Music City Hotel Review

On this episode of the Quiet and Kinky Podcast, we discuss how our hotel preferences and dislikes. We also give our honest reviews of some of our local accommodations.

Why Is it that elevators make people so uncomfortable?

Also, furniture sales people, It shouldn’t have to be so stressful to pick out a nightstand.
Andi struggles with breaking her habit of using the word ‘so’ during her intro to new topics. Each time she says the word ‘so’ she has to take a sip of Fireball.

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[00:00:00] Dave: you are listening to the quiet and kinky podcast with David Andy.


[00:00:04] Andi: There is explicit material in this podcast. So if you were under 18, go away.


[00:00:10] Dave: Hello, and welcome to another episode of Quiet and Kinky. I’m Dave and I’m Andy. And so where are we going to start today On this episode,


[00:00:19] Andi: So we have Fuck. Okay, so I think we need to do something. I think we should actually put a stop to the podcast right now and get a shot glass full of fireball. And every time I say so, I have to take a step of fireball. Okay, I will continue now, and I have to take a sip of this here, fireball because I started off with. So every time I say so, I have to take a sip. And the thing is, is you have to understand. A sip to me is like a shot for me. It’s a lot because I am a lightweight.


[00:00:54] Dave: You drink very little liquid during the day.


[00:00:56] Andi: I very I drink very little liquor.


[00:01:01] Dave: Yeah, you do.


[00:01:02] Andi: Ever.


[00:01:03] Dave: Now there have been a couple of times where we go on vacation and you party it up and I don’t know how you do it like you. It takes like an inner superpower to be summoned. Yeah,


[00:01:12] Andi: down the hatch was my little snatch.


[00:01:15] Dave: And you just say the word. You just said the word


[00:01:19] Andi: I said. So yes.


[00:01:20] Dave: Fuck me. So now you have to stay two steps.


[00:01:24] Andi: Well, every time you say so. I had to punch in the face.


[00:01:27] Dave: This doesn’t sound. Understood. Fuck. Oh, that was I think that was to started this game. I gotta break my habit. This is how we’re going to learn it.


[00:01:40] Andi: Okay, We’re gonna start today. I didn’t say it. I said, Okay. We’re gonna start today. I can say it in a sentence. I just can’t start off.


[00:01:53] Dave: Okay. Start over them.


[00:01:56] Andi: Okay. Okay. We’re going to start today by using our word of the week, Which is Passel


[00:02:05] Dave: Passel Passel mean,


[00:02:07] Andi: it’s not an urban dictionary word. It’s just a regular


[00:02:11] Dave: word. Just plain awkward. What is the definition of it?


[00:02:16] Andi: Fuck me. So Mm.


[00:02:22] Dave: This is going to get really interesting later in the episode for


[00:02:25] Andi: me. Okay? It is a large number or amount of something.


[00:02:31] Dave: What is it again? A passel. Passel.


[00:02:34] Andi: Passel of work emails awaited John after his vacation. So I can say so. Some god Fuck.


[00:02:45] Dave: It means I said, as you get to punch me in the face one time, it means that a lot of something. Abundance of something. So I have a passel of something,


[00:02:56] Andi: right? If we went to the local shopping area in our town, there’d be a passel of people Christmas shopping.


[00:03:04] Dave: Does that mean when you go to like Sam’s or Costco That there’s pastels of fucking everything?


[00:03:09] Andi: That’s a passel of toilet paper. Yeah. Um,


[00:03:16] Dave: does that mean that? I think so,


[00:03:20] Andi: Yeah, a large number or amount of something.


[00:03:23] Dave: Understood. So we have to use Passel in in today’s episode, right?


[00:03:26] Andi: Correct. I’m being very clear. I’m not using the word s So now I can use the word S e w. And sometimes I may start a sentence with the with the word the verb. So


[00:03:43] Dave: S E w ng is one of my favorite things. So button and


[00:03:47] Andi: I don’t have to take a drink if I if I correct myself


[00:03:51] Dave: that way Well, let’s do it. Be the judge.


[00:03:53] Andi: Yes. This is hard. I say so a lot


[00:03:59] Dave: I’m gonna get wasted. This is gonna be great.


[00:04:02] Andi: In the example of the word passel, we spoke of John awaiting emails. Post


[00:04:08] Dave: vacation. Why did we specifically speak of John?


[00:04:12] Andi: I don’t give a funk about John. I’m trying to transition here to


[00:04:16] Dave: Speaking of jobs, I get a punch. You in the face. We got to now.


[00:04:20] Andi: We canceled a lot of personal travel this year. And when you think about it, it’s It’s much more than you may realize. We did go to Mexico in April, and that was great. Um,


[00:04:34] Dave: however, their only trip this year, right? Yeah. International international trip. That’s right.


[00:04:39] Andi: We had a trip in July to Antigua. We had two trips between August and September to Mexico. We had a trip in Jamaica to Jamaica. Um, and a trip to California. Like we we


[00:04:54] Dave: had a lot on the books. Yeah, and then all of that just kind of faded away. We had to cancel most of it. We started doing our little home staycation type things Where


[00:05:05] Andi: because we couldn’t travel as much, we decided. Well, we’re just going to stay in our own town and see what our town has to offer. So a lot of people already know We live in Music City,


[00:05:16] Dave: Nashville, Tennessee, and it’s one of those really growing cities and I’ve lived here my entire life, So I’ve got to see this whole state grow now going to downtown Nashville. There’s new sky rises, new bars, new hotels popping up every other


[00:05:36] Andi: week. And there’s a lot of great restaurants and there’s a lot of really nice hotels. And there’s a lot of super hyped up, not so nice hotels. And we are going to give the Indian Dave quiet and kinky review. Yeah, it means absolutely nothing. But I am a hard critic.


[00:05:54] Dave: I guess I could say our day job allows us to see and go to these hotels and try to get that this count prices on the hotel rooms whenever we go in there. So it doesn’t work. It doesn’t. But we do some amazing photo shoots and stuff like that. That’s why we know these hotels so well.


[00:06:10] Andi: What is something you like in a hotel? Like if it if you go to a hotel, what is something that’s going to stand out to you? Yeah,


[00:06:20] Dave: the lobby. Believe it or not. I am. I am well, that the reason I’m the lobbyist because there’s a lot of times where I’ll go down. I start, go hang out in the lobby. I’ll work on my computer and stuff. Just try to, like, zone out and start working. And the Peacefulness of the lobby has a lot to do with it. I love hotels that give you like a diverse option. You can have a really crowded lobby where you can go and stare at a bunch of people the whole time, and it’s just really great people watching. Or they have, like, another place where you can go up some steps and it’s like, completely quaint. Nobody’s there,


[00:06:50] Andi: You see? You prefer which one


[00:06:53] Dave: just depends if I’m working on a laptop like the quaint No. One there because usually we’re looking at dirty things.


[00:06:59] Andi: Yeah, there are usually some pretty raunchy things, so it’s


[00:07:02] Dave: not really something. I can go to my local cafe and have pulled up here and be like, This is my work. Nobody would believe me,


[00:07:07] Andi: right? Basically, the lobby that sells you, That’s all you got?


[00:07:12] Dave: No, no, that was just a start. It’s one of my starting points. Thank you. What’s one of yours?


[00:07:17] Andi: Um, the lobby. I always expect to be nice, because that’s the bullshit selling point. I mean, when you look at a hotel online and they don’t show you The rooms as much as they show you 55 different angles of the lobby, that’s just like a an apartment complex. They show you the boujee leasing office that has these high ceilings and massive molding these marble floors. But your apartment is a shell, so I don’t get swayed by the introduction to something I like to follow through.


[00:07:57] Dave: I have to do. Can I speak of one of the hotels that we stayed in the past? Absolutely. Dream hotel.


[00:08:02] Andi: Well, we’re getting to the specifics. We know we haven’t named. We’re naming


[00:08:06] Dave: them in order. What you’re saying right there, just at that hotel, right? They’re completely against what you’re saying.


[00:08:12] Andi: Well, no, I’m saying the lobby does not impress


[00:08:15] Dave: me. Understood? This one doesn’t have impressive lobby. You’re right.


[00:08:19] Andi: And it was the best hotel we stayed in. So


[00:08:22] Dave: you’re


[00:08:23] Andi: so what button? Uh, that is


[00:08:29] Dave: awful. Everyone tuning in for every little step that she takes, This is going to get more and more interesting as her nipples get harder and harder. I couldn’t help but notice it


[00:08:40] Andi: never go soft.


[00:08:42] Dave: I love it.


[00:08:43] Andi: Um, okay, obviously cleanliness, That’s a given. That’s like a no brainer. Friendliness of staff and how fast I can check in. I don’t do it. Get do it to it like you know, I’ve got a reservation. Either the room ready is ready or it’s not. But I don’t want a 30 minute rundown of where this is where that and that I’m not being rude because a lot of people do appreciate that. I’m just not one of them. The


[00:09:10] Dave: option there, if that’s what you want. I’m not going. We’re not to the conversational when we’re checking in because we’re carrying a bunch of ship, right? We’re just We just want to get our keys. We want to get up to the room, drop shipped off so we can go get some photographs, do something else. Well,


[00:09:23] Andi: the funny thing is, is we do photo shoots and whatnot for only fans in these rooms. So we take advantage. I can say it sometimes. I just can’t transition with it. I’ll allow that one. Um, we have a two giant suitcases And it would look like you’re staying a week between the two of us, and people will say, Oh, are you traveling from out of town? Have you ever been in Nashville before? And I’m like we actually live about 20 minutes away.


[00:09:54] Dave: We know where we are


[00:09:56] Andi: when the room when you get into the room. First impression, of course, is cleanliness. Is it, as it was described because I look at every detail of the room I’m going to get? I know everything about it, and it needs to live up to what they put it up to. Now let’s talk about elevators for just a second. Elevators. Yes, because there are just the most recent hotel we stayed in, and we’ll visit that in a minute. You walk into the elevator and just the two of us are touching because it’s so small. No,


[00:10:35] Dave: And if you’ve ever been to downtown Nashville or seeing pictures of downtown Nashville at night, it’s There’s a lot of people in these hotels. It’s a small Vegas happening right now,


[00:10:45] Andi: but I mean, even without that, people are coming in with their luggage with luggage. You couldn’t get a luggage garden. This thing it was so small that it was not. You couldn’t make that work, so I don’t I don’t like that. I like a nice, roomy elevator. Uh, you know, I worked in a hospital. I want to get at least three girls.


[00:11:06] Dave: I remember that hotel that when we want somebody was going up in the hotel, that thing was completely packed. The elevator was packed and I was looking into it going, Yeah, we’ll wait on the next one.


[00:11:17] Andi: Isn’t it funny, though, how uncomfortable people get in elevators with strangers? Yeah,


[00:11:22] Dave: I try to I try to occasionally loosen it up, but no, I don’t know how stiff the person. It’s elevator uncomfortable. Itty.


[00:11:30] Andi: You can’t lighten it up. It’s like everybody goes into this weird zone of psychosis. You can’t make eye contact. You either look straight down at your feet or you look at the floors climbing the little digital readout. Or you can look at your phone or if I talk to you, I try to talk to you in a level of sound that nobody can hear me. So


[00:11:53] Dave: we’ll see, I like to think of nice. When we were at our last hotel that we did a shoot at, I was actually going down to the lobby trying to meet a couple. We were meeting and on my way down and a guy was carrying a bunch of stuff, and I was just like, Hey, let me try to get the elevator for you. And then I got the elevator as we were going back up, and we talked to him the whole time. You’re so nice.


[00:12:13] Andi: Try, Dave. You’re the nicest guy.


[00:12:16] Dave: Only sometimes, right?


[00:12:17] Andi: And I was a girl scout, and I’m not as nice


[00:12:20] Dave: as matches and everything I did. You were really good Girl Scout. Yes,


[00:12:24] Andi: I was sold the ship out of some cookies too. I bet you did. Just


[00:12:30] Dave: You do have the gift of sale


[00:12:32] Andi: of sale. I can sell anything. Maybe you’re really good. I don’t think so. I agree. So we will start in no particular order. The Bobby Hotel was the one we stayed at most recently. And that was the one that bitty elevators lobby was


[00:12:50] Dave: nice. A


[00:12:52] Andi: lot of different areas to sit. There was a bar and a restaurant immediately off the lobby. A little, um, barista, little coffee


[00:13:01] Dave: shop and a little second story little loft area that we go and hang out and took some pictures.


[00:13:07] Andi: And then they had this cool camp Bobby


[00:13:10] Dave: thing on the on the rooftop.


[00:13:12] Andi: So people were in these big bubble pods, which was really interesting, because that it was just There was a campfire and they were sitting in


[00:13:19] Dave: the It was cold. He had little igloo pods on the rooftop. And then they have the of course, this big tour bus on the rooftop. I don’t know if anybody was in there.


[00:13:28] Andi: Yeah, I don’t know. It was so cold. We


[00:13:29] Dave: didn’t know. It was really awesome. Like they’re coming up with some creative ways to entertained downtown.


[00:13:34] Andi: Yeah. Um, the room was nice. It was how it was described. We got, like, a mid level room. We usually get a sweet, but we didn’t get the full suite. We got, like, kind of like halfway. Um and it had a balcony which was unusual for this hotel. And, of course, the day we go, it feels like it’s frigid,


[00:13:53] Dave: frigid, cold, wind, wind blowing


[00:13:55] Andi: and I’m trying to do pictures, and so I want to do pictures out on the balcony that are a little revealing. Actually, all I had almost a coat and nothing else. And I’m like trying to smile and like, posing like funk. My balls are gone.


[00:14:08] Dave: It’s like modeling is to is difficult because you have to maintain a super happy face while you’re sitting there going. My nipples are rock fucking solid.


[00:14:16] Andi: It was so painful. It was awful.


[00:14:18] Dave: Um, you look great, by the way.


[00:14:20] Andi: I chunked most of them because I was like, mad. I’m like, Look, dream Hotel, that was our favorite today. We also had the top of the line terrace


[00:14:32] Dave: suite. True, there was a special sale, like during the week as we go during the week and for some reason, all the hotels have a great race and we go in there. I was like, You showed me the pictures. You know, that wasn’t That’s pretty nice. That looks pretty good. That’s good. Take a look at it. When we got there, it exceeded the pictures and then the terrorists, that was just we were able to walk outside. The terrorists had its own TV. There was a little fire. There’s a lot happening or


[00:14:59] Andi: fire pit, and that had a grill and we weren’t using that, but And then a sectional couch, and it had two bedrooms. 1 was a drop down.


[00:15:09] Dave: It was a giant living room, and then a bed came down from the wall.


[00:15:14] Andi: There was a bar with a keg on tap and


[00:15:18] Dave: as a black abbey, beer on tap.


[00:15:20] Andi: So it had two bathrooms, two full bathrooms and the master bathroom was kind of a walk through. But it had this giant electric shade that you could see right into the bathroom off the terrorists. But you could drop the shade. So we had a lot of fun, making many of us with the shake up and down. But it was pretty private. If you stood on the terrace and looked up, you could see rooms and they could look down at you. But in the room you were private. But that was


[00:15:44] Dave: beautiful. It really was. They had was by far my favorite sweet.


[00:15:48] Andi: Yeah, they had a whole passel of colors. Are you like that? Thank you. I know. I always beat you Always beat you is never


[00:15:58] Dave: going to beat me. And you always use it, right? I never actually use it. Right. No, you don’t. You won’t. Thanks.


[00:16:03] Andi: Um, but it was very nice. Well appointed. I would highly recommend it. I don’t know what the other rooms looked like. So this was definitely


[00:16:11] Dave: a hard act to follow. Were very biased when it comes to this, like we’re Yeah. I like to think it’s a way of just seeing how the other rooms, maybe in the hotels were


[00:16:21] Andi: the graduate hotel was a little farther away from Broadway, and closer to was at West End. I remember that down. We’re like


[00:16:31] Dave: Dolly Parton room. Remember the Graduate now? Okay, Yeah, that was It was it was a little off the beaten path, but it was really nice. I liked it. So it was dirty. Very


[00:16:41] Andi: dirty, But I like it. It was nasty. It


[00:16:45] Dave: was It was great for the pictures. That’s what I remember. But then as soon as she said it was nasty, I remember the hair and


[00:16:51] Andi: yeah, yeah, and it was It was I hate to be judgmental, but it was cheap. Like it looked great in pictures because there’s all these different clashes of colors and super cute decor and motif and idea behind it. When you walked into the lobby, it was beautiful. And it had this staircase of like, um, love seats that all mismatched. It was really pretty.


[00:17:18] Dave: Oh, yeah, I remember that. It was really cool. Very modern lobby and everything. Cafe, coffee shop,


[00:17:24] Andi: like a little shabby thing. But when you look up close, it was a little different. So it was not It was Mm, Not like the furniture was cheap. The doors on the arm while we’re broken And just it would just had had it this moment. And it was not cleaned well, but the bed was comfortable after I made sure there were not insects in it.


[00:17:49] Dave: That’s that’s great. You want to know one way? I always judge how Clinton, how clean the place is like obsessed with it, something I never even clean is behind the TVs.


[00:18:03] Andi: Oh, yeah.


[00:18:04] Dave: Whenever we go to a hotel, I always end up hooking my computer up to the television of the room that we’re in. So I get to pull back in the back and I see in the back where I plug my cable up to when we were a dream hotel. It was cleaned behind behind the back, every other hotel. I’ve never seen any of the hotel that’s actually clean that


[00:18:24] Andi: neither do we have.


[00:18:25] Dave: That’s why that’s why they stood out.


[00:18:27] Andi: Yeah, our house, Our TVs are all well mounted, but if they were on something, it probably wouldn’t be clean.


[00:18:34] Dave: Absolutely not. Our


[00:18:35] Andi: dirt’s better tell


[00:18:38] Dave: Stewie


[00:18:38] Andi: that. Then we have the JW Marriott. That was that. We did have a mid level room there. We didn’t have a sweet, but we did not have a regular


[00:18:49] Dave: room trying to remember that room.


[00:18:51] Andi: It had a beautiful view. It was one bedroom and it had a separate living area and it was very nice.


[00:19:02] Dave: Remember the view? Oh, that’s when it had, like, over in the corner. And you had the little edge. Yes, that was a very beautiful. It wasn’t a very large room compared to the other sweets, but it was really sweet with the view.


[00:19:14] Andi: It was beautiful, Yes, and it was relatively new. It was very clean. Bed was comfortable. View was just unbelievable. And of course we ate at bourbon steak house are the bourbon steak house. Is it just the bourbon,


[00:19:28] Dave: bourbon, steak, Whatever.


[00:19:30] Andi: Whatever. The


[00:19:31] Dave: restaurant JW Marriott. It was delicious.


[00:19:34] Andi: It was I ate so much food that I was still eating and I was getting sick, but, like, I want to eat more of


[00:19:42] Dave: the lobster Now. You remember when we tried to check in there? The chicken was at four. They didn’t get us into a room until six. Yeah, and our reservation for dinner was at 5. 45


[00:19:53] Andi: and I had this pretty dress and my heels. I was going to get all


[00:19:57] Dave: dressed. We’re going to be going dressed to the nines. And you didn’t even have a room to go and change to. We ended up going to bourbon steak, this high end restaurant dressed in jeans and T shirts. But they said it was okay. Fine. And I was like, Well, I’m going straight up


[00:20:13] Andi: reservation, so I’m eating my fucking lobster pot pie.


[00:20:18] Dave: And you did. It was so good. Will you ever do it again? Yeah,


[00:20:23] Andi: I’ll do it again. We had all the things I think the when we go to a restaurant were funny because we really do order a lot of food. We do because I’m there and I want to try


[00:20:35] Dave: it, but we don’t go out and eat all the time. We don’t not like that ratio. The foods, like with the house. We eat two meals a day, and we don’t always go out to eat. Okay, we do. We don’t cook for ship.


[00:20:51] Andi: No. Then we have the Omni Hotel, which we stayed at most recently. That was the last one. Yes. Yes. And we did have a sweet um, it was The lobby is great. And they have bobs. Um, chop. That is a


[00:21:09] Dave: huge lobby. Yeah, that is the most exciting. You’re


[00:21:13] Andi: about to give me the lobby. Well,


[00:21:15] Dave: it wasn’t just the lobby. It goes because there’s a restaurants, bars, and then it connects directly to the country Music Hall of Fame.


[00:21:23] Andi: Well, they have the really nice brunch place there. Yes, it has, like a biscuit bar. It’s like a little is really cute. And it’s cool.


[00:21:34] Dave: We didn’t eat at this day. We have been there before, right?


[00:21:37] Andi: Um, and the bar lines, which is one of my favorite places, got live music, and it’s just a relaxed atmosphere, bar food and get some drinks, and then you just walk back up to your


[00:21:47] Dave: room. And every time we eat there, the waiter or waitress looks at us like we’re crazy when we order because we ordered two appetizers. Three or four entrees. Well, we


[00:21:57] Andi: were really hungry. We had working. And, um well, I get I like a man.


[00:22:05] Dave: And you can’t even compare yourself to a man body to food ratio. I don’t know where the hell you put all this ship. You eat nonstop. I


[00:22:13] Andi: do. And I like the man. How


[00:22:17] Dave: exactly does it ban? What’s a hungry food?


[00:22:20] Andi: Like an animal? That’s a bear. Wow. I’m proud.


[00:22:26] Dave: I can. How do you really? People can accept for me, but I think


[00:22:31] Andi: we ordered, like, wings. A hamburger. Um, salsa pretzel?


[00:22:36] Dave: Yes, we did order the pretzel chatter.


[00:22:39] Andi: Whatever. You have a lot of salt and carbs. We confused dipping sauces. Give us all the creamy sauces and a diet coke.


[00:22:50] Dave: That’ll even it out. Yeah.


[00:22:52] Andi: No, I don’t even get diet coke. You’re kidding me. I get the real stuff


[00:22:55] Dave: Go all the way.


[00:22:56] Andi: Yeah, but they had live music and that was nice. The room itself was tired. It


[00:23:03] Dave: was It was had been thoroughly used.


[00:23:07] Andi: You can tell there’s been a lot of parties there. So it had the suite, and it had the two bathrooms and the little separate living area. Blah, blah, blah. Um, great view. Incredible view. And but the furniture had been beaten up, and it was just tired. It needed to be updated. The bathroom was a little outdated. Wasn’t on its worst. I just wouldn’t go


[00:23:28] Dave: back.


[00:23:29] Andi: And then, um, so little of funk. Me? Mm hmm. Uh huh. Oh, I


[00:23:48] Dave: was actually chivalrous in our last stay at Omni Hotel. Some new people were into the hotel. They had their banks, they were going up. They couldn’t figure out how to get the thing to work there. Like I hit the button. It didn’t work. I was like, This is what you do,


[00:24:00] Andi: Dave. You just have a passel of good manners. I try.


[00:24:04] Dave: It’s the southern charm that I was raised. Not with.


[00:24:09] Andi: You know what? I’ve used the word twice and you haven’t used it once.


[00:24:16] Dave: Paso hassle.


[00:24:17] Andi: Yeah, I explained it. And I’ve used


[00:24:21] Dave: Here’s the thing. You have this little word that’s sitting right here. And then you put it inside this little category and says sometime during this conversation, I need to use this word, my brains more just centralized in a 12th interval. I’m sorry. I’m not going to remember what the word was that you talked about five minutes ago. Because I’m in the this 12th interval right now.


[00:24:43] Andi: Lose.


[00:24:45] Dave: I always lose one against this game, but it’s okay.


[00:24:48] Andi: It’s okay. It’s okay to be a loser,


[00:24:50] Dave: Dave. Just have a passel of process.


[00:24:53] Andi: Of what? Losses? What? That doesn’t count when we’re actually talking about the word. It doesn’t think you’re a loser.


[00:25:02] Dave: Just lead right into it. I’m sorry I got to You


[00:25:06] Andi: didn’t You didn’t. I teed it up. Actually, I brought it


[00:25:09] Dave: back chest. This ain’t checkers.


[00:25:11] Andi: Thanks. We have been under going a whole master bedroom overhaul, and we painted all of our trim and molding and we painted the whole bedroom and we painted an accent while you installed some electrical electrical lights and you installed. We took lamps out of our room and you installed sconces on each side of our bed. And what else did we do? We put a new ceiling light in, and we had


[00:25:43] Dave: a door on the kitchen or kitchen closet in the closet.


[00:25:48] Andi: Um, it was a lot, you know, for you and me to do so. It took us a few days and we went


[00:25:54] Dave: at it. Well, we’ve always been into the home projects where we always do everything ourselves.


[00:25:59] Andi: Um, I couldn’t move for a couple of days. I did a lot of the painting.


[00:26:03] Dave: You were a little stiff,


[00:26:05] Andi: but not in a good way.


[00:26:07] Dave: That’s correct. I don’t get all the entire room I did. I was working. I came in there and you had already done it.


[00:26:14] Andi: And we have been on the hunt now for New Night stands because our night stands are dark wood and they don’t go with what we’ve done with the room. And we want to get something a little edgy. Our bed is like the fabric of our chairs, the fabric of our lives,


[00:26:31] Dave: fabric of. It’s


[00:26:34] Andi: like a linen type headboard. Anybody that’s been on my only fans knows what


[00:26:40] Dave: it looks like and and they’ll get to see the transition into the new bedroom


[00:26:45] Andi: no. Um so it was really nice. Fuck we have


[00:26:54] Dave: You’ve seen how many times she said this And I’m already let me just show this over here just for the camera. That’s like 15 steps. That’s how she ingest liquid. That’s water even.


[00:27:07] Andi: And we’ve gone to all the furniture stores and I looked online and I just cannot find. And I’m not going to get something. I just have, like, just in the hunt,


[00:27:18] Dave: right?


[00:27:20] Andi: And I hate shopping. I hate shopping. I’m not a shopper.


[00:27:24] Dave: No, you used ended shopping for Christmas. What, pretty much November. No, no, that was September. Yeah, I do


[00:27:32] Andi: online. I don’t like to go in person and job specifically going into furniture stores. The economy is kind of dumpy, and I don’t know furniture stores have always been slow, But when we pull into the parking lot and some of these big bucks type, whatever the famous ones, the ones that are everywhere that has shipped, nobody wants, there’s nobody in the parking lot. There’s, like two cars way out that you know, they’re too poor people that work there like there, like I’m so sad. I like I don’t mean


[00:28:05] Dave: poor people. But sad people. Who are they open?


[00:28:08] Andi: Yeah, So when they when they see you walking in, it’s like they’re, like, have a walkie talkie. But I got a live one. There’s somebody coming


[00:28:20] Dave: in,


[00:28:21] Andi: and so they converge on you when you, you know, in this


[00:28:25] Dave: their job, that is their job. And I I do my best because you are not allowed to talk to salespeople. I


[00:28:33] Andi: am fine because I have done sales, and I understand there’s an art to it. And I understand that the employer also requires them to greet everybody. It’s what their job is, so they’re not doing anything


[00:28:45] Dave: bad, how aggressive they are after the introduction.


[00:28:49] Andi: You know, I’m going to say I’m just looking, you know, I’m probably not going to ask you any questions. So when you kind of read the room and you see, I know what I’m looking for, I know what you have and I’ve got your name and I will make sure I find you if


[00:29:08] Dave: I produce and make sure you get the commission right,


[00:29:11] Andi: because there’s nobody else here. And


[00:29:16] Dave: when we go to check out, I don’t think I can point you out, right?


[00:29:20] Andi: Um but it’s when it’s the ones that don’t stop that start to irk me or they do that circle around or they’re like, flying over you like you’re a dead


[00:29:31] Dave: carcass. Like kind of like just


[00:29:33] Andi: Yeah, like I know I know, honey. Walking up to me. This is legitimately what a sales lady said to us two days ago. So we’re looking at night stands. She So I was looking at a bedroom. She walked up and says, Oh, you guys looking for a bedroom after she had already said, What are you guys looking for? So we’re only looking around circles back around and says You’re looking at bedroom. We’re looking for night stands. Her answer was, Well, we have a lot of those. Well, what the Your wowser is that in the right place,


[00:30:12] Dave: we came to the right place. Imagine that. I didn’t even nailed it fun. They didn’t use Google,


[00:30:19] Andi: right? So anyway, Buck that and that started to get on my nerves because she was just filling up empty space. And I couldn’t give you any feedback on the nightstand because she’s like standing there. I’m like, Can you please I You know I am. We didn’t end up buying anything there.


[00:30:37] Dave: We didn’t buy anything. We got a lot of fancy ideas. We do a lot of window


[00:30:42] Andi: shopping. Anyway. I think we’re going to find them when we want tomorrow. My point is furniture salesmen and car salesmen are the


[00:30:51] Dave: worst. They’re the same thing the commission based. I


[00:30:53] Andi: Know. And I have been commissioned based. I’ve been 100% commission based in some jobs. I get it. But I was never the vulture. I was always I played reverse psychology with people. If they said, you know, I’m gonna think about it. Okay, so you go to all these training courses and you can take a different a couple of different approaches You can be like, Well, let me find out if I can get this for you. X y z percent off today. Can you take it home? Today? We use that. Will that work for you? I don’t do that. No, no, no, no,


[00:31:30] Dave: no. That’s essentially Let me talk to the manager Lord. No, no,


[00:31:33] Andi: no. I play hard to get. I’m basically like, Well, you’re lucky to be


[00:31:37] Dave: here, and somebody’s fine. product to offer.


[00:31:43] Andi: Somebody else is going to come get this and you’re going to lose out because you’re going to call me back and the ship is going to be gone. I’m gonna be like, You know what, Bob? I’m sorry, but mhm that nice families enjoying that new bedroom set right now. I didn’t sell furniture. I would just I play the, you know. Well, your loss. I’m sorry. My loss. No, no, no. That’s why I would play with the person. Says I’m going to think


[00:32:08] Dave: about it. Tended to work well for you, didn’t it?


[00:32:09] Andi: Well, it was funny because I met with mostly women in my sales career, and they would typically say, Well, you know, I need to go home and talk to my husband. I was like, Oh, that’s so nice. You birthed all of his Children, took care of his house and sacrificed everything. That’s a good Is


[00:32:30] Dave: that not, uh, like in itself, its own form of pushing your your ways? Not as aggressive.


[00:32:39] Andi: Yeah, I’m like, Well, did your husband push out? Did your husband push humans out of his body? Did you make lungs? Yes. He you did. He did not. He made nothing. He dumped in you and you had to make a person for nine


[00:32:56] Dave: months. So comparison to the aggressive salesperson that tries to say I can maybe give you a discount if you walk away today yours instead


[00:33:05] Andi: is I degrade them. Look,


[00:33:08] Dave: you’re lucky that you have this opportunity to buy this.


[00:33:12] Andi: Yeah, and you’re lucky to be here right now. And you’re gonna pass up on an opportunity because you don’t realize you’re going to die someday. And it may be on the way home and you’re going to miss out on this opportunity. Life is too short for that ship. Do you think about it? Pull the


[00:33:29] Dave: cord. An interesting thing that nobody knows is that you at one time were thinking about being a pharmaceutical rep. You have been given or offered a job for a very well to do well known pharmaceutical company that we will not name for purposes. But that was pretty intense. Like they’re like this girl can sell some ship. Yeah, yeah, because if you would end up being a sales rep, that would have been interesting as ship


[00:33:54] Andi: doctors are such assholes typically.


[00:33:56] Dave: And you handled. You handled doctors really well too. Yeah,


[00:34:01] Andi: they didn’t intimidate me. They’re usually just on misunderstood scientist. So we just need to be figured


[00:34:09] Dave: out the way I think of it as like, they are this really large, egotistical being sometimes. But there’s this dominating and you’re this little Chihuahua that would bite the funk out of them. That’s how they see you.


[00:34:24] Andi: But then they would be like, Okay. And the doctor is only as good as his best nurse. I mean, not that I saw


[00:34:33] Dave: it for years. I worked with you at that facility. How


[00:34:36] Andi: we went from furniture salesman to doctors. I don’t


[00:34:38] Dave: know. We can go anywhere, anytime,


[00:34:40] Andi: But I hope you’ve enjoyed our hotel Hotel Review of Nashville.


[00:34:46] Dave: That’s just a couple. We can go in further detail another time. And we’ll, of course, do another review. Well,


[00:34:51] Andi: we have. We have. We have more plans. So we’re going to keep sleeping for for the chance to give reviews to help our


[00:35:00] Dave: friends. Thank you for joining us on this episode of Quiet and Kinky. I hope that you have felt informed. I’m sorry. Enlightened. Somewhat entertained.


[00:35:12] Andi: Yeah, and you can find us at


[00:35:15] Dave: quite a kinky dot com


[00:35:18] Andi: and on Twitter at quiet and Kinky and


[00:35:21] Dave: on YouTube, quiet and kinky


[00:35:23] Andi: and on Instagram at quiet and kinky. And you can find us also on only fans at David Andy.


[00:35:31] Dave: And you can find us. Well, it’s only Andy dot com,


[00:35:34] Andi: right? Andy, I only a


[00:35:37] Dave: nd dot com Yeah, Until next time. Bye bye.


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