It’s Santa!

On this episode of Quiet and Kinky Podcast, Dave and Andi discuss how they worry less these days. Also, what are they good at? They will be sure to tell inform you.

Let’s talk about how Viagra could help with your heart health.

It’s Santa? Learn about their childish holiday tradition.

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[00:00:00] Dave: you are listening to the quiet and kinky podcast with David Andy.


[00:00:04] Andi: There is explicit material in this podcast. So if you are under 18,


[00:00:09] Dave: go away. Consider yourself warned. Hello and Welcome to Episode nine of Quiet and Kinky. I’m Dave.


[00:00:17] Andi: I’m Andy. Tis the season to


[00:00:19] Dave: this season. How how you doing?


[00:00:21] Andi: I’m good.


[00:00:22] Dave: Currently, Andy is sitting here with our dogs. Do we literally falling asleep on her lap? So if you get to ever join in our YouTube, you’ll just see him fall asleep constantly.


[00:00:31] Andi: Yeah, I don’t even call him up here. He just


[00:00:33] Dave: He’s like It’s podcast times


[00:00:34] Andi: follows me everywhere. I trip over him all day long because he’s always like about a foot and a half behind me running, and we have hard floors. So when I decide and do an about turn, I’m like, Oh, I’m going to go this way. He just runs into my shins


[00:00:49] Dave: every single time. Yeah, he does the same thing to me.


[00:00:52] Andi: Yeah, he’s sweet. He’s a sweet old dog. She’s nine. Oh, man.


[00:00:57] Dave: Well, now that Stewie has introduced his self in this episode, we get to talk about our word of the day What is our word of the day?


[00:01:06] Andi: It is terse. Terse? Yes. T e r s e, um, brief into the point like you just cut it.


[00:01:15] Dave: Why would somebody not just a brief but ter sounds better.


[00:01:18] Andi: Brief is not the same thing as turf because, as it says here, effectively cut short, like your abrupt


[00:01:28] Dave: abruptly


[00:01:29] Andi: stopped. Yeah, so brief. Would just mean short abruptly is


[00:01:37] Dave: it’s got it. All right, so we have to use terse in this episode.


[00:01:40] Andi: So do you know how to use hers properly?


[00:01:43] Dave: I’m going to probably wait till you use it. Kind of get to put it together, but I think I got a good understanding.


[00:01:49] Andi: Got you. Okay, So game on. So as I said before, tis the season. We have a a little bit of a tradition that we like to play at the launch of the holiday season, which is usually right after Thanksgiving.


[00:02:05] Dave: And it’s a very fun game, and we end up yelling, screaming and beating the hell out of each other during this process. So we’ll help you find out how to do it yourself. It’s called


[00:02:15] Andi: the It’s Santa Game, and everybody has probably seen the little soft little cotton antlers and then,


[00:02:22] Dave: well, knows that’s on the cars. Everybody drives around Very decorative.


[00:02:25] Andi: Yeah, yeah, the real festive suckers out there and back. I don’t know. Over a decade ago, I would see a car that had that, and I would just yell at Santa. It was just my personality. Well, we started counting how many Santas we saw.


[00:02:41] Dave: We made an entire game out of it. Now there was a specific set of rules. And if you’re part of our YouTube, I have a video of Andy driving here, uh, discussing about the game. But if you’re following along in our podcast, we’re going to give you just some basic rules of how it’s played, right? So the first things first is if you have the antlers and the nose, that’s an it’s Santa, and that’s one point


[00:03:06] Andi: one point,


[00:03:07] Dave: and then we have the It’s Rudolph, which is


[00:03:11] Andi: that’s five points, and that is, um, where you don’t have the antlers. You just have the nose. It’s either people that were too lazy to put the antlers on the antlers blew off or post holiday. That is just people that are too lazy to take the nose off. Yeah,


[00:03:26] Dave: So that’s just it’s Rudolph. That’s five points. Then we start going into the 10 point realm. Which 10 point round is like If you ever see one of the cars with Christmas trees on them or candy canes, That’s 10 points. So you call it. It’s Christmas tree And that gets you 10 points. That’s if the antlers are Christmas trees instead, and then candy canes. It’s the same thing you go, it’s candy canes and you get 10 points. Now. What’s up into the 15-point category?


[00:03:55] Andi: Um, that would be the Elf ears, I think. Yeah, the elf ears, um, Is that’s 15 right


[00:04:03] Dave: 15


[00:04:04] Andi: itself. I haven’t seen any of those this year.


[00:04:07] Dave: They’re rare. That’s why they’re good 15 pointers.


[00:04:10] Andi: And, of course, then you have the man down, which is where an antler or one of the items that are sticking up out of the window is missing. So that’s a man down, and that is 15 points, 15 points as well. And then there’s the magical man down where you see the we’ve only


[00:04:29] Dave: Seen one of these.


[00:04:30] Andi: You see the actual item blow off the


[00:04:32] Dave: Car. We were on the interstate and it was we were calling it. We were calling it at Santa, and as we were calling it, the antler fell off one that’s a magical man down. That’s 50 points, and that kind of concludes the entire spectrum. I guess right in the meantime, we have those little sports clickers. I wish I had brought those in here because it’s really funny that we used to keep track of our score, were very serious about this. And usually if we get bored, sometimes we’ll end up going through Walmart parking lot and we’ll be beating the hell out of each other as we drive through. There


[00:05:04] Andi: were not beating each other. I’m just trying to cover your eyes so people think that we’re like in a physical altercation,


[00:05:09] Dave: and it’s one of the funnest times we’ve


[00:05:10] Andi: had, and I’m like, You know, people you don’t understand. It’s the thing that we do. You don’t have to be so terse about how you just turn around and go right back in the store. I should


[00:05:22] Dave: have known you were segue into that. Damn it, I’m better than you. You’re better than me at everything


[00:05:28] Andi: and everything,


[00:05:29] Dave: which is fine by me. So now we call it the Santa Game. We want to make sure that if you do play this game that you are safe obeying all the rules of the road.


[00:05:39] Andi: Obey all laws, please.


[00:05:43] Dave: That’s our best advice. We can always give.


[00:05:45] Andi: You actually see Santa take a picture. But our little YouTube videos kind of cute. I don’t know if we show our clickers or not. I don’t think we do. But it’s just kind of be going over those same rules.


[00:05:56] Dave: We’ll on our next episode, we’ll bring the We’ll start bringing the clickers and all through Christmas telling everybody what the current score is.


[00:06:02] Andi: That’ll be easy. I’ll be winning.


[00:06:04] Dave: Right? Okay. Right now you are. I was winning for the first little bit, so I’ll get you


[00:06:10] Andi: well, so don’t worry. Be happy is our very first subject, which is kind of a spill over from our last episode, which was basically talking about being Zen and yeah, don’t give too many folks about everything because I will kill you.


[00:06:28] Dave: Well, and and that was the biggest thing that, you know, we’ve been together for almost 12, 13 years. So during that time we’ve gone through high piece of anxiety in our lives. When we were in the corporate world And like just having all that stress and everything, we were just at odds with each other 90% of the time. Just because we were so stressed with


[00:06:46] Andi: work, it’s easy to be miserable. It really is. I just in general, though, worrying about things you can’t control, narrow down what you’ve got to worry about and then just kind of some of it you just need to let that shot go. You know, you can’t just be up at night and not sleeping because you’re worried about the federal deficit or something. I mean, just and I’m not again, I don’t minimize things that are


[00:07:15] Dave: absolutely not. These are just tools that we’ve used. Um, that kind of help keep us calm and mellow.


[00:07:22] Andi: But like I said, last episode, we’re all going to die someday. That’s not a question. So spend your time that you have. Don’t take it for granted because we all just kind of assume it’s going to go on forever. But worrying about ship that doesn’t matter. I


[00:07:39] Dave: can’t do that. It was like at one point we had a full like resentment reset with everyone we knew we just needed that. Like we couldn’t hold on to the stress of anything that was just burning inside us that we felt was bad or wrong, and we let it all go, and it’s not easy. It almost sounds impossible. I don’t know how the hell we were capable of doing it, but when we got that reset like, it’s just our you’re my my life, my wife, everything, like I want to go everywhere with you like we have this great connection so


[00:08:12] Andi: Well and we’ve done about like, a it’s been about an 18 month purge where we’ve let go of toxic relationships, um, blood and otherwise like it’s not. It’s, uh, it’s just if you’re not a benefit and I’m not a benefit to you and we’re at odds, why do we have to be forced to spend time together? It’s just it is. It’s exactly that it’s just toxic. And if you dread it, why are you doing it


[00:08:41] Dave: exactly? You don’t have to stick and do what everybody thinks they’re supposed to do. You do with what you feel. That’s kind of what we did. We’re not throwing everybody’s concerns out the window or anything, but we’re just kind of focusing on. Is it necessary?


[00:08:55] Andi: We just narrowed down what was important, and we also did that with physical things, right? So we downsized into a smaller house. It’s been right at a year. And since we downsized. I spent about the first month of packing when we had a contract on the house getting rid of so much ship, and I would look at it and be like the old me would have been like, Oh, we have to pack that That’s important for some reason and why we didn’t need it.


[00:09:24] Dave: No, we were We were We had a house the size we did just to store ship that we never


[00:09:29] Andi: saw exactly. And so we downsized a ton, and then when we moved into this house we’re in now, we found we absolutely love it. It doesn’t have. Before we went an anchor yard that had to be pristine and had irrigation and yada yada. What the ship it Now we have, you know, it’s like a village type situation. The houses are very close together, but they’re immaculate because they have a group of a landscape company that comes through,


[00:09:59] Dave: managed the entire area. It’s like we don’t have to manage our online, which was terrible in our last place. We


[00:10:04] Andi: don’t have to worry about


[00:10:05] Dave: it exactly. And that was the thing we had all that long we carried. I cared so much about the grass looking so green and prettier everything for what may be, how many family over once every two months. Not even that. It’s just I was putting so much effort and worry into things that were not important


[00:10:23] Andi: exactly and job wise. You know, we just we’ve learned to cut off toxic relationships, whether they were, um, you know, career oriented. You cut back your clients and, you know, in your company. And then, you know, like I said, we just I went even through social media like our personal personal social media. I went through an unfriended like 200 people that I really didn’t know at all. Like I they


[00:10:50] Dave: were more like acquaintances. They weren’t really people that were in your life. Maybe,


[00:10:54] Andi: but it’s like if I wasn’t going to actually consider you friend. Or maybe you are blood related, Not the same thing, but I cleared out a lot of that. So I look like I have, like, hardly any friends, but it’s just like, Well, you know, just again, just purge. And it felt so good. And then we ended up seeing an episode on Netflix about minimal ization or what is it? Minimalism. I’ve had too much wine and minimizing your ship, and it’s like the one guy in the episode said his mom passed away. It was very sad and she was very ill. And when she passed away, she was. He was the only survivor. He was the only child and she didn’t have a spouse. So he went into her house and he’s like, I got to figure all this out. And he found boxes of like, banker’s boxes full of graded papers from when he was in the second grade and then an entire banker’s box of graded papers when he was in the third grade and she had been keeping all of this


[00:11:57] Dave: ship right,


[00:11:58] Andi: and he said, he’s literally like, I don’t even have kids and if I did what the funk are they gonna do with all these papers? And he’s like, But she lugged it around and kept it and hoarded it for some emotional reason. And he said, That’s when I was like, You don’t know. I’m not going to have the burden of feeling like, Oh, she’s passed away. I can’t This would hurt her. That’s not what a relationships about. And that’s not what you lost in your mom. So it was. It really impacted me. But we had already kind of started our purge process, so it just gave me even more inspiration. Continue


[00:12:33] Dave: it. Well, I thought it was really funny. How much should I was storing? And I didn’t know I was storing.


[00:12:38] Andi: Yeah, it was really


[00:12:39] Dave: nice to have a good, well loved us so they still


[00:12:42] Andi: do. And Facebook marketplace where, like, free, it’s on the porch looking like Oh my God, we had people driving by our house because we came from a pretty affluent neighborhood. It was pretty fancy, and we would put it on our neighborhood Facebook page first, whatever the hell it was and we didn’t have cheap ship was pretty decent, but I was like, I don’t want to deal with


[00:13:01] Dave: selling, negotiating, going through all the ship. Oh, you sold it to me. It’s got a chip. So I


[00:13:06] Andi: was, like, free on porch and you could see these people like hawking our porch like driving by. I was just waiting for there to be a fistfight in the front yard.


[00:13:14] Dave: Well, we got it because somebody down the street from us or the entrance of that neighborhood was always leaving stuff on their porch. But it was always like extra cookies or extra vegetables. And you’re like free table three chairs free entire table set


[00:13:28] Andi: chess set. I gave away an entire collection of Shakespearean books that were, like,


[00:13:34] Dave: 20 years


[00:13:34] Andi: old. I love those. Yeah, well, well, we weren’t


[00:13:38] Dave: using them. I would have thought they were too difficult to sell. Exactly like screwed. Let somebody else enjoy them.


[00:13:43] Andi: Exactly. So speaking of not worrying, let’s talk about your dick.


[00:13:47] Dave: My dick. It’s not my dick. We’re talking about Viagra. But if you want to go straight to my dick, that’s fine.


[00:13:52] Andi: I was just trying to be church


[00:13:54] Dave: church folk through the point. All right, well, now, like there was, uh, we were sitting in bed the other night reading some articles. And then I saw this article about heart health and how it was associated with sildenafil slash Viagra.


[00:14:07] Andi: Well, that’s Yeah. And that is, um, Cialis.


[00:14:11] Dave: Yes. No. Is it Cialis? What’s the


[00:14:13] Andi: Well, either way you got I think that’s the Tilden. Phil. Yeah,


[00:14:19] Dave: sildenafil.


[00:14:20] Andi: Anyway, there are observation of health benefits, so this has not been an official study. But there have been doctors with a pretty good control group of people that have tried these that have seen lowering of blood pressure and, um, cardiovascular disease overall and that kind of thing. So there’s some benefit which makes sense and


[00:14:42] Dave: how it works. Well, that’s kind of cool, because I mean, there’s like, not really well, does that help with, like, strokes and stuff like that or anything? Is that what cardiovascular opening up is? What


[00:14:51] Andi: the blood pressure for sure. But yeah, anything that increases blood flow and opens things up is good.


[00:14:58] Dave: So during this this entire time, where we’ve gone through cleansing, we’ve stopped drinking as much and stuff like that. Can I start taking sildenafil? It’s just like a regular everyday thing. Is that okay? No. Why?


[00:15:12] Andi: Just walk around poking me all the time. I would


[00:15:14] Dave: fucking love to do that.


[00:15:16] Andi: Fucking love to do it. How? A great play on words.


[00:15:19] Dave: Thanks. Sorry to be so tourist about it.


[00:15:24] Andi: That’s all you have? Yeah,


[00:15:24] Dave: I’m just gonna That’s all you got. That’s all you can do with it. That’s fine.


[00:15:28] Andi: Yeah, yeah. No, not every day that would get. I don’t know that that’s recommended. You don’t need it.


[00:15:35] Dave: We’ll see the one thing. That’s what’s funny. Is that you You can say that sometimes. And other people say you don’t need Viagra or anything, you know, like there’s been a couple of times where we’ve had super sexy scenarios that have happened in our life. And my younger self has said there is no fucking way of my health that my dick will not work in that scenario,


[00:15:54] Andi: Meaning like there were more than one person.


[00:15:56] Dave: There was more than one person in that particular section, that scenario, and it wouldn’t work. And I mean, like, number one, I’d already been in kind of that sexy scenario Threesome, foursome, with this in


[00:16:08] Andi: and yeah,


[00:16:10] Dave: all the sexy things. But then this specific time. I was so in my head like and there was nothing like I don’t know how that you could not have worked, but that would have been the perfect time for me to have had a little bit of Viagra. And that is kind of like I I still take Viagra occasionally, too. It’s just a wonderful little drug when you feel like you’re going to have, like, maybe I’m gonna have some sex where I’m all in my head But half the time, you know, like we’re doing like some videos and stuff. I love taking because I can just walk around with a hard on and move camera lighting and everything. So it’s, you know, Now I know that I have the loving benefit of being good for my heart. Oh, of course, honey, I just wanted you to know that our sexual escapades are helping my heart health.


[00:16:56] Andi: It is nice when you take, you take, like, a half. If we were going to, like, have some marathon fucking going on. Oh,


[00:17:02] Dave: God, Yes, but yeah, it’s great because, you know, like when you’re doing videos, sometimes it doesn’t always go perfect. So then you kind of


[00:17:11] Andi: what I think at all,


[00:17:14] Dave: and then you worry about losing the sexy momentum. But when I have like Viagra, I never have that mental worry that downgrades the sexiness of it.


[00:17:23] Andi: It kind of gives you that extra insurance mentally, you know, if it’s totally a placebo effect, but it’s still going to be there for you.


[00:17:30] Dave: Like I like. I can focus on the lighting and everything for a split second. And he’s like, Let’s go, I love Viagra. I want to thank Fighter for the duration of Viagra and my heart health.


[00:17:43] Andi: You’re so foolish it If it said that this could be potentially damaging and hurtful to your heart, you would still take it. I would


[00:17:52] Dave: take it, and I just wouldn’t have told you that particular side effect. You’re just crunching. I’m just selling it as what I have to work with,


[00:17:58] Andi: right? Well, well, we have had some interesting relationship situations where, um, we’ve had some interesting situations where we’ve been with another couple, and that is the worst thing, because when you look over and I would see you in a couple of times, that that happened to you and it’s like? Nope, You feel bad And then I feel bad and she feels bad because she’s like she doesn’t know is all this internal processing that everybody is making of this


[00:18:32] Dave: well and that’s the thing. Like I started realizing, you know, in our group of people that we knew that talking about having those kind of situations makes it have less power. So I remember it was really funny. We had talked to another couple and they were all getting along really well, and they ended up going to play that night. But before that, we were having drinks with them at the bar and I had brought up and I was like, Yeah, I told that exact story and I was like in the sexiest scenario in the world, and that just didn’t work. And I’m fully open about talking to those types of scenarios. Well, later that night he has had an issue. And then the next morning he had come up to me and he said, Yeah, we were just sitting there, wouldn’t work and I just go fucking Dave gosh. But they got to joke about it, and that’s the thing. Communicate about it because like there have been scenarios you’re in and you don’t know what’s wrong.


[00:19:22] Andi: There’s been scenarios I’ve been in where I wish I had a dick that wasn’t working. Yeah, so that’s that’s kind of the thing. Women don’t have that exit ramp if it was a benefit. But, no, I get it. And like I said, if that if you’re with a partner and they’re like, Oh, my God, he’s not getting up, they feel like ship. You’re embarrassed. You feel like sh it. You know it D masculine. Okay, the word wine to masculine fuck. It’s too much wine. I


[00:19:54] Dave: had to re calculate


[00:19:55] Andi: whatever makes you less a man in your head. And the woman looks at it as he doesn’t think I’m sexy. Yeah, well, and that


[00:20:05] Dave: was the thing. So that we have that first experience where it didn’t work for me, and it had it had happened again. And I just specifically, in that scenario, can you come to me? I want to be with my wife and just We got back together and everything works fine. It was just I was in my head, but I think if you discuss that you have issues that 90% of the time it could be in your head. It will help give it less power. And, you know, maybe you can laugh about it, not working. Instead of feeling emasculated like I did the first


[00:20:31] Andi: time, we’ve learned to laugh about everything human. We’re


[00:20:35] Dave: human. You can make fun of me any thing you want.


[00:20:37] Andi: I’ve had solo scenes talk about embarrassing because nothing ever goes wrong. I’ve had lights fall. I’ve had the camera fall. I’ve had my sex toys fall off the bed. I’ve dropped an entire thing of blue and it shattered on the floor. It was glass container we learned. We we’ve learned a lot, man. The bloopers are funny. I’m so embarrassed and angry when they happen.


[00:21:02] Dave: But it’s beautiful because I get to edit. I’ll have your video, so I get to see the few things. There are times where you have, like faces where I’ll take pictures and I’ll send you a picture of it and just laughing at it, because I get to see things frame for frame so I get to see you in like a transition of your face, and it’s hilarious. My


[00:21:17] Andi: whole exasperation basic. Oh, God


[00:21:20] Dave: or your orgasmic faces. Really good. I love freeze frame on that ship.


[00:21:24] Andi: I don’t know what happens there. I just kind of black out. Sure you do. Speaking of that too. So we’ve had a lot of feedback on our neighbor’s story that we had, um, and a lot of questions on if we’re going to see him again and so yes, and there will be more videos. And he’s very motivated and being very neighborly about


[00:21:47] Dave: he’s very willing. He’s very nice about it.


[00:21:49] Andi: Yeah, he’s like, Okay. I mean,


[00:21:52] Dave: if you need me, I’ll show up,


[00:21:54] Andi: right? I mean, you know, for the cause, you know,


[00:21:57] Dave: just just to help you guys.


[00:21:58] Andi: That’s what neighbors do, right? You know, good erections make good neighbors. Isn’t that how


[00:22:04] Dave: I think that’s our slogan? Now, good erections make good


[00:22:07] Andi: neighbor. Just one neighbor. That’s true. I don’t want to see all of our neighbors,


[00:22:11] Dave: so we don’t know that I could get back on the Facebook page. Neighborhood


[00:22:15] Andi: Facebook. Most of those need to stay tucked away,


[00:22:17] Dave: never to be seen.


[00:22:19] Andi: Privacy? Yes, discretion.


[00:22:21] Dave: Unless they’re cute like he thought he was. And then you’re like Okay. I want to see it.


[00:22:26] Andi: What is something nobody would believe that you could do?


[00:22:31] Dave: Um, I Well, there’s a thing I can do when there’s, like, a pole, straight pole, stripper pole, a stripper pole. Yeah, that’s been the most frequent thing. And I can grab on the pole and then straighten my legs completely horizontal to the pole like a


[00:22:46] Andi: board. Right? We’ve got a picture of that somewhere. Yeah, we will input that here on our YouTube channel. Thanks. I’ll probably it on social too.


[00:22:54] Dave: And I always like we used I used to you know, everybody’s got their Well, I shouldn’t say everybody. I had my little thing I could do that’s like my show off. So when I would go out in public, people like, Oh, you need to do that. I’m like, No, no. Okay, hold on. Fine. And I would go and do it. So that kind of game, I think I would always try to show people how to do it. And there’s a trick to it. It’s all about leverage,


[00:23:16] Andi: and you basically leverage you leverage


[00:23:18] Dave: all the weight underneath your arm. And but the thing is, you have to get over the mental mindset because your face is looking straight down. If you let go, your faces face planning. So get over that fear and you can do the pole stand thing.


[00:23:30] Andi: However disclaimer. You have had two back surgeries since the last time you did that and it was not allowed to do it.


[00:23:36] Dave: Yeah, so yeah, nobody knows about that, I think. What is it? February or March? I had a spinal fusion and disc replacement.


[00:23:44] Andi: That was # two. Person was a disc ectomy.


[00:23:47] Dave: Yeah, I got my I’m all titanium spine now,


[00:23:49] Andi: baby. Yeah. I thought I was marrying a younger guy and got grandpa.


[00:23:56] Dave: We’ll look at how this worked out. I had my surgery in February. We started our only fans in April.


[00:24:01] Andi: You have your second.


[00:24:03] Dave: I had my second back surgery, So it was fun. The beginning of the only fans. I was, like, semi back. Like I couldn’t do half the ship we were trying to do


[00:24:13] Andi: exactly. I would say yes. That is impressive that you can do the pole trick. However, there’s really not anything that I have seen you not be able to do. You’re like super smart and strategic and all that kind of good stuff. Don’t let this go to your head. Don’t let this go to your head.


[00:24:35] Dave: I’m gonna repeat this over, and I’m gonna have this on my phone now.


[00:24:39] Andi: But you also like in a We’ve bought some fixer upper houses in the past, and we’re like, Let’s get the bathroom and you figure it out as you go, Or let’s tear this wall down. You learn about load bearing and braces and all that. I


[00:24:53] Dave: learned about a load bearing wall the hard way.


[00:24:55] Andi: Yeah, you’re like, Oh, that shouldn’t be cracking like that,


[00:24:59] Dave: By the way, be very careful. If you’re going to take out a wall, just make sure you find out if it is load bearing before you start taking it down. I had to build a makeshift wall in, like, 30 seconds. Anyway,


[00:25:08] Andi: thank you, but yes. So there’s not a lot you can’t figure out and you have a magical Penis. Thank you. Thank you. I


[00:25:17] Dave: mean, see, I like that you you like those little things about me. My things about you are so I guess, different. Most of the time, it’s just like your vibe that I can kind of get from your number when you have sexy eyes and that’s when I look at you all the time. I’ll be like, I love your face and it’s because your face is a good mood. I don’t tell you that when your face is in a bad mood, but you have a personality that is unlike any woman I’ve ever met. And half the people in the world will know now because of this podcast.


[00:25:46] Andi: So when I can’t say words after three glasses of wine when I was a spelling bee champion, right? I can’t speak it. I can spell it, but I can’t remember speaking spells. Remember those


[00:25:57] Dave: speaking spells? Absolutely. No.


[00:25:58] Andi: I think that’s what they recall. Like little games. Yeah, it was probably before. Not before your time.


[00:26:04] Dave: Well, I I still like to say that when we met, I was young And you you were an established mom at this point, and I thought going into the bedroom with you, Then I would be able to teach you some ship. I was wrong. Like you have educated like you got me when I was multiple and just help me train through the sexual world because I just remember the first. After the first time we had sex, I was like, That’s how you do. Oh, that’s how you have sex had sex.


[00:26:33] Andi: Whatever. Yeah, we did some sprints sex for sure. Yeah, I would say, um, what is something that I can do that nobody would believe I can do? I kind of grew up. You know, it was kind of the in the 80s, early 80s, where my childhood was kind of, you know, go out and play, drink out of the hose, coming at dark, figure it out kind of life. And that’s just what we knew. So that’s exactly my mindset. Pretty much for life was just If you want to do something, you just have to figure it out.


[00:27:08] Dave: I didn’t I didn’t always have that. I got that from you.


[00:27:11] Andi: Oh, well, no, I didn’t have a choice. But


[00:27:14] Dave: it’s like when we first got married. I remember the first time I had to put up a ceiling like I was like, What the fuck?


[00:27:20] Andi: Like we’re changing that ship.


[00:27:21] Dave: Are we supposed to have somebody do that? That’s an electricity, and I’m like


[00:27:25] Andi: you were the somebody,


[00:27:27] Dave: and that is how far we can. Now I can rewire everything to twenties. You name it, take out walls. And that’s only because you said, Oh, it’s normal for people to be able to do


[00:27:37] Andi: that because to me, it’s just that there is nothing really unattainable within reason. You figured, Why wouldn’t you just, you know? And it was It’s a good thing that I was Raised in a way where I was kind of forced to be independent. But it’s just like, you know, my father and I took a walk one day when I was 18 years old and there was a little house for so, you know, it was There is a new house on a road over from where they lived, and I said, That’s a really cute house and he said, Buy it. I hear I’m 18 and I said, Well, how do you do that? You should go to the bank and ask them how you have to buy the house. I walked into the bank and literally said, I want to buy a house. How do I do that? And I bought it. I bought the house like I 18 years old. So and that started my process of learning about real estate and equity. And how to


[00:28:35] Dave: Because I was going to say you had already bought, like, how many houses before we bought our first


[00:28:39] Andi: few. So I learned about respecting credit and all that kind of stuff at an early age, but and how it can benefit you so. But yeah. So I don’t know of one specific thing I could list that I could do that nobody would think I could do. I mean, I can repair sheet rock like a hot sauce. You do have


[00:28:58] Dave: a gift for you when we first got married. Like that wasn’t our best thing. But now you you do sheet rock like no, you patch walls and it’s like there was nothing


[00:29:09] Andi: there. No. Well, see, the problem is I rip things out of the wall first, and then I have to fix it. So I mean, if a plug or something slightly crooked, that’s not okay.


[00:29:19] Dave: That’s not We’re going to take it out. Redo it, make it look right.


[00:29:22] Andi: I do have a little o c d.


[00:29:23] Dave: Perhaps we bit but not terrible. not terrible.


[00:29:26] Andi: Not much. Not bad, but yeah. So? And I I give that, you know, kudos to my growing up of just figuring it out. If we wanted to find something to do or entertain ourselves. We figured it out. Not so much of that these days. Everybody gets everything and, you know, there protected from everything, and I get it. But I am surprised I survived my childhood. A lot of things. I never did anything bad. I was just always a good girl. Yeah, I would just explore like I would just take off. And I’d be six miles from my house because somebody’s house was on fire and we saw the smoke, so we chased it. I mean, you know, I was like, eight


[00:30:09] Dave: c and that was the thing. You were always such a good girl. Before we met, you hadn’t even had a weed brownie or anything. Nothing. I’ve


[00:30:16] Andi: Never been high until I was 40. And that was incredible.


[00:30:19] Dave: That was priceless. We’ll have to talk about that another time. That would be a funny story, but and then my background, like I smoked weed all through high school and everything. So, like our opposing backgrounds There is hilarious.


[00:30:30] Andi: Yeah, my friends did in high school, so I had access to it. It just scared me. I was like, Oh,


[00:30:36] Dave: what did you think it was going to do? Make you go crazy like the old school videos that you smoke marijuana? You go insane.


[00:30:41] Andi: I don’t know. I just wasn’t interested.


[00:30:45] Dave: Yeah, I’m I am a full advocate for marijuana. I know. I think it is a wonderful thing. I think alcohol is technically a depressant, and marijuana should be legalized ever because it just makes everybody happy.


[00:30:57] Andi: It’s amazing how alcohol is, like, is fun. It’s my wife and I appreciate a good cocktail. I do, however, from a medical background speaking, I just don’t know how alcohol is so expensive and readily available. And we have so many


[00:31:17] Dave: negative


[00:31:18] Andi: well, negative. It has a negative, um, reputation. But it has so many health benefits and benefits for anxiety and


[00:31:29] Dave: all that kind of well, it’s kind of like, Well, they had the prohibition time and they finally released it. Now alcohol is part of the main thing. Maybe that maybe we is eventually going to get to that passed Prohibition where it’s officially part of every state legally, and you can pick it up your local gas station. But see, Big Pharma


[00:31:46] Andi: doesn’t want


[00:31:47] Dave: no, because that takes away a


[00:31:48] Andi: lot of Prozac. The USSR eyes and there’s an X and there you


[00:31:55] Dave: really think they’re making their money off their vaccines right now? What’s all those medications people need? Don’t go


[00:32:00] Andi: there. I ain’t doing it. We’re not touching


[00:32:03] Dave: that anyway. Marijuana is good. That’s all I say back to the original point of that statement.


[00:32:09] Andi: Yes, I agree. And I protect very, very little, very little because I eat too much.


[00:32:14] Dave: Do you get the munchies like,


[00:32:16] Andi: Oh my God, I can’t get full And it’s like it’s not sexy. Nothing about me. Hi is sexy. I’m


[00:32:21] Dave: not. It’s great. Now there’s one time you were on gummies and you started shaking your acid. The loose thing, your butt, which is?


[00:32:27] Andi: Yeah, I do shake my butt a lot. That was priceless. Thanks. Welcome.


[00:32:34] Dave: And that concludes this episode of Quiet and Kinky. I hope that you have felt informed and during wherever you’re listening to this, I apologize


[00:32:44] Andi: to I doubt anybody feels informed, but hopefully they get to enjoy the at Santa Game before the holiday season’s over and understand what we go through in a day.


[00:32:53] Dave: Absolutely.


[00:32:54] Andi: And we have our clickers on


[00:32:55] Dave: the next episode and will start showing those every time until there’s a crowned winner.


[00:32:59] Andi: Yeah, meanwhile, you can find us on Quiet and kinky dot


[00:33:03] Dave: com. We’re also on YouTube. You can just search quiet and kinky if you want to see all these episodes on video. And if you want to find us in our naughty side


[00:33:13] Andi: only Andy dot com a N D I. And you can also find us on Twitter at Quiet and Kinky and Instagram at Quiet and Kinky


[00:33:21] Dave: until next time bye bye.


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