Our Love Story

What in the Metaverse did you just say? Learn how Dave and Andi are planning to discover their true heritage. Also, how did these two lunatics even meet? We share our love story with the world. And when can we expect more from our sexy neighbor? Sooner than you may think!

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[00:00:00] Dave: you are listening to the quiet and kinky podcast with David Andy. There


[00:00:05] Andi: is explicit material in this podcast. So if you are under 18,


[00:00:09] Dave: go away. Consider yourself warned. Hello and welcome to Episode 11 of Quiet and Kinky. I’m Dave. I’m Andy. And if you’re able to come and see this show on our YouTube channel right now and he has probably the most provocative outfit I have seen you wear on the show yet this


[00:00:29] Andi: is not provocative. Like it. I’ve got a bitches love tacos shirt I got from the chive


[00:00:37] Dave: I love right under it says it’s me. I’m bitches bitches. And then you’ve got these knee high


[00:00:42] Andi: socks on. Yeah, I got my cable. Whatever you call these. Hi. Hi. So soft. I got them as a gift today. Can


[00:00:52] Dave: we make this a normal thing? Fits every once in a while.


[00:00:55] Andi: Yeah, I didn’t even really think about it like it was kind of company. Nice


[00:01:00] Dave: shown some good


[00:01:01] Andi: time. Yeah, I do have some meetings I these days,


[00:01:04] Dave: and by the way story has joined us. He’s in my lap, which I don’t know what the hell is


[00:01:08] Andi: happening. It’s not going to last. I didn’t think it would heal. See, it’s already starting. He’s starting to contemplate. Pivot, pivot. We have our word of the week, which is going to be mostly you’re talking about this, but the word is Metaverse, and all I can say about it is that it’s something Zuckerberg talked about being like a trillion dollar company in the central land and all that kind of well, you


[00:01:35] Dave: know, I I follow because I play a lot of, er I’m a nerd. But like I started looking into this, like decentralized land and everything into this metaverse section, it is insane to think that it’s about to be a reality. Like essentially, what this is is a mini world, and there’s a in this world, there’s only a finite amount of space, so it’s not going to be infinite. But you get these little pieces of land and start a business of life where you can actually have casinos, maybe have, like a porn shop in there, where people can walk in virtually with their VR headsets and by porn and play casinos and ship like that. It’s


[00:02:12] Andi: insane, so it’s like the real world, but just virtual.


[00:02:17] Dave: It’s kind of like the beginning version of The Matrix. Instead of being fully jacked in, we just put a headset on instead. Wow,


[00:02:24] Andi: How old is Zuckerberg? Oh, I have no idea. That’s a fun


[00:02:28] Dave: fact, but just curious. But think about it from, like even a sex standpoint, like, of course, because that’s amazing. People could go into a virtual shop of Andy and by to pull their hand up and pick through a menu on a screen in front of their face.


[00:02:43] Andi: My vagina be on a shelf or something. Yes,


[00:02:47] Dave: I will design the shelf in which your vagina is on. I don’t know about that.


[00:02:50] Andi: Why not? I don’t know.


[00:02:52] Dave: Weird. So Metaverse. I guess Now we can use in sentences. Essentially, you can do whatever you want in the Metaverse, because there I just heard an article in the news today about how they’re going to start. There’s no regulation really over the Metaverse,


[00:03:06] Andi: so there’s not like a government. No, there’s no


[00:03:08] Dave: police, its own new world, A


[00:03:12] Andi: whole new Well, I’m not missing that. Using that in a sentence will be interesting. It will be. I’ll just use it as a mountain, and


[00:03:22] Dave: I’ll verify if you used it properly. I will use it properly. I actually get to be the police on a single word,


[00:03:28] Andi: if you remember to use


[00:03:30] Dave: it. And by the way, we didn’t receive a couple of comments regarding me not knowing what necking was. And they just said they felt sorry for me.


[00:03:38] Andi: Why am I just now learning? Because I


[00:03:40] Dave: wanted to tell you on this. So I didn’t want you to gloat until this moment. I told you I wanted to be able to tell you on the air. Literally lived under a rock. A few people coming. Nobody backed me up. They backed you up. So that’s that’s what matters.


[00:03:55] Andi: Well, good to know. See, At least you know now I wasn’t just blowing smoke up your


[00:04:00] Dave: own. Usually are, though. But it sounds good. I


[00:04:02] Andi: am not. I’m always a wealth of knowledge. You are so well. We just want to let you know. Welcome to you. Oh, welcome to me. Yes. So we had a a very sweet, uh, Instagram follower. High mentioned That a great idea for us to do on a podcast would be the 23 and me test, and we’re going to do that on our next podcast. But we just received these about an hour before we did this podcast.


[00:04:35] Dave: We had introduced him on this one, and this fascinates the ship out of me.


[00:04:39] Andi: Yeah. So he suggested we do this and actually spit into our test tube. But all the things on our podcast, I am naughty. I know. And I thought that was such a good idea. I think I’m going to actually do it. So


[00:04:55] Dave: this will be pretty cool. So isn’t. And we’re supposed to basically learn where the hell we came from. Stuff.


[00:05:00] Andi: Oh, yeah. And we can learn if we have, like, siblings scattered.


[00:05:04] Dave: Oh, dear God, everybody, if I end up having other siblings I didn’t know I had. I’m going to I’m going to take everybody on this journey to find my additional siblings.


[00:05:14] Andi: Go, Dad,


[00:05:17] Dave: I


[00:05:18] Andi: don’t know. I don’t know, So yeah, so that’ll be interesting, cause we’ve never done anything like this before, So we could I don’t know how long it takes, but we’re going to do the process of Learning about how to submit the specimen to 23 and me on the next podcast, so I don’t know if that’s going to be fun or interesting or not. It will definitely be for YouTube. Followers really be for people to listen to spitting in a test tube.


[00:05:47] Dave: We’ll end up going through the results and maybe I don’t know how what results you get from the 23 and me. Like I think they do genetic a lot. They do some


[00:05:56] Andi: Crazy Ship, but this is the rolls Royce one. This is all the things.


[00:06:00] Dave: Great. So, basically, we’ll be able to get the results back. We’ll see how unhealthy I am. And all the men in America are going to like. He’ll be dead soon. That means she’ll be single soon.


[00:06:09] Andi: Well, anyway, I just want to give a shout out to my friend in Iowa on instagram for suggesting that so thanks. Very sweet. So you have to stay tuned for that. Um, and we have, um Our next podcast will also cover our work history. A lot of people have asked what did you What do you guys do? What you do before this? And so we’re going to interview each other and answer the questions about where


[00:06:37] Dave: I like where we came. Just kind of like our story.


[00:06:40] Andi: Yeah, well, our career backgrounds more than anything today, we’re actually going to talk about our story. But I did want to share a one little side story because it’s at the holidays, and it was funny. So we went to this swanky Christmas dinner a week ago, and I was It was fancy and all the things And we knew that at this dinner, one of the people attending, we know well, they were aware that I had an only fans page, uh, for the entire time. So we know of this. Well, we also knew it wasn’t going to be spoken of like he


[00:07:22] Dave: shall not speak of only fans.


[00:07:25] Andi: He was awkward. It was one of those situations where he didn’t want to be there to see us there. And it was awkward for us to know he knew, and it was just kind of strange. Well, anyway, so I’m in earshot of this person, and I’m trying to, like, have normal conversation at the table with all these people, and I feel weird. And so they put a cheese tray down a cheese platter out, and I’m trying to speak about the GS and I said, Well, I like this one and I think it was a brie or something anyway And I said, It has a nice as a really nutty finished I almost choked when I said it. He almost choked on the cheese because it was heard it. He was just like, did you mean to say And I did not mean now


[00:08:17] Dave: The thing is, you did not play it off Good, though, you know, in any other situation, if you were not an only fans creator, that would’ve been It would’ve been fine, perfectly fine to be said. But it was just because it was you completely


[00:08:28] Andi: played it off and then I just laughed. And then I kind of choked. And then I laughed and I was like, Nutty I anyway, and that’s all she wrote. But that was my It was just It was one of those. I was like, Oh my God, this is never going to end. It was the longest dinner,


[00:08:46] Dave: right? It was great, too, because it hasn’t been spoken of about the only fans. It’s just we just know both sides of that new, and that was kind of like the confirmation as soon as you said that and then, like two people at the table start choking on ship. I mean, it’s hilarious.


[00:09:03] Andi: I was trying to be classy.


[00:09:04] Dave: It was very classy. You were trying to describe the flavor. You did a good job.


[00:09:09] Andi: We have near New Year’s coming up. What’s your resolution? Do you know


[00:09:15] Dave: my New Year’s resolution? I need to stop eating as much like shit as I do.


[00:09:20] Andi: Oh, my God, Nobody understands that. They don’t. Everybody says that. But nobody really understands what


[00:09:25] Dave: you do. I consume cereal garbage constantly. I usually I mean, when I start eating, I’ll have a pizza. I’ll make some cinnamon toast. No, I’m not talking about serial real cinnamon toast. Then we’ll make some cookies. Last night, I made probably like 12 many cookies, and I get all those. I can’t do that anymore.


[00:09:44] Andi: It was like 10 p.m. and it was like the Oven’s on your baking cookies and you’re eating them as soon as they come out and then you have a bowl of cereal, and when I say cereal, I don’t mean life cereal or frosted wheat or whatever.


[00:09:57] Dave: No, no, no. We’re talking like Captain Crunch. Oops, all Berries, garbage. Just the sweet ship.


[00:10:03] Andi: And it just keeps going in. And it’s like these amounts. It’s incredible, because how you don’t look like you’re a diabetic that’s about to explode with insane triglycerides. You’re just


[00:10:17] Dave: it’s just apparently genetic. Well, it’s going to go to ship. There is a there is an expiration date


[00:10:23] Andi: on this. If you don’t drop dead of a stroke, just massive heart


[00:10:26] Dave: attack, which those are other side effects of being married to me. So side side effects of things that you have to look forward to most like. Hey,


[00:10:35] Andi: it’s incredible, Like I’ve just never seen the amount of calories consumed by one human. And it’s oh, it’s every night to where I’m like stop and stop offering me think because you’re so nice you’re like, Oh, let’s share and I’m just, like,


[00:10:51] Dave: stop. Well, it’s funny because of all the cookies I made last night, you only ate one. And like I’m talking these cookies or maybe just a little bit bigger than a quarter, Maybe 2/4. Uh, and so I made this and you just want those little guys and I yeah, I’m pick.


[00:11:06] Andi: Yeah, you’re an


[00:11:07] Dave: animal. So yeah, that would be my New Year’s resolution is to not eat as much shit as I do. Remember that. Thank you. And then you’ll be like, it’s going to be in public venues. You don’t care. I don’t. You don’t care. No. We’ll have people checking in with me. And I’ll just be saying that if


[00:11:22] Andi: I have a gummy fun gummy, right? I like


[00:11:25] Dave: you. Do you Do you eat worse than I do?


[00:11:29] Andi: I’m a trash compactor. All that amazing can’t


[00:11:32] Dave: get full. It’s kind of hot because I just know that that’s just going to thicken you up a little bit. God. Yeah, baby.


[00:11:39] Andi: You like you a thick girl, don’t you? Yes, I do like some of that.


[00:11:42] Dave: If you’re watching that


[00:11:44] Andi: crease, I definitely don’t have a trim. I wouldn’t say I have a trim body. I’m soft.


[00:11:52] Dave: You’ve got a lot of So I left. We went into the thigh crease, which I don’t know if a lot of people know specifically about that. It was a cleavage. Cleavage. That’s what That’s when a girl bends over and then it’s the It’s a crease that forms, right? Uh, the leg area. And it is an amazing when that happens, it’s very sexual. Yeah, I like to grab it now. The funny thing heading back into that section, I may be going on a tangent here, but remember, got annoyed guy noid fat. So we were listening to an audiobook billion. A million dirty thoughts or some like that. Something like amazing book. Like it’s very mind opening on the spectrum of things and sexual cues. Well, they started talking about the guy noid fat. And then I realized that’s what I like on women. I like that. That fat that just goes around specific areas, which are like breast hips and stuff like that. That’s where the guy no, in fact, grows. Well, for the longest time after we listen to this, I just kept going to Yeah, baby, I love you. Yes,


[00:12:52] Andi: you did. I am


[00:12:54] Dave: very funny. They did look at us and I had to explain the story of the guy. Annoyed fat. But it is one of my sexual cues.


[00:13:00] Andi: It is you like a nice baby making body. Yeah.


[00:13:04] Dave: Do you want the babies don’t want the babies. I just like the shapes.


[00:13:08] Andi: Just like the act of it. Yeah,


[00:13:10] Dave: it’s very sexual art.


[00:13:12] Andi: Yeah. So you’re


[00:13:13] Dave: welcome. Thank you very much.


[00:13:16] Andi: I don’t really do a whole lot. I’m not a very good gym rat. I have a gym rat. I have good intentions, but it works out. It does. I love it. I love the ducal. I’m like, stop reminding me. I have Google


[00:13:29] Dave: stuff talking to me about that. Good. It’s terrible. These things that I say to you can be construed as insults. But, I mean, they’re not the most sexual beautiful hotness way like, Oh, God, I love your giggle. Yeah,


[00:13:41] Andi: baby, My resolution is to learn the pole that I said I wanted to learn whenever the J. Lo was on the sister of the Super Bowl show the halftime show. Yeah,


[00:13:55] Dave: we were downtown Nashville, and that was actually happened. Yeah, and


[00:13:57] Andi: I was just enthralled with watching her because she’s just a freak of nature. She’s like, Oh, my God, she’s a goddess. But at her age and just just whatever she owned it like she owned it like


[00:14:12] Dave: she was, like, stiff like every move she did was crisp like there was no wiggle. She’s an alien. She is an alien. She’s a freak of nature. And then we watched the movie. She was in hustle, but


[00:14:23] Andi: She’s got, like, a good seven years on me, and I’m like, I’ve got no excuse. I have no excuse.


[00:14:30] Dave: Well, you know, she’s got She’s like a celebrity. She has, like, a fitness system and everything. So we don’t have motivation like


[00:14:38] Andi: that. I’ve had the pole for two years. We have, And nothing has changed. I did take two or 3 classes. I did learn a lot. I learned quite a bit, and there’s really good tutorials, but I just don’t stick with


[00:14:52] Dave: It. So do we make a 2022 year? Where you at the pole? I think so. Just to make everybody where we do have a portable stripper pole. It’s


[00:15:01] Andi: very sturdy,


[00:15:02] Dave: very strict. This sucker. Yeah, you can do whatever you want on the sex bowl. It’s


[00:15:06] Andi: easy to move its mobile sex or sex plus sex poll. It’s a it’s a


[00:15:13] Dave: dance. It’s a stripper pole. It’s not always a pole, it’s just a pole. It’s not always just realized it’s not a stripper stripper. You’re saying a


[00:15:23] Andi: B like a fitness of


[00:15:25] Dave: dancing pole. Yeah, dancers, pole.


[00:15:28] Andi: I mean, I will strip on it, but that’s not the point. Put it into a You


[00:15:33] Dave: know, I mean, soccer moms go to stripper pole classes. That just needs to be called pole. Oh, that’s right. Well, the YouTube things you saw was just the Po po. There was a long time when you were watching the YouTube tutorials, and it was from a woman, I guess I think in Australia, and every time she was like, seven. You go to it. Stop. Okay, on the on the on the go. And we found out that for the longest time


[00:15:54] Andi: and make it look so easy. But I learned like the firemen and the kiss the toes and all that kind


[00:15:59] Dave: of those videos. They’re not


[00:16:01] Andi: good. I’m not graceful. When I’m learning something, I’m just getting the dynamic down, and I’m like, Okay. And then so I look like an unborn bird. There were


[00:16:09] Dave: some great videos, and especially when you had a couple of drinks. And you try to go up there, you get very confident


[00:16:14] Andi: Well, and again. We told the story of us downsizing. So we had this really large room that we could keep the pull up in all the time. We never took it down. We don’t have that now, so you have to drag it out and put it up.


[00:16:27] Dave: I will do it. If I know you’re going to be doing a video on the pole, I’m going to get it out. # one Even if it’s not super sexy, it is going to be fucking hilarious.


[00:16:35] Andi: So we’ll just have a YouTube tutorial. What not to do on the pole on the boat. Okay, that sounds good. Question. Um, for our main topic of discussion today is How did we meet?


[00:16:49] Dave: How did we meet women at work?


[00:16:51] Andi: So you were the younger Oh, yeah, the


[00:16:56] Dave: guy. I was very fresh. I t guy had just started there, so I was like, the lowest level I t technician. You could be there,


[00:17:03] Andi: And I was a nurse and I worked with the main surgeon and we started about the same time.


[00:17:12] Dave: Well, I guess we should have prefaced This was a medical practice. Yes. So I was working at it in this medical practice, and she was on the nursing staff. That


[00:17:19] Andi: was medical practice. Good to know. Fun fact, Um, and we had a mutual friend that worked there. She was rather aggressive. And


[00:17:27] Dave: was she aggressive? Yeah, I guess she


[00:17:29] Andi: was was aggressive. Now


[00:17:31] Dave: we had crossed, passed a couple of times in the hallways, and I’d always thought, Oh, she’s a pretty nurse. But she was like the head surgeon’s nurse. So, like you were like the queen nurse of the nurse facility. Like, you’re the one that hangs out with the big dog,


[00:17:45] Andi: which also means I was very busy and I had a lot of ship going on, so I was very


[00:17:50] Dave: focused, right? So I was like, So she’s like the star nursing this way. So I’m like, Wow, But whenever I would see her in the hallways, she was always working so much, and she had Well, we had easily come to establish his the resting bitch face. I definitely have that. When she works, she just like she’s Herrington on her face, has no facial expressions, and sometimes when she’s so enthralled in her work, she doesn’t hear words. So you don’t


[00:18:16] Andi: hear the young boys speaking,


[00:18:19] Dave: Yes, So I just wanted to say I remember the first time saying hi to I was working on the surgeons laptop and I was like, Nervous as hell to be that first. It’s first time I’ve touched his laptop and then this gorgeous nurse walks in and I say hiders. But she walks in, put something down on the table and just walks the funk out. During that process, I had said


[00:18:40] Andi: hi to you. I did not hear you say that.


[00:18:42] Dave: That’s what I said. But you were in work mode.


[00:18:45] Andi: I remember that moment, but I do not recall it. It’s like


[00:18:47] Dave: you saw me and you’re like, I don’t want to deal with pledges pleasantries right now. So I’m just going to think he’s really intent on his work and I do not want to disturb,


[00:18:56] Andi: not going to bother the youngster,


[00:18:59] Dave: but so a bit of then, eventually we had our friend mutual friend that we were working with. She had been dating my boss at the


[00:19:09] Andi: time.


[00:19:10] Dave: Uh, she comes up to me and she goes, You know what? I need to hook you up with Andy and you know, She likes you. She likes you. Heard she thinks you’re cute. She just wants to get down and she doesn’t want anything serious. She just basically wants to have sex with you. Just wants to She wants to use your pole, right? That’s what that’s what it came from, which is the


[00:19:33] Andi: farthest thing. And then what did she say to you? So she came to me and was like, Oh, Dave, he really he thinks you’re hot. He’s been talking about you and, you know, he’s like, Hey, let’s meet. Let’s meet up. I want to meet Andy. You know, how do I do that? And you didn’t say that. You did compliment me when she brought me up, but you didn’t take it any further. So she played us both and then basically just shoved us


[00:19:59] Dave: together. Well, and it was just great. She told you what you needed to hear. And she told me what she thought I needed here, which came to bite me in the gas eventually, and we’ll save that for another episode. But yeah, we dated for, like, three months before we did anything. Like we we dated anything we dated before. We got sexual like you made me work for


[00:20:18] Andi: it. For one thing, you were you lived in a bachelor pad with a bunch of the guys. You guys partied


[00:20:24] Dave: all the time every night.


[00:20:25] Andi: You were actually boning the front office. That’s


[00:20:29] Dave: right. I always forget about


[00:20:31] Andi: that. That was my friend. We would go get drinks.


[00:20:34] Dave: That’s another great story, isn’t it?


[00:20:35] Andi: three times a week, she was very social.


[00:20:40] Dave: She was. She got around social. I was not aware this time how social she was. You didn’t care. I didn’t. It’s fine. It’s good time.


[00:20:48] Andi: Yeah, so But we I’ll just tell the story. Go


[00:20:52] Dave: ahead. We’re here. It’s great.


[00:20:53] Andi: So we she and I went to have drinks after work like we would do like I said 2-3 times a week. And she was just like, I’ve got to tell you something And then, you know, of course, she’s also boning the bartender, that of the place we go discounts on drinks there. So it’s very easy to get pretty silly pretty fast. She was easy. My point is, though, is that he kept pushing the drinks at us because, like I said, she knew everybody. So we’re getting pretty loosened up and we’re laughing. She’s like, I’ve got to tell you something And she’s giggling. And I was like, What? And this was after we had you and I had been


[00:21:29] Dave: Well, we started getting serious. Yeah, but we


[00:21:32] Andi: had fun at this point. We have. So


[00:21:35] Dave: we had the dirty


[00:21:35] Andi: dignity we did it, we had Consummated. And, um, she said, you’re not going to believe this, but I’m boning Dave And I just started laughing like it was like, a 32nd where she thought, I’m laughing at


[00:21:50] Dave: her thinking like, Oh, my gosh, no, you weren’t.


[00:21:53] Andi: And I’m laughing and I can hardly get my breath. And I was like, You’re not gonna believe this. I have to tell you something, too. She’s like, what? I’m like, I’m boning Dave.


[00:22:02] Dave: That was a great night


[00:22:04] Andi: and we weren’t exclusive, so I mean, it wasn’t, you know, it that wasn’t off the table. But it was time to make a decision like it’s


[00:22:12] Dave: right. That was the decision, the decision. But it was really great how it panned out. So I’m hanging out the house and we


[00:22:20] Andi: say we need, you know, they


[00:22:24] Dave: needed to confront me. So this plan worked out really wonderful. So they ended up calling or the other girl ended up texting me, saying, Hey, I was wondering if I was gonna be in the area. Do you want me to come by the house? We hang out and I was like, Yeah, you know, I don’t really feel like hanging out, And I really am, you know, kind of tired. And then Andy text me. I was like, Yeah, sure. Come on over right now they’re fucking sitting right next to each


[00:22:48] Andi: other. So it made her feel kind of crappy, But she didn’t. She wasn’t, like, in love with you, like


[00:22:52] Dave: she was just like, Oh, sh it So they ended up at my house that night together, and I thought it was great because I was the one that got to open the door again. This is a party house. There was a party going on that night, and I opened up the door and I just see that two of them standing side by side, I literally just turned around and walked the funk away. I was like, Oh, ship, there’s not going to be good and ended Fine. I mean, there was no war.


[00:23:16] Andi: I think you took a couple of shots. You ended up passing out. I really did my dad and And she did that. And then she and I decided we’re already pretty silly. Like I said, that was great. Yeah. We come up to your room and you’re, like, in bed, like you are not like, No, I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t want to confront this just


[00:23:39] Dave: because at this time I did not. Because I liked you a lot. Like I wanted to be with you. I didn’t know how to do this scenario. Carry on.


[00:23:46] Andi: And so she and I again having too much to drink. We’re basically torturing David death. Oh, my God. Yeah. So we were trying to be like, What’s wrong? You didn’t act like this the other night. You were unmovable,


[00:24:01] Dave: like I was conscious the entire time I was playing possum. I didn’t I did not want to handle that situation. And so the whole time, I’m thinking they’re just trying to wake me up so they can do the whole confrontation thing. And it got so to the point where the other girl was topless in the bathtub, and then you got in the bathtub and Mr Bubbles was being used. I mean, it was


[00:24:23] Andi: just It was just us trying to torture you like we’re not even like she and I were friends, but not there wasn’t a sexual attraction to wake up. And we finally gave up like you were not moving, and I don’t even remember how we left. But it was like, Well, he’s either dead or asleep or he’s really mind over body because we we did a lot of things to try to stimulate you. And it did not work like I was like, you were shut down. And then there you go. Then we decided we should get married.


[00:24:52] Dave: I played that night out perfectly.


[00:24:55] Andi: Yeah. So what we ended up doing, Dave and I, we ended up getting engaged in February of 2011. We bought our first house right around that time. Maybe a little before that.


[00:25:10] Dave: We bought the house just a little bit before we engage.


[00:25:13] Andi: And then we got married a few months later in the backyard of a family member. So we’re so laid back. We’re just like, let’s just do this. You know, we’re just I were slippers, like house shoes. They were pretty, They were pearly and I had a sexy wedding dress, but I was not about to wear heels. I’m like, No, I’m not doing that.


[00:25:31] Dave: We’re the opposite of that because it’s kind of like that line in shifts. Great greens. Like I want months and months of planning and hasn’t pageantry


[00:25:38] Andi: the exact opposite of No, I’m not. No fancy. Simple. Yeah. So, um, and then the rest is history. So that was That was our story of how we met and how we evolved. We dated for about a year before we got more serious than talking about getting engaged things like that. Well,


[00:25:56] Dave: speaking of during the time that we met, I still have to say my first dinner with you. My first date. We were hardcore. Here in Nashville, we went to T G. I. Friday’s only


[00:26:06] Andi: the best for the


[00:26:07] Dave: best, which that place is now shut down. But no, we went there, and I just the reason you still want her. We’re having a whole conversation. And you know, I’m trying to be this big, cool guy and being like, Yeah, girl, how you doing? Yeah, because you’re older. MILF. I’m like, Damn, but we were having drinks and you had ordered a shot of tequila, and that was a bad was going to say, Looking back now I go. You don’t drink tequila. You don’t drink anything. But you had ordered a shot of tequila in the margarita, which those who do drink. Um, but I remember they brought the tequila. They put the shot glass on the table, and then you had laid your head flat on the table, looking directly at the shot glass, like looking at it. And I just remember you’re going up standing up and going. That’s not a shot, because they had barely filled the glass. But what had got me was that you had flatten your head on the table, and then that was the first sign of your personality that you don’t give a sh it You’re just cool, laid back and fun. I was like, I love this girl, and I am a sucker for your scrubs. Yeah, Ewan Scrubs is just


[00:27:13] Andi: Yeah, sucking hot. Yeah, I may have a surprise for you on our next, our next podcast. Really? Well, not. Maybe next one, but the next one that


[00:27:21] Dave: makes me happy. Yeah. Yeah, we


[00:27:25] Andi: did a lot of dirty things that


[00:27:26] Dave: you’re a lot of dirty things. In the scrub days,


[00:27:29] Andi: We were like


[00:27:30] Dave: animals were filthy fucking animals.


[00:27:32] Andi: We would have sex before we got to work. Sometimes we have sex at work, and that was tough. We were caught. Well, we did get caught one time by Well, it was She was kind of a lower on the totem pole. So it wasn’t like we were in trouble, But it was embarrassing to walk out and act normal. We did that very much, but and then we would have sex after work.


[00:27:56] Dave: You know, I still have those two sex tapes from that bachelor house. I know. I need to put those together. I don’t know if he knows this, but I have sex tapes of us. From what? That’s almost 12 years ago, 12, 13 years ago. That was in the bachelor house. That’s during our dating


[00:28:11] Andi: where I had the Who’s the Chick Victoria Beckham haircut. It was very short. It was great. It’s very like I was like a hit. What is an assassin? Assassin?


[00:28:21] Dave: Yeah. Okay. With your permission, can I edit those? And we can put them out there on our own defense at some time. Yeah, because, man, I


[00:28:28] Andi: have no idea what they’re like.


[00:28:29] Dave: What in the world, if you’re looking forward to just remember what kind of cameras that were digital back 12, 13 years ago. The quality is not amazing before what


[00:28:39] Andi: is four


[00:28:39] Dave: K? And I think it’s probably I don’t even know what it was then. But great videos. Okay, I’ll put her. And then that the book. All this how David Andy met


[00:28:50] Andi: sex tape, David. And at the beginning, yes, in the beginning of the trash. And


[00:28:56] Dave: the thing you’ll find funny about these sex tapes is that there’s a soundtrack playing in the house that we’re in. And that’s because my house had a party going all the time. Always. So you could always have my friends downstairs


[00:29:09] Andi: playing a deejaying for us because they knew what we were doing because they thought you were a tool. Because you, like, totally abandoned your friends. Who you hang out with me in the bedroom for


[00:29:18] Dave: hours, every day, hanging it out. There were animals. They didn’t like me that during that time, but they would play good music.


[00:29:25] Andi: So I say, when we buy our little lot of land in the metaverse, I beat you to it, Dammit, that we create Dave’s bachelor house again. That would be good. I don’t really know what you do with anything in the Metaverse, but it sounds like it’s a start.


[00:29:42] Dave: You want me to describe what my metaverse platform will look like for the house? It would


[00:29:45] Andi: just can’t use that as your


[00:29:47] Dave: world. Now, it wasn’t in that instance, but it would just be like a beer pong table where there is a dining room table. Do you remember that? There was We had a huge fucking beer pong table. Like this place boobies on a wall. Two days? Yeah, we did the movies that when you walk by like it pulls its top down. I didn’t buy those. Like a lot of the ship. We’re just roommates and gags, but Jesus.


[00:30:09] Andi: Yeah, I would leave in the morning like I try to sneak in and come see you and then get the morning Hang out and I would try to sneak out and like, one of your buddies would be on the couch and they just go by. Andy was like, Oh, and one of them said, I need a cigarette After that


[00:30:26] Dave: we’re stopping by.


[00:30:27] Andi: Never was a


[00:30:28] Dave: smoker, but you have a really good orgasm. Screaming sound. Yeah,


[00:30:34] Andi: not real quiet. No, you’re not. I don’t know why I’m doing it to you. Don’t black out. It’s funny because we make a lot of videos, obviously run only fans. I make a lot of videos myself and with you and with others. And I never watch my videos ever. I don’t want to see them. I don’t want to hear them. I can see the previews. That’s


[00:30:52] Dave: actually quite common. Yeah, in the industry. A lot. We’ve heard a


[00:30:56] Andi: couple of brand you love, I think just


[00:30:58] Dave: don’t watch their stuff. I


[00:30:59] Andi: don’t want to, because we’re all harsh critics of ourselves. But I just don’t want to. I’m like, No, I know what happened. I was there. You edit it, You do all that jazz, and I’m like I just make it. You’re


[00:31:15] Dave: just living video to video. You don’t live back in the videos.


[00:31:18] Andi: Yeah, so I have no idea what you have from whatever. 12 or 13 years ago. I don’t think I’ve ever watched them. I


[00:31:26] Dave: don’t think you have. I’m just kind of held them in their arsenal,


[00:31:29] Andi: so that’ll be fun. Yeah, we’ll have to dig those out like that. I do. So I officially think that I’m winning on the at Santa game just


[00:31:39] Dave: for an update. Or we should have brought in the clickers winning by, like, 10. Probably. And if you don’t know the at Santa game, I think we did that on one of our previous episodes. Like it was like eight. Um well, it’s just called at Santa. That’s the name of the game. So you can kind of learn how that game is played. You’re running out of time if you’re going to play it, though.


[00:31:56] Andi: I know. But it doesn’t matter, because I’m going to win anyway with you, just like I went on the word of the day. Word of the week.


[00:32:03] Dave: Well, that’s because you’re very vocally good at words.


[00:32:07] Andi: Wow. Vocally good at words. Like necking. Like I felt How are you not? What did you can’t even


[00:32:17] Dave: process that. I’m not going to name the school district, but I came up in, but yeah, I just know that it was a terrible school district


[00:32:23] Andi: That was mine. That was mine. Probably worse. And I probably went to, like, 10 times. You know


[00:32:28] Dave: what? Also, the other thing is that you didn’t smoke weed until you. No, I’ve never smoked weed. We’ve never smoked. We hadn’t had THC into your system until post meeting me. I was a stoner. I was a stoner Oscar school. I don’t remember that ship specifically grammar. Can you imagine being stoned and trying to learn about vowels and those different types of words? It was such a good girl. You were a very good girl. But now you’re not to get shipped.


[00:32:52] Andi: I’m still


[00:32:53] Dave: good, though. I just think that that’s what happens. You just steak and find early in life, and then you can just break out.


[00:32:58] Andi: Yeah.


[00:33:00] Dave: Yeah, that would be you out of your cage.


[00:33:04] Andi: Yeah, I have pictures of a cage, but it’s an adulthood, right?


[00:33:10] Dave: The recent gold cage?


[00:33:14] Andi: Yeah, I was naked. Anyway, I’m like, falling back in time. All right, So where can you find us,


[00:33:20] Dave: Dave, if you’re looking for, she can find us on YouTube. Just search quiet and kinky. Or you can find us on our Web site at Quiet and kinky dot com or on social media platforms.


[00:33:31] Andi: That’s instagram at quitting Kinky and Twitter at quiet and kinky.


[00:33:36] Dave: And if you want to find the dirty side of the both of us, it’s going to be at only Andy dot com. That’s a n d i dot com.


[00:33:46] Andi: We have a few exposed videos, actually have a lot. We have a


[00:33:52] Dave: lot of dirty videos. We have some good


[00:33:54] Andi: ones coming up to. Yeah, we do. The much requested one is going to be released next week. I believe the naughty


[00:34:00] Dave: neighbors coming back next week. So we’ll see how that works. We’re concentrating


[00:34:04] Andi: the h o A. Oh,


[00:34:05] Dave: yeah. Bringing the community together.


[00:34:08] Andi: Yeah, well, we’re consummating it on video. That’s the plan. So stay tuned for that. Oh, yeah. It’s gonna be awesome. It’s going to be a good week. Happy holiday. Whoa!


[00:34:19] Dave: Until next time, guys. I’m Dave spreading the cheer


[00:34:23] Andi: and I’m Andy.


[00:34:23] Dave: Bye bye.


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