me literally didn’t hit me.


[00:27:14] Dave: Yeah. The other funny thing about that is, uh, you have a little pill bottle that you carry. It’s got like, Advil, Benadryl. You know, all these little things, just in case she has a little thing. It’s great. I’ve loved it for the all these years Pharmacy, your little pharmacy. But the funny thing about it was that little bottle had obviously jettisoned forward and the bottle exploded in the car. So the police officers looking in the car I got to see this. There’s pills all over the floor, but it’s like a drill. Advil,


[00:27:41] Andi: Benadryl, Pepto and Advil and


[00:27:44] Dave: hilarious. But even when I looked in your car, I was like jeez.


[00:27:48] Andi: Yeah, that was it Didn’t look good, but I’m like I’m completely so enough. There was no question


[00:27:55] Dave: about that, but and then and then you still got to work on


[00:27:57] Andi: time that day. I did. I got to work. I had a little banged up. I had a big bruise. Um, but I was the boss. So when I walked in, of course I’m still in shock. Um, but I walked in the office and I said, This is why I don’t want to hear any of you say that you’re late to work because you had a flat tire. I told to fucking cars hit a pregnant lady. Everybody’s okay, but I shut down the fucking interstate like the fire truck came onto the interstate from the off ramp like they’re This ship was shut down and I still got to work. That’s how much time I allowed myself. And that is when I knew I needed to leave my job. That’s


[00:28:42] Dave: true. Yeah. During those days, you were driving about an hour and a half to get to work. It


[00:28:45] Andi: was we were way out. Gosh, we moved closer, right? We moved two miles away we lived in that house for four months. I was like this? Nope, nope. Nope. I spent too much of my life on an interstate in a day and you get 24 hours a day. I was spending 2.5 to 3 hours a day of that in my car, and then the rest of it working. And I’m like, I have no life. So but luckily, my insurance covered everybody ship and everybody was happy, and everybody was fine. And yeah, so


[00:29:18] Dave: everybody is happy and healthy and horny.


[00:29:20] Andi: I don’t know about that. Isn’t that lady I It with her with her other car was probably not very happy or horny. Dave. Yours. The next question? Um uh.


[00:29:33] Dave: What makes you laugh?


[00:29:37] Andi: Mm hmm. Well, I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, and it’s not easy to make me laugh. No, not at all. I’m not an easy diggler. So if you make me laugh, it’s probably a panty dropper. Because I love a good


[00:29:54] Dave: personality. Now I have a decent personality, but I’m not funny. Like I don’t have that quick wit that can come at


[00:30:00] Andi: you with it. You throw one out there.


[00:30:02] Dave: It’s like, once every like, six months.


[00:30:05] Andi: But you’re so charming, can’t you?


[00:30:07] Dave: Anyway, thank you.


[00:30:08] Andi: But I would say, um, animals like I love funny animal video. I’m just a sucker for cuteness and I don’t know, but sarcastic wit is definitely dry sense of humor and somebody that can pick on me If somebody says something sarcastic to me, I’m like, Yes, that that works. Yeah, And if I pick on you, that means I like you can’t take me seriously. I’m always Fuckinwith You always always, always


[00:30:38] Dave: my things that made me laugh. I mean, it’s a cruel, cruel humor in some situations. Like we had a friend of ours that told us a story about a guy that was really drunk at this party was being asshole to everybody. And then he tried to jump over the fence, and as soon as he tried to jump over the fence, his foot got stuck in the face planted, everybody gasped. Messiah and our friend had sat there and said, No, that’s the kind of ship, because, I mean, everybody’s thinking it. But he was the one that said it, you know? And then, like a Tom Segura. I love his community standards. That dark, funny, cruel ship. That’s


[00:31:16] Andi: what you like me? Because I take it


[00:31:19] Dave: very dark and cruel. Not everybody can see how funny you really are. Great. I


[00:31:25] Andi: love it. Not podcasts appropriate.


[00:31:27] Dave: No, it is not. People would judge us.


[00:31:28] Andi: Oh, yeah, Fully not politically correct on anything. Never guess that all the wrong things. But I love everybody.


[00:31:36] Dave: Absolutely. Yeah. We just talked about everything. Yeah.


[00:31:39] Andi: What time in history would you like to have been born? And why?


[00:31:43] Dave: If I mean, if I had to go jettison to a time specifically in reset shit, I would not want to go back in time because there’s no electronics. I would die. So you have to go


[00:31:55] Andi: forward. Or maybe you would live. I would You would actually find out who you really


[00:32:00] Dave: are. What we did watch Outlander. And that’s pretty much We went back in time. And I see if I did that, I would learn the ship. Okay. I’ll be more walking dead style, though, you know?


[00:32:11] Andi: Yeah, I would say I would probably want to be born in this like 50s, So I could have grown up in the 60s.


[00:32:20] Dave: What was so good about


[00:32:21] Andi: The 60s? It’s just so symbolic. There’s so many I don’t know, like, families were different and people were different and there wasn’t as much technology and


[00:32:33] Dave: more magic, right? It was, like, more personal.


[00:32:38] Andi: Yeah,


[00:32:39] Dave: fashioned. You know, like when your dad tells the stories of the past, he’s like, Oh, everybody in the town was friends with our neighbors. We’re not friends with our neighbors now. We only have our friends down the way,


[00:32:48] Andi: so maybe we would be Maybe it would force us out the door. I’m a poodle skirt. I’m like, Hey, Dave, do you want to go to the dance with me?


[00:32:58] Dave: That’d be perfect.


[00:33:00] Andi: Thanks. I just got my new poodle skirt. I made it. It looks really good. And you, girl? Yeah. You want to neck in the back of the car? I don’t even know how your neck


[00:33:09] Dave: to neck.


[00:33:09] Andi: It’s like making out where


[00:33:11] Dave: the fun is Neck.


[00:33:13] Andi: Wow. Neck. Everybody listening to this right now is laughing at you. Where


[00:33:17] Dave: the neck come from. I’m sorry. That was


[00:33:19] Andi: necking. Necking


[00:33:20] Dave: is kissing in the back of making out the car. Okay.


[00:33:24] Andi: What the app. Where have


[00:33:26] Dave: you Never Once in my wow,


[00:33:30] Andi: everybody’s laughing at you right now.


[00:33:32] Dave: Everybody thinking, I think they’re laughing at,


[00:33:34] Andi: you know, they’re definitely not laughing at me. Oh, my God.


[00:33:41] Dave: Dude, Look, girl, I know you’re thirsty, but still,


[00:33:45] Andi: it’s appropriately.


[00:33:48] Dave: You’re thirsty. Yeah. Damn it. We’re going to try to have


[00:33:52] Andi: fun. Oh, my God, That was wrong. I’ll never be able to master it. Jesus, you have got to be kidding me. I always have to be


[00:34:02] Dave: right. Obviously.


[00:34:04] Andi: What will happen the minute we turn this podcast off? Google it and I’m going to I’m going to show you three YouTube videos, and I’m going to show you movie references. All the things to tell you that I’m right, because that’s how psychotic I


[00:34:18] Dave: am in the future. If she ever says want to bet that means she’s ready to Google this ship or she has Google it or she has a print out in her pocket already. I


[00:34:30] Andi: do. I like to prove my point. It’s kind of a kind of sucks because it’s stupid. Yeah, well, that way, but I also think that it’s stupid. You don’t know what necking is. I’m sorry, but you’re about to get a good


[00:34:45] Dave: education on it. Yes. Okay.


[00:34:48] Andi: But in the meantime, I think this concludes our episode. I think we did enough on here. I think so.


[00:34:56] Dave: We’ve heard their brains enough,


[00:34:57] Andi: I think. Yeah. And I think that we’re so thirsty for attention on social media that I used it properly.


[00:35:07] Dave: I was waiting for you to finish the sentence. You can


[00:35:09] Andi: find us at at quiet and Kinky on Instagram Twitter at quiet and kinky dot


[00:35:16] Dave: com. You can find us on YouTube. Quiet and dinky. Yeah, pretty much everywhere. Quiet and kinky.


[00:35:23] Andi: And I say that this was I want all the things in this episode you didn’t use. Thirsty, right, didn’t I?


[00:35:34] Dave: Yours was in for the hell Mary. Thirsty. Yours. Yours was thirsty for working, so I can’t accept it.


[00:35:41] Andi: I’m going to tell you this. I’ll be honest with you. Because because you’re never honest, right? I don’t make mistakes. Yeah, but I forgot to use thirsty until you said it. Shut the funk up. It’s great. How next somebody


[00:35:59] Dave: next, somebody it’s necking. You


[00:36:02] Andi: can say we next or my neck with my boyfriend. Oh, my God. You’re still I can’t even I can’t with you. You’re too far gone for me. There’s nothing. You’re too young. See, I knew when I married Young I was going to have to teach you a lot of ship back to teach you everything.


[00:36:20] Dave: I’m sorry, but


[00:36:20] Andi: Oh, my God. What happened to you? 80’s babies. We like


[00:36:25] Dave: radiation. We like the microwave. You love the step mom vibe because, girl, you’re giving it off. Gosh, you’re like every fantasy porno that I’ve ever watched since I was, like, fucking 12. Mhm.


[00:36:37] Andi: And stay tuned for more neighbor videos. That’s coming soon. Very soon. Absolutely. That’s been very requested. It has been by those that follow us as well as the neighbor.


[00:36:49] Dave: Yes, he just wanted to make sure. Hey, I am on board. It’s okay.


[00:36:53] Andi: And in the meantime, we have Stuart here on our YouTube channel and we’ll see you next time. Thanks,


[00:37:00] Dave: guys. Bye bye.


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