Pizza and Cereal

Dave and Andi discuss how listening to holiday music too early in the season can quite literally make you insane. Speaking of insane have you ever been so hungry you threatened others with a firearm? We didn’t think so… Just how hard is it to manage and Only Fans account? Very! What was your favorite cereal growing up, do you still eat cereal today? Dave does, to the tune of 4-5 boxes per week!

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[00:00:00] Dave: you are listening to the quiet and kinky podcast with David


[00:00:04] Andi: Andi. There is explicit material in this podcast. So if you are under 18,


[00:00:09] Dave: go away. Consider yourself warned. Hello and welcome to Episode six of Quite a Kinky I’m Dave. I’m Andi and this episode is aptly named Pizza or serial Art. Pizza and cereal. And on this wonderful Thanksgiving day, we are actually just felt it was right to do a podcast on Thanksgiving.


[00:00:33] Andi: Well, we just don’t have a whole lot. Yeah, we don’t have to do a lot on any day, so why not? That


[00:00:41] Dave: sounds good. Yeah, Fair enough. I love spending this time talking with you.


[00:00:45] Andi: Thanks. And then we get to eat later.


[00:00:47] Dave: Hell, yeah. Going to deep fry some turkey,


[00:00:50] Andi: then our life changes. On Monday, I’m going to boil chickens again. We’re going to eat Brussel sprouts. Fun like


[00:00:58] Dave: fish. That’s no. We do the health kick For, like, a week or two. And then you throw it in and read. And Taco Bell and


[00:01:08] Andi: Taco


[00:01:08] Dave: Bell. Jesus. Don’t boycott test plan. Damn it,


[00:01:12] Andi: It’s over. It is over.


[00:01:16] Dave: Appreciate it. So where are we going to start with today’s episode. Well,


[00:01:21] Andi: we’re going to start with the word of the week, which is due dropper Do drop. It means that a person if they’re a dewdrop, er that means they’re lazy.


[00:01:34] Dave: I’m a do drop her all the time Now, is it a state that a person is in or is it just a general state of mind?


[00:01:42] Andi: Um, like if somebody the way that this was explained when I read it online was that it was kind of talking about a generation as a whole, I guess. What’s after Millennials?


[00:01:56] Dave: What’s the Xeni? ALS maybe? Yeah. Droppers. Yeah. I blame social media.


[00:02:03] Andi: Yeah, I don’t I don’t I’m just telling you what I read. I don’t care, but yeah, So that’s that’s the thing is do dropper. So you speak of excuses to you speak of it As if, um, it’s a person. So they are a dewdrop. Er


[00:02:21] Dave: understood. Yeah. So, technically, today, I’m a do dropper.


[00:02:26] Andi: It’s kind of like a lifestyle. You’re really not a dude.


[00:02:30] Dave: I got you. Yeah, because we don’t stop working.


[00:02:32] Andi: No, we don’t. We don’t ever For sure.


[00:02:37] Dave: Okay, So where did the day is? Do dropper. And if you’re just tuning in. We have to use the word of the day within the podcast.


[00:02:43] Andi: Yeah, but you’ll forget.


[00:02:45] Dave: I’ll forget and try to sneak it in at the very end of the episode


[00:02:48] Andi: after I remind you and I’ll ace it right, that’s normal.


[00:02:52] Dave: You have the show notes, so there’s a cheat in your hand.


[00:02:55] Andi: It wouldn’t matter. I just don’t have the memory. I’m just super smart. You


[00:02:59] Dave: are incredibly smart, angry at


[00:03:03] Andi: what is the first Christmas song that comes to mind. Just say it.


[00:03:08] Dave: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Okay,


[00:03:10] Andi: yeah. So you think of like I think of all I want for Christmas by Mariah Carey or Jingle Bells.


[00:03:17] Dave: Let’s see, when you say all I want for Christmas, I hear my two front teeth.


[00:03:21] Andi: That’s true. I don’t think Maria meant that because you’re looking at her like her two front


[00:03:26] Dave: bosoms, bosoms, testicles,


[00:03:29] Andi: her bosoms. She’s got some big bosoms. Yeah, she does, Um, but the Grinch is finally here because the Christmas music is out. So everybody, the Grinch is coming out. Yeah, 23%, according to business insider Says that 23% of Americans say they dread Christmas because of how soon the holiday music starts.


[00:03:54] Dave: That does make sense because it’s constant. Wherever you go, you hear fucking Christmas music. It’s


[00:04:00] Andi: not even it is that. But it’s like the same five songs everywhere you


[00:04:05] Dave: go, just like you said. Mariah Carey is one of them. I don’t think I need to hear her at this Christmas if I could go at Christmas without having to hear her, because I mean, that’s like the only time of year she shines now.


[00:04:15] Andi: Well, it dawned on me because I was flipping through our local stations and there’s a station here every year that begins Christmas music well before it’s right after Halloween, actually, and they play it all the way through the first week of January, and I’m just like it’s one of the same five songs. If you flip to that station by accident, those employees have to fucking hate each


[00:04:37] Dave: other. Yeah, when I go and get my hair cut, they have to listen to that station so it’s non stop. And every time I go every year they’re always like this is the time of the year I hate


[00:04:48] Andi: well, people dread it, too, because a lot of people associate Christmas with happiness and great memories and cookies and all that kind of stuff. But then a lot of people are also associated with stress or they don’t have enough money and they’ve got to buy gifts. Or covid just happened. Like, you know, there’s a lot of stress.


[00:05:07] Dave: It’s just stressors left and right. You have family coming in from out of town, cooking food, all kinds of ship.


[00:05:13] Andi: That’s all you got to say. And then I’m, like, fall right there. Self destruct. Yeah. So and, you know, in when you were growing up, Christmas was stressful because you’re family liked to put on a big show. So


[00:05:28] Dave: it was a lot of hosted. So we had tons of people come over and half the people I didn’t


[00:05:32] Andi: know. So it was not a happy time. It was work. And make sure


[00:05:36] Dave: I became a servant of the house to prepare for others.


[00:05:41] Andi: Well, your servant of our


[00:05:42] Dave: house. Damn right. But we don’t have that many fucking people in our house and put you in a


[00:05:46] Andi: little tuxedo. Boxer briefs and be like, serve me.


[00:05:49] Dave: I’ll do that. And If you want me to do that, I will. Put the ball. Go get it tonight. Let’s do it. Okay,


[00:05:54] Andi: I’ll put a little bow tie on you. Nothing


[00:05:57] Dave: else. I have an alternate name. No, I’m still going to be Dave. Okay? Yeah. Dave, the butler. Yep. It’s gonna be your new favorite role play.


[00:06:05] Andi: Exactly. Yeah, but the business insider dot com on the Christmas music says that hearing the same songs over and over can lead to cognitive fatigue. So it just makes your brain tired basically. So you


[00:06:22] Dave: get dumber. You get


[00:06:23] Andi: too much Santa. Too much Santa, Too


[00:06:26] Dave: much Santa. Could you live in LA LA land with the music? It’s not stimulating enough for the brain activity.


[00:06:32] Andi: And I mean, when you walk into a home store or something, like whatever hobby lobby or at home and you hear Christmas music playing on November 1st, it it’s a


[00:06:46] Dave: lot of people that work there want to kill themselves. Yeah, or maybe they’re fucking cheerful people. And I’ve always loved the sounds of Christmas music,


[00:06:55] Andi: and I like Christmas, but we just don’t go insane over decorate like we have a wreath that we put on the door and we have a tree that we put up. I think all of my decorations can fit into two average sized totes,


[00:07:09] Dave: which is fucking amazing, because when it comes time when I was a kid, we would have to bring out totes and totes and totes of shit for you. Every season fits in a one single little tote in the attic. I just


[00:07:23] Andi: don’t go. I just don’t do that. I love that about you. Well, it goes up in about an hour and a half and it goes down and probably less than that.


[00:07:35] Dave: It really does. When we after Thanksgiving. Before now, we don’t have a single fucking Thanksgiving decoration.


[00:07:41] Andi: Oh, I don’t ever decorate for Thanksgiving. It’s


[00:07:45] Dave: Halloween, Halloween You have up and down inside 30


[00:07:48] Andi: men. I Oh, I have two ceramic pumpkins for Halloween


[00:07:53] Dave: that’s gotten so small over the years.


[00:07:55] Andi: I just don’t


[00:07:57] Dave: I don’t care. I don’t care.


[00:07:59] Andi: I’m not anti Halloween. I like to dress up and go to parties and stuff like that. Just don’t I don’t have anybody to show it to were so introverted. We don’t ever have anybody come over and I don’t care about seeing it. Because I see it when I go other places, so lets everybody else do the work.


[00:08:18] Dave: Yeah, well, most of the time, we do droppers. So


[00:08:20] Andi: you had to look at the page. You cheating mother? Father,


[00:08:23] Dave: you had it for you. I just needed to know how, you know?


[00:08:26] Andi: So you just called us? We have a lazy lifestyle. We


[00:08:29] Dave: are fucking laziest shit. At times when we’re not working, we do. Well,


[00:08:33] Andi: then you can’t say it as a whole were lazy because


[00:08:37] Dave: we’re not lazy. Outside of work, we have a dewdrop. Our lifestyle. Mhm.


[00:08:42] Andi: I don’t know what you mean. I


[00:08:44] Dave: guess we have. Yeah, that’s true.


[00:08:46] Andi: It’s true. You know, you’re right. Because we can have a Saturday and we’ll start Watching Netflix at two. p.


[00:08:53] Dave: M. And then watch the show until it’s over.


[00:08:56] Andi: Fast food, come back, blankets everywhere, and then get more makes get some more fast


[00:09:04] Dave: food, pop some popcorn, and then call it a night. Yeah, of course. After having sex, then you have the popcorn.


[00:09:10] Andi: Yeah, we just moved into the bedroom and then watch more. Netflix. I don’t think that makes us a dewdrop. ER,


[00:09:17] Dave: In my version maybe were a form of two droppers.


[00:09:22] Andi: Well, and speaking of how much that we work, our only fans topic of the week is just how much fucking work it really is. It’s a lot more than just taking some selfies and posting them online and throwing up a camera and recording some nasty sex.


[00:09:42] Dave: Well, there is that other podcasts that you talked about actually, all the work that goes into doing


[00:09:46] Andi: that. Oh, it’s exhausting. Like this past week. We rented a hotel room locally, and it’s fun because we get to We try different places all the time and we just get out of the house. And But then, you know, I’m inside of the room for five hours with my little lighting system and the camera, and then I have to change clothes. And when you get into laundry and garters and all the snaps and the zippers and the lace and this is tucked in and this has a tag and and the heels, I am so fucking graceful, your very great. Give me some heels. I will fall into the wall in no


[00:10:27] Dave: time and your shoot days I know it does get stressful because we have a limited amount of time that we can take pictures in an area. So that does get stressful. And that’s why I’ll see you guys. You have the luxury of taking pictures in the house, too, but it’s all just all around trying to keep it fresh.


[00:10:44] Andi: It’s exhausting, is very tiring, and then that’s just the first part of it. Because then when you’re done doing the shoot, then you have 1200 pictures that you have to go through and get rid of the riffraff that wasn’t good and then hone those down and narrow those down some more. And then you have to do the cropping and the editing and the lighting again, and then you come. It comes down to the posting cart, and we have. We’re on multiple platforms, so you’ve got fans, really, and only fans and two Twitter accounts in Instagram, and


[00:11:18] Dave: so definitely very consuming.


[00:11:21] Andi: Yeah, and then there’s engaging because we always make sure I always make sure that you know I’m conversing with our subscribers when they reach out. I’m


[00:11:33] Dave: usually the one that tells you you have messages because it gets a little notification. We’ll check your phone.


[00:11:38] Andi: We check it constantly, so I try to stay on top of it as much as I can. But we also have to only fans accounts. So it’s like Holy GS. And then there’s life, you know, the grocery store and, you know, just friends and trying to We also run another business. So it’s like your head spending most of the time. So I guess my whole topic was just that. It’s a lot. It’s a lot of work. It looks easy, though from an outside perspective. It’s like, Oh, it’s just some pictures You wake up with your lashes on. Here’s


[00:12:17] Dave: the thing I do find interesting now Instagram there’s it’s a certain level of respect. I see that men have towards you as you go through the platforms. Instagram. They’re a little more vulgar, direct, and then when you get into your fans, you have some of the greatest fans like they’re genuinely nice to you. They check on you. It’s so weird. When we first got into this, I was like, Okay, my my wife is going to be talking to other men consistently through our fans, and they’re so nice to you and respectful. Yeah, I like


[00:12:47] Andi: that. You get used to it every day.


[00:12:49] Dave: You have a few people that come in there, and they’re very They’re just shits there, assholes. You have to just say, Hey, it’s time to let go of that. But you handle those very well. Very PC.


[00:13:01] Andi: Yeah, There can be some that are not as nice as others, but overall, the vast majority are very nice. Yeah, even on social media I don’t run into I mean, you get stuff because it’s online and anybody has anything they want, and that’s fine. Like, Okay, you know, if either they’re going to be mean or they’re just off the top, vulgar, out of the rip Here is my dick.


[00:13:26] Dave: All right. Just straight to that part. Well, the ones that I find interesting the ones that complement you so well, they make me look bad when no one in the way of I’m not a wordsmith Like these love letters you have received I’m wo I’m like I need to take notes from the way these guys talk to you Makes


[00:13:46] Andi: my heart happy. So sweet people are so nice They really are Yeah. Um, so turning the corner here, getting out of work and enjoying the things that you enjoy in life. Just some of the things that we enjoy life. And how much do you love pizza and wait. Uh huh. On a scale of 12 killing innocent teenagers. What? How much do you love pizza?


[00:14:17] Dave: Killing innocent teenagers.


[00:14:19] Andi: You would kill innocent teenagers for pizza.


[00:14:21] Dave: I mean, if it’s a scale, I was It’s not like you said, Hey, do you want to speak to you? Want to go down the street and kill teenagers?


[00:14:28] Andi: What I said, though. But that’s


[00:14:30] Dave: just an extreme scale of intensity towards killing. Teenagers know depending on the pizza.


[00:14:36] Andi: Innocent teenagers, as are rare. It’s more rare


[00:14:41] Dave: than we have to go search for them. Pizza do


[00:14:44] Andi: droppers. See, I did it right. I’m not planning that Right There was a man in Knoxville, Tennessee, that went into his local Little Caesars. And when he said, you know, I made it, I guess, an online order. They said that will be 10 minutes for you. And he became very upset and made a scene.


[00:15:10] Dave: You know, it’s supposed to be hot and ready That’s me. Yeah.


[00:15:16] Andi: I think he had every right to go back to his car, get his AK 47, come back into the to the little Caesars and start brandishing it and aiming it at the kids that worked. There may be


[00:15:31] Dave: a little because that’s what he was


[00:15:33] Andi: hungry. And I want to get angry.


[00:15:35] Dave: Excessive to it? No, it makes sense. But this is fucking little Caesars Pizza,


[00:15:39] Andi: Pizza, pizza. It is so bad when you’re angry. Like I feel it when I want carbs. Don’t Don’t fucking talk to me. It’s kind of like calling me Don’t call


[00:15:49] Dave: me for me. Little Caesars is the type of pizza you get that when you are starving, you eat it because you’re so fucking starving.


[00:15:57] Andi: That’s the only reason you eat little Caesar’s. That’s the


[00:16:00] Dave: only reason, because it’s so this guy literally had to been starving because he went there expecting I want a hot and ready pizza. I’m going to get the pizza. I’m gonna eat it in the car.


[00:16:08] Andi: Maybe it’s not frozen pizza. I don’t think it’s frozen because they were always back there like rolling. Is that fresh? It does that. Is it I’m giving too much credit. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe the dough is frozen and they just roll it out.


[00:16:23] Dave: It just Yeah, I’m just a Papa John’s person. Now.


[00:16:28] Andi: I love the little Caesars trucks when they drive by, because the entire side of the semi truck, the trailer part says hot and ready. And I want to find one part, and I want to stand under it and get a picture. You


[00:16:40] Dave: saying hot, hot and


[00:16:41] Andi: ready? Yes. So, yeah. So he took it to an extreme and obviously what? Nobody got hurt. Thankfully, I don’t know if he ever got his pizza, but he did get arrested. He had another pizza story is there was a man. He was. It was a car burglar. So he wasn’t stealing the cars, But he was breaking into cars and stealing items out of the car. Well, along the way, he saw a woman throw away a little Caesars pizza. And I don’t know why little Caesars is the common denominator right now. Yeah, he saw her throw the box away, and there was some pizza left in the box, so he got it out of the trash can and continue to break into cars while carrying the box of pizza and eating it. He had pizza sauce on his hands and he was leaving smudges of pizza sauce and all the cars he was breaking into. So I mean, to me, it’s like, First of all, wipe your hands off on your pants. At least be nice enough if you’re going to break into somebody’s car not to get pizza sauce all over their interior or


[00:17:42] Dave: that would make your prints behind. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t the one eating pizza. Well,


[00:17:47] Andi: that would make me more upset, then still in my ship. Like, look at this to keep


[00:17:52] Dave: my car and take my headphones. But, goddammit, you got fucking sauce in my car.


[00:17:57] Andi: Yeah, we just got a new car. A


[00:17:59] Dave: little Caesar fucking sauce at


[00:18:01] Andi: that. About a month ago, we just got a new car. And if you smudge pizza sauce on my door, I’ll die. I don’t I won’t do it. I don’t know. Was he just breaking windows out? Getting How do you break into a car


[00:18:14] Dave: now? I think most of the time people leave their cars unlocked.


[00:18:17] Andi: Maybe that’s


[00:18:18] Dave: all you have. to do is wailing. Oh, it’s up and I’ve broken in And


[00:18:22] Andi: he pizza This obviously easy because you’re like what I want


[00:18:26] Dave: to know. And we should have done more research on this. This was he getting in the car, sitting in the car while, like, you know, sitting back, we have slice. And that’s the way I saw it. Like I’m currently breaking and maybe they got some stuff over here. Alright, I’m done with this next car.


[00:18:41] Andi: Well, the story is funny because he actually when he got arrested and he had pizza sauce all over his hands, he actually said, You caught me red handed. So


[00:18:58] Dave: that’s the guy you want to bring over for Thanksgiving. The one I can just have that kind of sense of humor. He’s


[00:19:02] Andi: harmless. Obviously.


[00:19:04] Dave: He was just priced. He was probably stoned to ship while he needed to do his burglary job. Just got hungry.


[00:19:12] Andi: Well, the only crime that I see is putting pineapple on pizza and that that concludes our pizza discussion. Yeah.


[00:19:21] Dave: How does cereal work into this to cereal?


[00:19:26] Andi: In all honesty, how much cereal do you consume in one week?


[00:19:32] Dave: Oh, 23 boxes


[00:19:35] Andi: Yeah, it’s true. You do. You’re probably a little above the average,


[00:19:40] Dave: Most likely. And when I pour a bowl of cereal, it’s not your average sized ball. I have for, like, half a


[00:19:46] Andi: Box. It’s like 700 g of sugar. Correent? Yeah. Yeah. So do you prefer milk or dry cereal?


[00:19:54] Dave: Milk? Definitely. With milk,


[00:19:56] Andi: because I have seen you just grab a handful of cereal and


[00:19:59] Dave: there are times where I’m just like I just want something crunchy. So at that time, I think I had, like, hunting columns or egg goes. So I’ll just go in there, grab a handful and just eat one at a time. It


[00:20:09] Andi: goes to cereal. Yes. Fantastic. Well, General Mills is increasing the prices of their cereals by 20% soon. So


[00:20:19] Dave: is this what you’re saying? We’re changing our diet on Monday?


[00:20:22] Andi: No, but yeah. So you’re lucky charms are going to be so lucky anymore. I think they should start naming the prices of cereals. The names of cereals, prices like more to reflect the and, like, honey nut inflation.


[00:20:38] Dave: Oh, there you go. Or did they give a specific reason why they’re increasing or is it due to lack supply or something


[00:20:45] Andi: like pocket change puffs or wallet. Ladies, wallet, Wheaties


[00:20:49] Dave: fun. You need to check that one out. I love


[00:20:51] Andi: wallet. Ladies. I don’t know why they increase the prices, but I guess it’s just a hard knock life in the Rice Krispie factory. I don’t know.


[00:21:01] Dave: I’m still devastated by the frosted Rice Krispies off the market. As soon as I find them, they’re gone. And then they’re like, Now we’re going to increase your prices. You didn’t just find them sucking


[00:21:10] Andi: Hates me. You looked at them and was like, you know what? I should try those frosted rice Krispies that have been out for almost 20 something 25, 6 years. You know, I think I’m going to get those, you know, like I really like these. And then there’s this.


[00:21:23] Dave: I mean, as a kid, I would get the regular Rice Krispies, and I would pour my milk, and then I would put, uh, sweet and low in it. Yeah, no, judge me. This is what that tasted like. So as soon as I had it for the first time was like, This is fucking ridiculous. This is amazing. I got maybe two boxes gone off the


[00:21:43] Andi: market. Well, you went to the store and you’re like their arteries frosted Rice Krispies. And then we went into another store and then another store, and you’re like, so I just looked it up. It was like, unfortunately, we’re no longer going to be producing prostate Rice Krispies. And the world was like, You’ve shattered my childhood. And like all these responses game that people were moved by this and I only got two boxes. Yeah, You’ll just have to go back to dump in the sugar. I can see putting sugar in your cereal because


[00:22:11] Dave: it wasn’t sweet enough. Just pouring direct sugar on it was not sweet enough to get the correct flavor with Rice Krispies. You had your sweet Now


[00:22:20] Andi: is not a boujee bitch. What the fuck? Fucking great low is boogie for you. Yeah. I was a girl when I was growing up that she was expensive. You’ve got sugar. There was like, 32 cents


[00:22:33] Dave: girl, you’re living,


[00:22:35] Andi: You’re living it up. You be sweet and low. I don’t know what that means, but it works. Yeah. So what can you You ate Rice Krispies as a kid That’s the serial you remember


[00:22:49] Dave: mostly is this kid? It was Cocoa Puffs and Frosted Flakes. Mm hmm. Cocoa Puffs occasionally come back. I don’t think I’ve touched a frosted flake. And probably


[00:23:01] Andi: Well, if you do, they’ll stop producing


[00:23:03] Dave: them. No ship? Yeah, Frosted. Maybe. I need to try that.


[00:23:07] Andi: I grew up eating honey comb and only honey


[00:23:10] Dave: comb. Is there any specific reason for that? I have no idea. All you liked was that was all that was offered at


[00:23:18] Andi: the time. I definitely did not like honey comb, because that’s all I ever knew. But my parents were kind of in a rut of life. So when they bought something once, that’s all they bought.


[00:23:30] Dave: Oh, you ate this this one time. That’s what you’re going to get for the next 15 years.


[00:23:34] Andi: It’s That’s your life cereal. So you’ll never see me buy a box of honey comb ever. I


[00:23:41] Dave: only see you buy like special K cereal, and I end


[00:23:44] Andi: up eating it like the chocolatey chocolatey delight. That’s really good. Yeah, it’s very delightful.


[00:23:51] Dave: In fact, I might have something here in a little bit.


[00:23:53] Andi: Keep your paws off my cereal. I can’t help it. You have, like four boxes of cereal. I have one too. Well, you keep four boxes.


[00:24:02] Dave: Usually I’m alone on the supply. There’s


[00:24:03] Andi: always garbage. Really much sugar


[00:24:06] Dave: cereal. Mostly. It’s lucky terms. I love lucky terms.


[00:24:10] Andi: That’s so bad. I’m glad you married me. You’re going to self destruct one day. That’s true. Your insides are just going to implode.


[00:24:18] Dave: Then you have all your friends to take care of you. You’re going to stroke out. Just fall


[00:24:22] Andi: died. Fault. Dad. Dad, don’t be Dad. Don’t be dead. So I am. I am I an asshole? What? The fuss was that


[00:24:34] Dave: getting a good drink? Are you an asshole?


[00:24:40] Andi: What


[00:24:43] Dave: level are we talking about here?


[00:24:44] Andi: Well, I we’ve We’ve mentioned this before. Uh, we worked very stressful jobs for, like, the first decade of our marriage, and I was constantly doing in office messaging or conveying or reading emails, and I had a very strict, rigid schedule in between. We had to meet with people all day, all day long, so I would get out of one meeting And they would last about 30 minutes each. And I would have a stack of emails or I would have employee requests off or I’d have a job interview. I’d have to conduct at all these things. So I had to push these in before my next appointment, which I had about 10 minutes. And also that would be the time I took to, I don’t know, take a break or get a drink or eat lunch or anything. So I learned to be, um I was constructive. I was I was productive, but I wasn’t always pleasant. And it wasn’t intentionally to be rude, but I got to wear my mess at My responses to emails were very, very quick and to the point


[00:25:58] Dave: past the


[00:25:59] Andi: pleasantries, right? And the my boss, the owner of the company. We didn’t see him often, but he was not from the U. S. He was from Europe, and pleasantries were very important to him. That’s how it is over there. So he took me very abrasively about the first year we worked together because he would always open an email even if it had very little substance. To him, there was no real purpose for the email. He would always open the email with a greeting, and he would address me personally. Like Hello, Andi. Good morning. I hope that your weekend was good. Wow. And now here are my items for the reason for the email. Thanks so much ending. And then he would sign out. I don’t have time for that. Sh it And I don’t mean to be mean, but I am going to answer those emails in such a timely manner that nobody could keep up with me like I was a machine. I was getting you your answers. Or if you gave me tasks, you know, our action items and email I’m going to work. But if you want me to fulfill my day with good morning, I hope you had a good good Friday and the bunny came by Easter time. I don’t have time for that, and I don’t, but I A lot of times kind of conveyed as being a dick. You know


[00:27:31] Dave: that you’re that way as well. I am very much that way. But in the reason for that was at one time during my career, I had tons of emails coming in nonstop and pretty much each email was a task. So my instead of just sending back a pleasantry to the client or anything. I would respond back with done,


[00:27:50] Andi: period. I’m letting you know I’ve seen your email and I’m responding back to you that the action item is complete.


[00:27:56] Dave: Zero pleasantries,


[00:27:57] Andi: right? But it got


[00:27:59] Dave: the job done right, And that was the interesting thing is they are used to my email personality being like that. So it has gone into this day now where we were now a little more relaxed in our life, and I don’t have to answer emails much. I still do the same ship.


[00:28:13] Andi: Well, and even when I would walk into the office, so take emails out of it, I would walk into the office again. I’m running. I have so many hats I would wear. So I am going in with a purpose and I’m getting people in a direction and whatever, and there’s always something going on or something that you didn’t account for. So I would walk in and I would see the office staff, and I would say, Did that facts come through? Did this person call back? Did they leave a message? And I wouldn’t say good morning. And that was shitty, I think, But I just don’t think like that. Like when I’m in work Mind I am in work mind and I don’t dislike you because I would sit and shoot the ship with the office. Right? And you


[00:28:59] Dave: loved them. They were great. It’s just that Well, when I first met you, you had the resting bitch face. You’ve always had that laser focus. Regardless, when you’re walking in, you’re already looking at the steps of things you have to do when you’re in the office.


[00:29:11] Andi: My job was stressful because it dealt with health. And if things were not right, or things are not compliant things, big problems can happen, right? I didn’t have the time. It’s like a surgeon. Do you want a surgeon that can shoot this ship and be super chill and fun to hang out with her? Do you want a surgeon? That’s like I lived to be a surgeon


[00:29:32] Dave: socially awkward surgeons, but are great at the work.


[00:29:35] Andi: They do no good bedside manner, but their skill is what matters. That’s a surgeon I want not the one that’s like, How was your Easter eggs? Exceptional was


[00:29:50] Dave: extra fun. Did you see all your family come into town.


[00:29:54] Andi: I’m like, Okay, so I didn’t know. And I have We have another friend that lives, um, abroad and she will reach out. And she’s very kind and sweet. And I think I’m a kind and sweet person. Really? Did you just do


[00:30:13] Dave: that just beyond?


[00:30:15] Andi: And I think, and I think I am kind and we have a friend that lives abroad, and she is very, very sweet and upbeat and all the good things. Great girl. And I think I’m nice and sweet as well, and I run into the same thing I did with my former boss is that she’ll send a message and go good morning, and she’s always very upbeat and cheerful and positive, and it’s so nice. But I’ve sent her a message, and I’ve been the first one to send it, and I forget to do that the pleasantry, and then she’ll send back and be like, Good morning, like you didn’t even, you know, And she’s right. I need to soften. I need to work on that because I do care if somebody is having a good morning and I do care if they’re doing okay, I just get I’ve just been trained and I’ve gotta I gotta work on that.


[00:31:06] Dave: It’s kind of like I respond in emails like I do through text and when some people kind of want more sugar, more depth to the email, whenever you’re you’re sending an email text can be short and sweet, but an email there can you put a little fucking effort into its? Not like you had to put a stamp on this fucking thing. I


[00:31:24] Andi: know. I always say pillow sugar on that way, Dave. It’s a little You sound like a dick. I do sound like a dick. I’m not dick ish. I’m just to the point where you do sound like an asshole. So I think what we’ve concluded is that you’re the asshole and I’m the nice one.


[00:31:41] Dave: Exactly. I completely agree with that.


[00:31:43] Andi: Do we choose to sit with chooses you even the past, every podcast and I don’t ask him. He just fine. And here he is in my


[00:31:50] Dave: lap. I’ll always be with us.


[00:31:52] Andi: He’s a mama’s boy.


[00:31:54] Dave: A lot of people are. Mom was boring.


[00:31:56] Andi: I’m a lot of people’s mommy.


[00:31:58] Dave: You are sucking right


[00:32:01] Andi: a popular niche,


[00:32:05] Dave: and I just want to say, I really like your hair today. You’ve done like a natural kind of curl thing to it. It’s very fluffy. I love it when it’s this dry, natural, very playful, like this. Thanks. So in case you watch her YouTube channel, this is what her hair looks like on natural. Pull it later, Yeah, a tug on and grabbing it with a little Everybody, thank you for joining us on this episode of quite a Kinky. I hope that you were informed of


[00:32:30] Andi: pizza and cereal and how hard it is to be an only fans creator. And what a do dropper is?


[00:32:37] Dave: Yes, which I never used except for the one time I used it, which was us. The weather outside is frightful,


[00:32:45] Andi: but Christmas music is not delightful. That’s true. Visit us at Quiet and kinky dot com.


[00:32:53] Dave: Find us on YouTube, Quiet and Kinky


[00:32:57] Andi: and Twitter quite quiet and kinky and instagram at Quiet and Kinky.


[00:33:02] Dave: Please subscribe to our podcast, and until then, guys thank you for joining us.


[00:33:07] Andi: In the meantime, you can also find me at only Andi dot com a N D.


[00:33:11] Dave: It’s beautiful


[00:33:12] Andi: stuff there by bank


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