Turk the Bastey

In Episode 5, we talk about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Did that just happen? Andi shares her bizarre experience with cyberbullying this week on social media.

How do you see your past? Do you get the warm fuzzies when you think about it? Do you think about it too much? How Dave and Andi view events from the past and how they process them in the present.

What is your knowledge level on porcupines?

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[00:00:00] Dave: you are listening to the quiet and kinky podcast with David. Andy.


[00:00:04] Andi: There is explicit material in this podcast. So if you are under 18,


[00:00:09] Dave: go away, consider yourself warned, welcome back to another episode of quiet and kinky. I’m dave I’m Andy, how you doing? Andy good. How are you doing? All right, naturally, nothing’s changed compared to our last episode where you have a dog in your lap.


[00:00:25] Andi: Yeah, I know our last episode. We had a little audiovisual situation.


[00:00:31] Dave: Yeah, we apologize for our Youtube channel there. But


[00:00:34] Andi: yeah, that kind of would not have been entertaining to watch. It’s gonna all jacked up.


[00:00:40] Dave: Sure. Okay,


[00:00:41] Andi: but the podcast was good.


[00:00:43] Dave: Yeah, I thought it was really good.


[00:00:44] Andi: Yeah. This episode is called turk the base de


[00:00:48] Dave: turk the Beastie. Okay. Why is it called her to Bay City?


[00:00:51] Andi: Well, it’s almost thanksgiving. So I figured it’s relevant to have a little wine and then not be able to talk. So we heard turk to basically a few years ago and it kind of stuck.


[00:01:03] Dave: It really did. And that’s the only way we’ve ever said it. So you got a little turkey baster? Yeah, that’s inappropriate.


[00:01:09] Andi: This looks like I’m going to inseminate you later.


[00:01:11] Dave: Why does it have to be me? Why aren’t we intimidating you instantly becomes on about me


[00:01:16] Andi: because I’m the one holding the baster. That is true. Did you know that only male turkeys. Gobble.


[00:01:23] Dave: Gobble.


[00:01:24] Andi: Yeah, I don’t even know. I’m


[00:01:28] Dave: glad you made the sound. But yeah, now I know what you’re talking about. I I never even thought to wonder who gobbled or not.


[00:01:35] Andi: Who can tell a girl turkey from a boy turkey. You can, I can’t actually, I don’t know, I guess


[00:01:41] Dave: isn’t there something about the little thing that dangles


[00:01:43] Andi: and I don’t know about that, but I know that if it’s gobbling, it’s obviously a dude turkey to do turkeys. Yeah. So yeah, so non gobblers or girls, what


[00:01:54] Dave: do the girls do be pretty, they just sit around. They don’t make sounds


[00:01:59] Andi: apparently not, wow. They’re just, they’re so amazing. They don’t need anything else to make their presence known. Wow. Or guys are like, look at me, gobble, gobble, gobble. Look at


[00:02:10] Dave: me. So you’re saying like the turkeys, there are female turkeys are like the Kardashians of the animal world.


[00:02:16] Andi: Yeah, they’re the non gobblers.


[00:02:18] Dave: Gotcha. All right. The rest


[00:02:20] Andi: of us are just gobbling along. So what is your favorite thing about thanksgiving?


[00:02:26] Dave: Deep frying a Turkey? I love like it was something I was introduced to me probably about like 10, 15 years ago and before that we always did the oven turkeys. That’s all I ever knew. And I finally had this deep fried turkey and I was like, there’s no other way to cook a turkey on thanksgiving. So do you cook it? Heck yeah, I do already know the answer to that. Yeah, I get that. I don’t even know all the steps. I really do. I just get the injection stuff, put it in there. You marinated marinated overnight. Yeah, Well and then we put the creole seasoning all over the turkey and then let it sit overnight and then we deep fry that sh it


[00:03:00] Andi: so the point of the marinade and deep frying is you get the oil really hot first because you want it to just sizzle, sizzle the minute it goes


[00:03:10] Dave: in. But you want to make sure it’s completely thought because if it isn’t apparently bad things can happen. I’ve never had it happen to me but always make sure your turkey is fully thought


[00:03:18] Andi: it hasn’t happened to you because I always uh prep your turkey.


[00:03:22] Dave: No. Okay.


[00:03:24] Andi: I who put the turkey in the fridge.


[00:03:28] Dave: Okay. You did all right this year. You’ve got this fully covered. You’re


[00:03:31] Andi: supposed to do it X. Amount of days for however many pounds of turkey is and I never never need


[00:03:37] Dave: the actual time. Just google it.


[00:03:40] Andi: Yeah, just gobble it, gobble it. Just ask a male turkey. He’ll tell you he’ll go. That sounds more


[00:03:48] Dave: like a puppy was a dog. That was a puppy.


[00:03:51] Andi: It was not a


[00:03:52] Dave: turkey. I am not going to making sounds


[00:03:54] Andi: I know thank you that’s fine. Our first topic will be my only fans moment of the week.


[00:04:04] Dave: I can’t wait to hear what this is.


[00:04:06] Andi: So it was rather interesting. Um It was kind of what I would call cyber bullying and it didn’t actually happen this week. This was a couple of weeks ago but it hit me that I needed to remember to tell the story. So on social media, one of the platforms that I promote, my only fans on. I received a message from who claimed to be a 23 year old woman and she just messaged me, took the time to send me a direct message and said, you’re a fake, oh, okay. So I read all my messages, I don’t always have the time to reply to everybody. I try to, even if I just give a reaction. Um, but the more that my platform to grow, the harder that is, but I still try. So I read this message, you’re a fake. And I thought, well, you know, she took the time to go up to the top and hit the message button. Like that meant something to her. So I sent a message back and um, so I’m not a fake, I’m, I’m curious to what makes you think that I am. And she said you’re just not who you say you are. I guess she knows me on another realm or something. So


[00:05:27] Dave: I remember we made a post about this.


[00:05:29] Andi: Yeah. So she said, uh, if you’re not who you say or send me a video authenticating yourself, of course she didn’t use the word authenticating because I don’t think she could say or spell words that large after my experience with her, that’s my conclusion. But I was happy to do. Like I literally turned my phone the video on did a selfie our video and said hi and I said her handle. Um this is today’s date. I am only Andy. Um I’m sorry that you thought I was a fake, you know, I’m not So here you go. And I said something kind at the end like you know, I hope you have a great weekend and always remember to try not to be so cynical. You know, with so many words, you know, I was trying to be I was not trying to


[00:06:19] Dave: attack her


[00:06:21] Andi: and she replies back and said like L. O L. I can’t believe you replied. Like it was stupid even though she asked me for it. Um and funny that you didn’t say my name and then she said it’s her name. Well honey buns, I didn’t know your name because you didn’t tell me your name, but I used your personal screen name. Social media handle. Which is pretty fucking


[00:06:46] Dave: specific. You sent the message to that. I mean how else could you? Yeah, I


[00:06:52] Andi: spoke it. I said her name, her user name. So then I said, fucking God, you know, I’m okay. So I turned my phone around and I said hi your name. This is only the this is the date and I am yet sending another video to authenticate myself.


[00:07:11] Dave: So I got the


[00:07:14] Andi: message and she said, but you’re posing as a unicorn. So now I went from a fake


[00:07:23] Dave: to a unicorn, which it basically means you are single female


[00:07:28] Andi: just looking to join other couples or sugar looking for a sugar daddy. I don’t


[00:07:33] Dave: know. Anyway, and I don’t think that’s said anywhere. Well,


[00:07:38] Andi: the funny thing is we recently rebranded all of my social media platforms, but at the time was before her rebranding and our handle was the same as it is on only fans, which is Dave and Andy, It’s not a female


[00:07:52] Dave: screaming, No, the screen name says unicorn all the way.


[00:07:55] Andi: All the way. Yeah. So I uh she said, what? You’re posing as a unicorn and you’re not even a lesbian and you’re probably not bisexual, which again, nothing on my social media page. On the flat thing about that, It doesn’t address any of those things. So again, why are you just jumping to a conclusion? And so I should just


[00:08:20] Dave: like, she was just looking for something to fight with you. She did. She was just trying to poke the bull,


[00:08:25] Andi: right? So I responded back and I said, well, I’m very sorry that you’re you’re offended because she apparently is a unicorn proud of that. Um and I said, you know, I’m not ever considered myself a unicorn. If you scroll through the pictures on my social media platform here, you’ll see pictures of myself with my partner Dave. So that would eliminate that accusation and um that made her mad again because I just simply I righted the wrong. I thought like I’m I’m trying to say you don’t have to be upset with,


[00:09:05] Dave: she didn’t like being wrong every time.


[00:09:07] Andi: So and I wasn’t being


[00:09:09] Dave: sarcastic, like I realistically want to show you that I am real, right? So here we go.


[00:09:14] Andi: And I was really apologetic. You know, I’m sorry I was offensive if you felt that I was playing the role of something, I wasn’t um is there a way I could have presented myself better because I hate for other people to think that Stephen, I’ve never fucking heard of this accusation in my life. And uh she’s then she says, well I still don’t believe you. And I was in the messages were like


[00:09:41] Dave: at this point you need it, you need to give up.


[00:09:42] Andi: I’m done. I’m to


[00:09:45] Dave: 23 years and the screen name the real name. I’m


[00:09:48] Andi: realizing our age gap is not we’re not going to connect, we’re not going to figure this out and be friends. Were not stupid. Like


[00:09:59] Dave: I’m


[00:10:01] Andi: talking to a fucking wall officially and I again on everything I have, I was never rude to her. I was always very kind to her and she kept on with the messages and the messages were getting nastier and so honest, I blocked her. Like I don’t need that negative shit. If I’m offending you, I’m gonna block you. You never have to see me again and you can move on with your life since I have corrupted your, you know, sanity and your piece within moments, seriously, just minutes, I got four messages back to back from her friends attacking me for blocking her. So she was machine gunning over messages to me and the moment I blocked her, she knew I did then has like this mental breakdown gets her


[00:10:56] Dave: posse behind her and like this woman started doing this, she blocked me,


[00:11:01] Andi: right? I don’t know if she started like an Only Andy, you know, hate group mass message or what it was like, look what this bitch did. She blocked me. And so I start getting these messages. I can’t believe you just blocked my friend. You’re such a fake just going off and I’m like, okay, well, I’m not going to go back through this whole thing and explain this to you. So, you know, and they’re like, we’re 23 and you can’t hold a candle to any of us. And I’m like, I’m not


[00:11:32] Dave: Trying to I don’t like your profile says 18, right?


[00:11:36] Andi: I am far from that. I am over 40 and honestly, I wouldn’t want to be 23 in 2021 if you fucking paid me.


[00:11:46] Dave: No, God hell no. Well, I mean just like this right here, you look at it. So we didn’t grow up in the age where social media was like, part of our upbringing in school and all of this other stuff. So they look at like blocking people as something like you just threw a fucking dis at your school high school and like you had to throw down and you know, right in the parking lot, like that’s how sensitive they are these days because they’re true emotional value is in the social platforms. But I


[00:12:13] Andi: mean I wasn’t even following this girl, her account was private, she was following me, which I don’t even know why she was since I was such a fake whatever, but her friends come at me and the messages got meaner and meaner and I said I blocked her because I could not continue to message with her after I thought authenticated myself, I made her her question, I answered her questions and that was never good enough and I have too many things going on. I can’t get into arguments with.


[00:12:46] Dave: I’m really surprised you went that far. You took a personal note to verify yourself


[00:12:52] Andi: and the kinder that I was to all of these girls, the meaner they got.


[00:12:58] Dave: I wonder what that is, like what causes someone to do that? Is it because they want you to be mean back? I can’t They probably they


[00:13:06] Andi: wanted a war and I’m like, I don’t give a ship enough. I’m trying to be kind and respond, but I’m not, you’re not making me mad. You’re making me fearful for the future of our world. Like I’m not you’re not making me that there’s nothing you can fucking say to me. That’s going to make me hurt or mad. I don’t give a sh it about your opinion of me. But so the meaner they got and then it started attacking my age and that I was pathetic and that I was um a grandma, I was too old. Look at your disgusting. And just and it made me hurt for all of that generation because that is what girls do to each other.


[00:13:51] Dave: You’re probably not the first victim. No, no, they were that that was like a crew game, like start hitting, play on the routine and we’ll start bombarding somebody,


[00:14:01] Andi: right? So after they started physically attacking my physical appearance, then it when they didn’t get the responses they want, where I’m like, well you’re just being but like, I don’t know what they thought. I was gonna say, well you’re just at home or you know, I


[00:14:15] Dave: don’t they just wanted something that could screenshot and post, right,


[00:14:18] Andi: I guess. And so I said, okay, well, I appreciate you taking the time to send me your feedback. And I said the great thing about the world of social media and and all of the options out there. You can follow anybody you want. And so since I am so repulsive, you don’t have to follow me, You can block me, you don’t ever have to see me again. And I said that’s the amazing thing about all the options that we have and fucking pissed. That, oh you are rented. It just go ahead and block me. You’re just a coward. I’m like your fucking you need to be committed. Are you allowed to drive a car?


[00:14:57] Dave: Like, Like, like, seriously,


[00:14:59] Andi: I was just blown away. And again, I just felt for the generation of girls that grew up with that kind of ship that I was bullied in middle school, so I’m no stranger to that. But this was a different kind of bullying. I was bullied by the same person for many years and we had our blow up and it was done. But it was never where I felt like if I had been a young girl hearing the things that these girls were saying to me now, it probably would have severely damaged me mentally because it was all about physical appearance because it’s all they had to attack and okay then don’t look at me baby. I don’t well it’s fine. Well, again,


[00:15:41] Dave: they also they’re taking the time to message something which means before they could send they can read what they’re saying. So they’re not really censoring themselves in any way. Like if you were having this battle in person, you would actually knock some sense into him and they’d be like, oh sh it I don’t know what to say, but when you say something that makes sense, they have like 30 45 minutes before they actually read your


[00:16:03] Andi: message. And one of the things I thought was interesting too is she said one of the girls that were her, one of her friends said, you know, she was just trying to hook up with you and your husband and you are obviously discriminating against her because she’s bisexual. And I’m like, what


[00:16:24] Dave: absolute hell did that come from?


[00:16:27] Andi: Number one? She the girl did allude to do you ever want to meet? And I said, you know, I don’t meet with people on anybody. I’m sure she’s beautiful. I’m sure she’s amazing. I don’t that’s great. Good for her if she was a unicorn child. No problem finding people. However I if you and I decide one day between May very well do so to say, let’s get, let’s go find a unicorn and get freaky tonight. I think I can speak on behalf of both of us. It would not be a 23 year old. Absolutely not. You could even invert the numbers and say it probably wouldn’t be a 32 year old. Like we just did a little


[00:17:08] Dave: bit more north would be better. Yeah, we


[00:17:10] Andi: like the more mature category and you’re younger than I am. And I think we see the same on that. Like I just, I don’t want somebody, I don’t, that’s just not my personal


[00:17:20] Dave: style. It’s not my preference either. And it’s great


[00:17:22] Andi: if it is, but what the funk. So now I’m being able to, okay, so anyway, so we got past that and then the threats started. So when they took it past a physical attack, then it was um, oh you’re going to regret, you ever did this? We know where you are. Um you’re gonna rue the day you ever crossed crossed somebody. I don’t even know what name she said.


[00:17:48] Dave: Is that like medieval time ship? And


[00:17:50] Andi: I’m like, absolutely you got to be kidding me. Anyway, I ended up blocking all of them and I didn’t hear anything else and I’m not fearful hearing anything else because honestly, uh, the


[00:18:02] Dave: whole, that whole battle is ridiculous


[00:18:06] Andi: and I’m a, I consider myself somewhat of a classy girl, but I got a little hood in me too, a little bit of what I do and I just can’t imagine some little 23 year old coming up to me like girl, I mean like snap bitch, I’m sorry, but


[00:18:23] Dave: you’re going to throw down here like, uh,


[00:18:26] Andi: not just mind your own ship, people, I don’t know like it


[00:18:31] Dave: like yeah, literally mind your own ship. Stay in your own little bubble. We’ll worry about


[00:18:36] Andi: ours, right? If you want to be unicorns or whatever, stay in your life


[00:18:41] Dave: any way, shape or form,


[00:18:42] Andi: but then don’t follow Milf’s and then be like, you’re so old. Okay, okay, well that’s what cougar means. But anyway,


[00:18:55] Dave: I love cougar. I have to throw in one only fans moment for the week. Okay, so I’m the husband of a very active creator on social media. Yes, we do make our videos together, but my highlight of the week was you came into me while I was working on the computer and you were putting on when your outfits. I always love it when you have me help you put on your garter belt because I have to go down and clip it right there. But the high, that’s a highlight of my week is whenever I have to do that for you, because I take my time and putting that on. Like I want you to know, I’m actually really good at putting those on, but take my sweet time staring at your ass. Some of my highlight is I got to see you in that outfit this week.


[00:19:35] Andi: Yeah, and that was a gift from one of my sweet


[00:19:38] Dave: hands. I love it when they send you stuff because I love getting to see it now. It’s funny. I’m pretty sure they get to see you in the outfits before I do, because if they send it to Yeah, you kind of, you go into the bedroom, you try it on and you take your pictures for them and then and then I see it later.


[00:19:54] Andi: Yeah, I always try to say thank you and then I like to share it with everybody.


[00:19:59] Dave: It’s the beautiful thing of lingerie


[00:20:03] Andi: I’ve always been sharing is caring


[00:20:05] Dave: man, I love that you love lingerie because you look so good in it.


[00:20:09] Andi: Thanks. I love some more than others for sure. Some luxuries like this was not made to be on my body and now we’re going to set it on fire


[00:20:20] Dave: right? There have been some you’ve bought that have gone right into the trash. Yeah. Really? Yeah. And now for the segment we call the word of the week. So what’s our urban dictionary word of the week?


[00:20:32] Andi: So you found this one? Uh it is a G fam bro. G


[00:20:38] Dave: fam bro.


[00:20:39] Andi: It means sex God


[00:20:42] Dave: sub D from bro.


[00:20:43] Andi: So we have to incorporate G fam bro at some point before this podcast is over.


[00:20:51] Dave: Okay, good luck with the fam bro bro.


[00:20:55] Andi: And now we are going to discuss living in the past.


[00:21:00] Dave: In what way mentally?


[00:21:02] Andi: You know, physically like in a time machine.


[00:21:04] Dave: I was thinking physically like living with physical objects that remind you of the past or just living it mentally and not surrendering.


[00:21:12] Andi: Yeah. So it’s similar to like, like what I do, I watch reruns of old sitcoms all the time. Like I’ll just end over. Well I don’t actually sit and watch them.


[00:21:25] Dave: I just have a thing in the background right now. It’s designing women


[00:21:29] Andi: Right? And then like golden girls and you know that’s just me. I like all these little funny things from the 90s I guess early 90s. So when you have you met anybody before that’s kind of like napoleon dynamite’s uncle that just kept


[00:21:43] Dave: lives nostalgically in the past would love nothing more than to teleport back into that time?


[00:21:50] Andi: Well he missed the play or something and it’s


[00:21:53] Dave: the final touchdown. He’s like, if I just made that one touchdown would have gone all pro


[00:21:58] Andi: Right? And so he has regretted that until he was 40 plus years old and still talked about it. So isn’t he kind of losing life in the present by just focusing on something that doesn’t even exist anymore?


[00:22:12] Dave: Absolutely.


[00:22:14] Andi: Do you have a moment or an event in your past that pops in your mind a lot, Whether it be good or bad that just kind of plays out regularly.


[00:22:24] Dave: Only enough. It’s it’s from like when I was 12 um I was talking to some friends of mine, I was trying to geek out and everything. And oddly enough they said, so have you ever read The Lord of the Rings? I had never heard of Lord of the Rings at the time. So I was like, no. And I was like, yeah, I read the book cover to cover man. He’s like, it’s like $4. I was like, I was like, and then right then I was like please don’t start asking because I had never read a fucking page in my life, but I was just stone cold fucking called out right there 12 years old. And I had, that was my first being like straight up sucking called out because it was a public call out because there were other people there. So that has remained with me in my entire


[00:23:06] Andi: life. What did you say after he called you out?


[00:23:08] Dave: I don’t know, it kind of blacks out in the memory so I’m sure I said something really stupid or I was just like I want to get out of here. But yeah, I don’t remember what happened, but then finally they came out eventually with the movies and all this other stuff like fuck, what


[00:23:26] Andi: did you ever read it?


[00:23:27] Dave: No, I never read it just wasn’t movies. Of course. I’m like that was a lot of fucking book.


[00:23:33] Andi: It was a lot of book. That’s why I didn’t read it actually. I just hate


[00:23:37] Dave: those kind of stories. You like the fantasy realm or something you like Doctor Strange marvel ship kind of guy. Do you like the doctor Strange of the marvel realm? Okay. Yeah, that’s all I said. Everything else is


[00:23:52] Andi: I like reading about, literally I like reading about like


[00:23:55] Dave: dead people


[00:23:56] Andi: and dead bodies.


[00:23:57] Dave: It’s sickening, which is true. Yeah, I


[00:24:00] Andi: really like the fantasy realm. I like, like my favorite book of all time is called stiff and it sounds perverted but it’s just about rigor mortis.


[00:24:10] Dave: I always said when we first like five years into our marriage. Your favorite shows were forensic files and snapped Now those of you that have not heard what snapped is it’s a television show where the women killed her husband’s. They deserved it. Now. This for years was a show because there’s like 17 fucking seasons of it. That’s how many women kill their husbands. Well,


[00:24:35] Andi: because you guys are stupid. So, mm hmm.


[00:24:39] Dave: You’re watching years of this with you falling asleep many times. You would watch the shows and go, oh, see she did that sh it all


[00:24:49] Andi: wrong? Well, to be clear, I am not interested in killing people. I am interested in the process of death. Once it occurs, like medically speaking. So I don’t ever want you don’t feel anybody can


[00:25:04] Dave: see is there anything in any way you want to help?


[00:25:06] Andi: No. I just think it’s interesting how they forensically determine what happens and how they learn about how the person died and all that. I would have been a great medical examiner.


[00:25:17] Dave: Yeah. Well, the fun part of all that was you would watch the shows and say they did things wrong that should concern me because you’re really watching her. Oh, she did it wrong. And then I remember one time he’s like, if I need to kill you. Yeah, no one.


[00:25:31] Andi: No one will know babe.


[00:25:33] Dave: Because you’re a pro from forensic files and


[00:25:36] Andi: yeah, that never find


[00:25:38] Dave: you. I will do you no wrong for the rest of our lives. You know that’s


[00:25:41] Andi: what I’m talking


[00:25:42] Dave: about. That’s respect. That’s right or die.


[00:25:46] Andi: Well, my reminiscing moment from the past kind of circling back to that is uh like for the most part, happy memories. But most of the time I think about decisions I could have made to change the outcome. I mean obviously we could all, if we could go back, there’s things I don’t think there’s a single person. It’s like everything I’ve done has been sucking on point. Like I wouldn’t change a thing. Um, So that is, those are things I saw circle is like if I had just turned right instead of left or whatever. Um those things kind of plagued me, but for the most part, I do try to put the past out of my mind because it’s just not here and memories are so distorted and exaggerated. It’s kind of like when somebody dies, they become immortalized and everybody romanticizes about, oh, they were like a fucking ST, I’m like, actually most of the time he was a dick, but he was a nice guy and he was a good grandpa. You know what I mean? Like? But if he was still here, you’d be like, he’s an asshole, you know? But when they die, they can walk on water. So,


[00:26:57] Dave: and another thing, if you hold on to all those negative moments in the past, you can’t really look forward to positive moments because you’re in a positive moment, feeling negative thoughts,


[00:27:05] Andi: right? So Charles Kettering is he’s an inventor and he was, he was, he played a big role in, uh, creating automobile, whatever, inventing that. Um, he said you can’t have a better tomorrow if you keep thinking about yesterday, obviously that’s pretty basic, but it’s true. So yeah, you can kind of get tangled up in regret and not look forward to what’s happening tomorrow.


[00:27:32] Dave: You focus on regret if you and if that’s all you focus on this kind of what encompasses you. I guess that’s kind of way. If you think positive thoughts, good things happen.


[00:27:44] Andi: I’m like this hey, when I was a nerdy kid in high school with braces and like I thought I was a g fan bro, I’m like, but I wasn’t because now I’m a milk with an only fans page.


[00:27:59] Dave: You’re totally achieve your cougar g friend bro. I


[00:28:03] Andi: don’t think I’m a sex god,


[00:28:05] Dave: I think you’re fucking sex God, you’re my sex God,


[00:28:08] Andi: thanks. I just like to have sex. And if other people want to watch it too, I’m like, hey, do this one


[00:28:18] Dave: of our favorite things to do for


[00:28:20] Andi: joining porcupines,


[00:28:23] Dave: por que pines, Little pointy little suckers.


[00:28:25] Andi: Yeah, they’re so misunderstood. They have 30,000 quills. A whole group of porcupines. What would you think those are called a land mine? No, like a big group of crows is a murder of crows or you know what I mean? So keep


[00:28:44] Dave: pines, Yes, no freaking clue. It’s called a pickle


[00:28:49] Andi: a pickle. Yeah. Pickle of porcupines.


[00:28:52] Dave: So you have millions of little particles in that little pickle group or whatever it’s called


[00:28:57] Andi: frankel, they call them thorn pigs for short. I’ve never met one in person, but I, I want to,


[00:29:05] Dave: Yeah, so 30,000, what’s a quill?


[00:29:08] Andi: This is a pointer things. A little spikes. They


[00:29:10] Dave: have 30,000. Those little suckers in their backs


[00:29:13] Andi: we like on their whole body, wow, that can still be killed though,


[00:29:19] Dave: They’re still playing back check that.


[00:29:22] Andi: Don’t I think it’s accurate. And Stewie is my um manager and he said it’s accurate.


[00:29:31] Dave: Stewie approves this message. Yeah,


[00:29:33] Andi: he definitely does.


[00:29:34] Dave: That was, that’s pretty fricking crazy. I mean that you can’t really get comfortable. Imagine if your backs and everything is all spikes and shit, All you can do is lay on your stomach, your entire life, You could never roll on your back. If you


[00:29:48] Andi: are, if you find yourself in a pickle and you look around and you go, what the fuck, I’m a porcupine, like you’re in a pickle because you are a porcupine. You have to ask yourself and this could be still circled around, talking about staying in the past, what did you do in your last life to be born?


[00:30:08] Dave: What bad karma brought you in that you had to be in part of this. You


[00:30:14] Andi: fucked up, you’re going to be in a pickle


[00:30:17] Dave: seem mentally, I just see a bunch of porcupines running across the street and that’s just my idea of a pickle.


[00:30:22] Andi: See to me that would be fun, I would be like martial arts porcupine


[00:30:26] Dave: martial arts porky


[00:30:27] Andi: pine, I would be like to chop shit, yep, I can’t like come at me,


[00:30:31] Dave: you’d be like pulling out one of your pines and just like throw it at him, I


[00:30:35] Andi: would want to climb up on something so I could dive


[00:30:37] Dave: bomb. You want to dive bomb, you’re back into somebody, yep, fucking love your creative nature.


[00:30:44] Andi: I mean it’s just natural comes to me,


[00:30:47] Dave: so you’re fighting for when you’re the porky but I’m


[00:30:51] Andi: just mad that I’m a fuckingo fine so I’m going to kill you if you get in my


[00:30:55] Dave: life is a vigilante. Yes, watch


[00:30:58] Andi: out because I can,


[00:31:01] Dave: you’re telling the universe what will happen if you’re ever and I’m


[00:31:04] Andi: like, if you take me out and take you take me out of my porcupine existence, you’re doing me a favor.


[00:31:10] Dave: Okay, serious conversations that you can have here on quiet and


[00:31:16] Andi: kinky and visit us at quiet and kinky dot com


[00:31:21] Dave: or you can find us on youtube. Just search quiet and kinky


[00:31:25] Andi: instagram at quiet and kinky


[00:31:27] Dave: and twitter at quite a kinky kinky, You got lucky with all those names, he was across the board. I know that’s


[00:31:37] Andi: not fuckinup. No, and if you want to see more of Dave and I mostly me, her


[00:31:44] Dave: doing naughty things,


[00:31:45] Andi: you can visit us at only Andy dot com A N. D. I.


[00:31:50] Dave: And until next time guys we’re glad you joined us


[00:31:53] Andi: and don’t get yourself into a


[00:31:54] Dave: brickell and I never got to use G Fam bro, nope. You didn’t introduce you, introduced a funk. I’m gonna introduce it way too late to the episode.


[00:32:03] Andi: See the rule is if you don’t use the dictionary word of the week within the episode, I get to inseminate you with this turkey deal, have a turkey baster and it’s got your name on it. No, let’s get to this my by.


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