What in the Metaverse did you just say?

Learn how Dave and Andi are planning to discover their true heritage. Also, how did these two lunatics even meet? We share our love story with the world. And when can we expect more from our sexy neighbor? Sooner than you may think!

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[00:00:00] Dave: you are listening to the quiet and kinky podcast with David Andy. There


[00:00:05] Andi: Is explicit material in this podcast. So if you are under 18 go


[00:00:09] Dave: away. Consider yourself warned hello and welcome to another podcast of quiet and kinky. I’m Dave, I’m Andy and also Stewie is with us in a nice little cocoon. I like your pants by the way. Thanks. Like some neon purple and spandex looking thing. Super soft, look soft. Yeah,


[00:00:31] Andi: cold outside. So I wanted some smooth


[00:00:35] Dave: story likes


[00:00:36] Andi: it. I know. Um, so today we were supposed to um, do two things that we failed at. Um, first of all, we were supposed to do our spit or swallow on the 23 and me on the podcast. However, When I looked at the hit right before we were supposed we were going to do this. You can’t eat or drink for 30 minutes. And so


[00:01:01] Dave: that’s kind of tough when you have to talk for the entire podcast and yeah, I’ve already got this here. And yeah,


[00:01:06] Andi: so we may do like a short clip of us doing that, the specimen part but it’s kind of


[00:01:11] Dave: gross. That should be really cute. I’m gonna put you on there. You’ll be on the Youtube channel spitting into that little, It


[00:01:15] Andi: requires a lot more spit than I thought. That sounds dirty, but it’s just gross. So, but so we’re going to be doing that and the biggest thing is the reveal because we’re going to literally,


[00:01:27] Dave: we’re going to go all through the results and everything.


[00:01:29] Andi: Yeah, we’re going to reveal everything on our podcast and we may realize that we’re actually related or something.


[00:01:34] Dave: That would be so fucked up. Please don’t let our lineage is passed. Come on, brother Dave. No brother. Oh, jesus. This just got real weird.


[00:01:43] Andi: It’s like a whole new porn.


[00:01:45] Dave: Oh yeah, I’m sure that there’s a niche for that somewhere. No, I don’t, I


[00:01:48] Andi: don’t believe there’s any chance for us being related, but no,


[00:01:52] Dave: Yeah, we’re from two polar opposite sides of hell.


[00:01:56] Andi: Okay. And the second thing that we failed at was we did not get a word of the week, but I think what we need to do is we’ve been watching the Great on what is that on hulu, hulu. And they, they’re in Russia back in, you know, Peter, the Great Catherine era. And they say uh ha ha all the time. So that’s our word for today. We’ll


[00:02:21] Dave: just throughout the episode just around let me go. Right.


[00:02:23] Andi: Yeah. So just to kind of celebrate the moment of our lives. Like, what is that? What was that coffee? What what is


[00:02:33] Dave: that folders? It’s best part of waking up.


[00:02:36] Andi: What is the celebrating part of your lives then? I just like sank in the 280’s


[00:02:42] Dave: commercials. Hopefully we can put this on our Youtube channel and somebody will answer it for us.


[00:02:46] Andi: Yeah, celebrate the moment of your life, Your lives, your life ship. Uh so we’re gonna continue part two of our speed dating. Uh we’re gonna machine gun questions at each other and kind of go from there. Um So I will, I’d like to say that if you see that I may be a little grumpy or edgy in this episode. I’m on day four of cutting back gluten from my diet.


[00:03:14] Dave: Yes. This has been a fabulous journey to observe.


[00:03:16] Andi: So I I love my carbs and my pasta and my bread and all those yummy things. I’m not cutting it out, I’m not going gluten free, I don’t have celiac, so I don’t need to do it. I’m just choosing to cut it back because I don’t eat enough healthy things and I’m going to die and I think 23 and me is going to tell me that


[00:03:36] Dave: well. And as you said in the previous episode, many years resolution. This is, start trying to eat a little bit better. I feel like right now I’m panic eating, You know, knowing that January one I’m supposed to change my life.


[00:03:47] Andi: It’s like the doomsday


[00:03:48] Dave: Clock. It kind of is like last night I woke up at like 1:00 AM and I was like, I want a bowl of cereal. I think I’m really just trying to do


[00:03:55] Andi: you do you like eat this in the dark? Just wander around the house.


[00:03:58] Dave: I go in the kitchen, I just put it in the bowl, put some milk in there. I’m surprised you don’t see the fridge open and then I just go and sit


[00:04:04] Andi: down. I’m out. You could be doing anything babe.


[00:04:07] Dave: A lot of the times. I’ll wake up in the morning and have to clean up where I once was that night. No, you don’t because it’s because it’s dark and I can’t see all the ship I’m dropping.


[00:04:16] Andi: Here’s the problem. You eat frosted flakes and you pour them down the, what’s the remnants down the sink and then you leave the remnants also in the bowl and frosted flakes chemically is proven that it turns into complete concrete after it’s been sitting.


[00:04:32] Dave: You’re right. It does. I apologize. I literally


[00:04:35] Andi: have to like get a scraper and I’m fuck dave, fuck God, motherfucking your frosted fucking plates.


[00:04:43] Dave: Well, I remember you telling me about it and I didn’t think it was that bad because you never had. And then I finally got to clean one of the bowls and I was like trying to scrape it off with a spoon


[00:04:51] Andi: or I walk through the kitchen and I step on a one of the cinnamon toast crunch that’s like stepping on a


[00:04:56] Dave: lego. And then we’ll now, right now we’ll see um oops, all berries that are probably well, those are


[00:05:01] Andi: a little more rounded, It’s not as bad,


[00:05:04] Dave: but they make a really great crunch


[00:05:06] Andi: first question, Who was your first crush, Dave?


[00:05:09] Dave: My first crush, it was a girl named Michelle. I was in first grade. You were such a horror at a young age I was and I tried really hard to get Michelle’s attention because I remember specifically, I was batman uh, for uh, for Halloween and she ended up going with the ninja turtle, which was not me. And Michelle broke my heart Later that year, I ended up asking her to marry me on a bus with a ring I found on the bus that went really well when the girl that, whose ring it was, needed it back. So that was


[00:05:43] Andi: a short engagement. Very


[00:05:44] Dave: short engagement lasted about 25 minutes, wow, you’re on the bus for a long time. I know it was a long ride to school those days, I


[00:05:51] Andi: guess. Well, I was, I was too busy being a child in first grade, so I wasn’t looking for any relationships.


[00:05:59] Dave: Oh, so you and you didn’t have a


[00:06:01] Andi: crush? No, I didn’t. I, no, I did have a crush in the third grade old boy named Chandler and I am going to heavily date myself here. I’m going to heavily like put an age on myself because I did something great. I wasn’t, but we watched the challenger situation and I’ve always remembered him but my technical first crush First Kiss was in 6th grade, it was a boy named Justin and he wouldn’t give me the time of day, but he would give me a kiss because he felt sorry for me. What’s


[00:06:35] Dave: considered a first kiss? Is that a cheek lips like, where do you get you don’t


[00:06:39] Andi: really know what happened. It was really stupid and uncalculated. I’m not sure. I think I just licked his temple or something. I don’t know


[00:06:47] Dave: because I was curious because I think my first guess was like in second grade because a girl kissed my ear, she kissed my ear and I was like we’re practically I


[00:06:55] Andi: think you went to the elementary school of porn or something. I don’t know how much did you know? I wasn’t looking anybody in the second grade


[00:07:01] Dave: man. There was licking and kissing all kinds of ship going on. No,


[00:07:05] Andi: no, no. But yeah, Chandler didn’t like me back in the third grade and just didn’t like my friend Jessica which always made me mad because she looked like a weasel, you know like a little possum or something like her face was real pointy, I never understood that. And even to this day I still know her on social media and she still looks like a weasel. Yeah,


[00:07:28] Dave: but she got the guy you wanted. No, because it sounded like you were kind of there.


[00:07:32] Andi: No, I think she’s like on drugs or something like she’s not had a good life and then Justin never married. Um I’m friends with him as well and I think he’s you know, I think his elevator doesn’t go quite to the top.


[00:07:48] Dave: I don’t know. Something just


[00:07:50] Andi: off. I don’t know, he was cute, I was there, he was there, I looked his head and I was like I love you and then he’s like I don’t like you so anyhoo your favorite tv program. Deve


[00:08:08] Dave: I can’t really say for all time I can give you like a right now. I’m really into the season of Narcos that just came out


[00:08:17] Andi: go hard man. There we go again. Just go hard


[00:08:20] Dave: you know, you know it was Narcos and I was just I love the storyline. It’s like the old mexican drug cartels and like how ruthless like that was like that ship really happened. I can’t believe it. It’s insane. This ship they were doing. So yeah, I’m fascinated by then. What about you?


[00:08:37] Andi: My favorite all time Show or program whatever was six ft under. That was a great series and it was the best ending


[00:08:47] Dave: well and I remember so we just picked up my washing I think eight seasons well


[00:08:51] Andi: we went from like 2000. It was


[00:08:54] Dave: early, we went back because it was done but we watched it from start to finish because we had all the seasons to stream and wow


[00:09:01] Andi: It was the best ending ever. I think we re watched the ending like 10 times the same night.


[00:09:06] Dave: That would have to be the best finale I’ve ever seen. The show was 6ft under


[00:09:11] Andi: but I’d say currently I am all about dexter same guy, what’s his name? I can’t remember. But yeah. Yeah, both series


[00:09:19] Dave: well I love it because we always watch the show and I love the beginning the opening for the show. It’s just this new blood and this weird sounding ice sound like that is the cheesiest fucking thing they have. But then before the dexter was very well crafted. It was always an opening of cutting stuff that made it look gooey and gory


[00:09:37] Andi: and she’s making breakfast I think frying the eggs and


[00:09:41] Dave: where they making up for the fact that the ending of the first seven seasons of Dexter, maybe


[00:09:46] Andi: they didn’t have time to like make it freeze, make it crack. It’s


[00:09:49] Dave: done. You know, Freddy that looks great. Fuck it, throw it out there.


[00:09:52] Andi: So you always put Freddy end of the bus. Didn’t do anything. Who the hell’s Freddy? What gives you, what causes you instant stress? I’m late. Oh my God. You know, I’m sorry. You


[00:10:09] Dave: can go and judge me right now. I just don’t want to be late to something.


[00:10:13] Andi: There’s so many other things that cause instance that doesn’t cause you instant stress,


[00:10:17] Dave: right?


[00:10:18] Andi: Um if you’re late it causes instant stress but narrow it down.


[00:10:22] Dave: Okay, instantaneous stress. Um You in a grocery store,


[00:10:27] Andi: okay cause you instant stress, joking. I would say driving with you anywhere, riding in the car. I sent driving with you, riding with you in a car. My logic to me is when I’m going to a large grocery store and it’s a busy place if I am deciding where I want to enter the parking lot at the busy store, I don’t want to go to the front of the store where all the people are coming in and out and you go out of your way to enter in as if that’s the only


[00:11:06] Dave: ending. Now, I have to tell you my logic, I go through the front because I want to see this closest spot to park, but we don’t


[00:11:12] Andi: park in the closest


[00:11:13] Dave: spot what we don’t anymore. But today I didn’t do that. You did,


[00:11:17] Andi: You went, you


[00:11:18] Dave: did I skip the first entrance that you could


[00:11:20] Andi: have and I actually said something and I was like, you know, they’re not even open yet, but you’re like, oh no, I’m going to find a spot, so I’m gonna go pass up all the parking spots to just drive. But it’s something about driving by the door, were you in a hurry? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make any sense if you


[00:11:36] Dave: don’t have to understand my logic girl, I get


[00:11:38] Andi: you there and then this is what you do. You’re like, I’m going to park here and last minute whips it. I’ve changed my mind, I’m


[00:11:44] Dave: not going to, I was and I decided the right side was better, you


[00:11:49] Andi: do that every time


[00:11:51] Dave: a split second decision maker, it comes down to the final second


[00:11:55] Andi: on the window, when I hit my head on the window, just commit to the fucking first decision, it’s a fucking parking space. Do I


[00:12:03] Dave: need to start putting like a little bumper thing on your head when you ride with me.


[00:12:06] Andi: Like I said, I had so many I could choose from for what causes instant trust. The second one, it hit me the other day when we were in the grocery store, the salad dressing aisle gives me instant stress


[00:12:18] Dave: the salad dressing aisle and I really want you to tell me a little bit about this because I need to know


[00:12:23] Andi: there are too many salad dressings. I think somebody needs to address this.


[00:12:27] Dave: Yeah, that’s true. There’s too many decisions to be made.


[00:12:30] Andi: I like food and I love good flavors and I’m usually not a big fan of bottled salad dressing because I’m that bitch. I’m a snob. I guess I don’t like it.


[00:12:40] Dave: Just dressing. I’ll


[00:12:42] Andi: make it myself. Doesn’t mean


[00:12:43] Dave: you’re even lucky if you make a salad yourself.


[00:12:46] Andi: I know that, that’s why I don’t do it. My point is I’m staring at the salad, I’ll because I’m decide I’m decided, you know, I am not going to eat as many gluten products as I did in the past. So I’m going to eat more greens and I’m gonna make more salads. I’m looking and there’s like nine shelves, 20 ft long of dressings. Light fresh vinaigrette this, that oil vinegar goddess sort of this, maybe yogurt. I don’t know what the funk, fat free, maybe not. I don’t know. And I’m just like what


[00:13:23] Dave: the well and then they have to mix it up because they have the salad dressing that’s in the aisle and then they have salad dressing that’s with the lettuce. Right?


[00:13:29] Andi: And just like with you write, you think, well, this must taste better because it’s gonna be cold section. Yeah. I don’t think that’s true.


[00:13:36] Dave: I think they just charge more to be in the cold section.


[00:13:38] Andi: I agree because then it’s a whole different realm. It’s like why are you throwing all this at me now?


[00:13:43] Dave: So I basically, if a salad manufacturer would like to have you as a taste tester, would you allow them to send you some samples?


[00:13:50] Andi: Yeah, yeah. Just putting that out there. I just can’t handle it. I think I need to just go back to gluten because there’s too many salad dressing options and I blame the government for that


[00:14:03] Dave: damn government for all these salad dressing options.


[00:14:06] Andi: Free will and salad dressing. Fuck


[00:14:09] Dave: man, it’s true american.


[00:14:11] Andi: I know. Okay, let’s see here. What is your sign? Dave. Go ahead and tell us about that.


[00:14:18] Dave: Oh yeah. I know you’re going to start having fun with this one. I am a libra and I am a traditional liberal. What about you? Andy?


[00:14:26] Andi: I know I am a true libra.


[00:14:28] Dave: You are not a true liberal, your labor light. I was at the beginning of the liver rain. How is that not, shouldn’t I be like the grandfather didn’t like, I’m the among the first that are welcomed into the libra of the year? It’s how I see


[00:14:41] Andi: that because some zodiac calendars shift a little bit depending on the date and you’re at that breaking point where you could go either way. So I don’t consider you a true libra.


[00:14:52] Dave: Okay. So you know what we need to do to try to verify this? We need to get our horoscopes done. So whatever I would have been if I was not born in what was a later early I was, I don’t care either way. I’m not a libra. So we’ll read the horoscopes and see which one sounds more like I think you


[00:15:07] Andi: were late actually. Which means you’re even less of a libra.


[00:15:11] Dave: Maybe I just wanted to stay in and bake until the right time. Mm No,


[00:15:16] Andi: you’re not feeling that one. See that’s the thing. You should have come out earlier and you were born at the cusp of the changeover to libra, I am wholeheartedly libra. So I’m sorry you failed. So that being


[00:15:31] Dave: told me the wrong time. Tell me this. So of being a libra queen, the spokesperson for all the libras. Like what is a libra? And I’d be like the empress empress libra.


[00:15:44] Andi: What is a libra?


[00:15:45] Dave: Yeah. Tell me what a libra is because I’m not a part of this. So what am I not? It


[00:15:50] Andi: is I


[00:15:51] Dave: issue. So it’s just perfect timing. Okay, that’s perfect. Alright, I understand that. No.


[00:15:59] Andi: So I just yeah, I just wanted to confirm And let you know, I appreciate you really, maybe 23 and you can help you. I hope who


[00:16:08] Dave: You really are. I need to find who I am. At least some where do I pick on you too much? Not at all. You know, I just kidding me. When I first got introduced into your family, I went to the first thing and your dad started making fun of me within the 1st 20 minutes and I love you. Exactly. And I was like, I understand that. And then since the introduction of that you have a really thick skin with you and your family. Do


[00:16:33] Andi: I like it thick, nice and thick. Do you like indoors or outdoors?


[00:16:37] Dave: That was a good changeover. Well that’s a very broad question because it’s depending on where like are you home? Oh what season You go now? Right now? I’d like to be inside. It’s too cold. It’s too cold outside when when we’re around like 70°. I’m happy with that range 70-75. Then I like to be outside walking around and everything


[00:17:03] Andi: junkies. Yes. We set out on, we have a really nice front porch. We’ve made it very nice and comfortable and our neighbors like walk their dogs a lot and everybody’s like, I love your play


[00:17:14] Dave: were really the people, everybody has porches, not every well the neighbor has people with porches were the only one that sits on it. So everybody just kind of thinks that’s kind of funny but we gotta swing out there like we’re perfect. That’s a real space.


[00:17:27] Andi: When we’re out there we like to kind of we’re kind of elevated so it’s not easy to see us right off unless you’re looking. And I have a porch swing that I sit on and this one little Stewie here sits in my lap and I’ll usually cover his eyes like this so he doesn’t bark to give our location away.


[00:17:46] Dave: Well that tells you how excellent the dog tracker he is. All you have to do is put your hands on him. He’s like no dog nobody’s there. No


[00:17:53] Andi: I guess she’s right I don’t smell anything in my


[00:17:56] Dave: eyes. He’s an excellent hound dog.


[00:17:59] Andi: So what is your what household chore did you like the most


[00:18:05] Dave: household chore do I like the most? Uh If I had to choose one that I enjoy uh would be killing in the kitchen counters, killing cleaning, cleaning the kitchen counters. There’s something about just being able to make it nice and clean. It’s like the one time I have O. C. D. Like I just want to have super clean counters. Why


[00:18:28] Andi: do I never see you cleaning the counters?


[00:18:30] Dave: Because when it does happen they’re spotless. So stop asking that question.


[00:18:36] Andi: I’m usually the one clean again. Okay so I say of course mine is easy. Mine is taking the trash out because trash day is my favorite.


[00:18:45] Dave: Still, I can’t get enough of that. How much that does for you? It really does release from your soul when the trash is picked up. It’s like it’s like weight has been lifted off of your shoulders. Yeah, it’s amazing how it does that and you’re so happy. Like I can see your face glowing right now just thinking about the release of trash. That’s sick.


[00:19:02] Andi: I like to run Roomba to That’s true, that does feel good because it’s like clean bitch. Well


[00:19:08] Dave: well every time you run Roomba and we open it and we’re like jesus were fucking sick, disgusting


[00:19:14] Andi: people did this come


[00:19:15] Dave: from, it’s like this thing makes its own dirt, we’re not this fucking dirty, it’s pretty funny, filthy room but


[00:19:22] Andi: he’s terrified of Roomba. He just sits by my feet were normally he is in our bed sleeping all day. He I guess he thinks room is going to crawl up the bed and eat him. Well,


[00:19:32] Dave: so there was a time in our house by about two or three years ago. Room beau had run and I don’t know if anybody’s seen that little thing that if there’s a dog turd in the path of a Roomba um that it just goes over it. First of


[00:19:46] Andi: all I want to say our dog never pooped in the house


[00:19:49] Dave: this one. No, but he he wasn’t feeling right this time and he wasn’t, he wasn’t feeling right. And Roomba had run through it and smeared it throughout the entire house.


[00:20:02] Andi: And again, it’s seldom I remember and it’s almost never that that happened.


[00:20:08] Dave: It happened that one time in the house. But and then but that’s the thing. I think during that time it probably scarred him for life. I think it probably chased him while he was pooping or something and it just did that.


[00:20:20] Andi: That’s terrible for Stewie.


[00:20:22] Dave: I know we don’t know that we don’t know the terror he goes through when we’re gone. It’s true.


[00:20:28] Andi: He’s left in the house with three designer dog bed, king size


[00:20:31] Dave: bed. A


[00:20:32] Andi: Terrible Life. We have 17,000 dog blankets.


[00:20:36] Dave: I still literally, if you’re watching the Youtube channel, this dog is always in her lap. He just sits there. He does not


[00:20:41] Andi: move. He likes me,


[00:20:43] Dave: he does love you.


[00:20:44] Andi: He loves me this sweetie. All right, so let’s see here, would you choose backpacking or looks curious. Travel,


[00:20:53] Dave: luxurious travel. I knew that was easy. How about you? The luxurious travel.


[00:20:58] Andi: First class.


[00:21:01] Dave: Yes. Well, we like going to all inclusive resorts when we can and that’s kind of like our getaway.


[00:21:07] Andi: Well, there are a lot of all inclusive resorts. We like very highly rated. Well reviewed. That’s


[00:21:14] Dave: the funny thing. You only go for the places with reviews like that. You are a review freak when it comes to that, which is great. You’ve done spectacular with every trip we’ve ever done.


[00:21:24] Andi: Oh, I walk in another staffs name just by description


[00:21:27] Dave: on the market. You go to read all the good ones, the bad ones and then you look at the pictures. Mm I still love the times when people are like picking apart the room. So like there was a hair underneath the sink on the left and then there was basically an entire mustache over here.


[00:21:43] Andi: Yeah, I do, I do read and I am like a travel goddess. Like when we travel, I have our flight down to where, when we land, I know what time we’re going to get where, how long it takes to get to the hotel or the resort from the airport and if you don’t mess things up by leaving your cell phone in a cab or something, then I am straight on time. Otherwise if you keep doing things like that, you’re dead weight to me.


[00:22:09] Dave: I’ve only done it twice now, Once in Mexico, once in Tennessee.


[00:22:12] Andi: And somehow we got the phone back both times.


[00:22:14] Dave: Fucking magic man. It’s just fate that that comes back to me every time


[00:22:19] Andi: I can’t with you. I swear. Have you ever met anyone famous


[00:22:24] Dave: who? How much Troy Aikman? That’s cool. Is that he’s a football player for the Dallas cowboys or was and and now he was a sports commentator for a while and now I think he’s kind of officially retired.


[00:22:35] Andi: Okay. I wouldn’t have known I knew some kind of sports name. Sports figure, yeah. Um I got to meet Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwood at a private concert, which was just, I mean, I’ve loved him since the 90s when he rolled out and you know, you just garth brooks, he’s just somebody you don’t think you’re ever going to meet and we got tickets to just this random, it was a private,


[00:23:03] Dave: it was like a radio show, ticket thing. Yeah, it was not announced, private event over marathon music works, I think. Yeah, Nashville,


[00:23:11] Andi: Yeah, so it was, yeah, nobody had reported on, nobody knew was going to be there. And so it was probably 100 people, it was a very small and then he, it was just so interactive, like he’s talking, I mean we’re all there like you can see everybody and you know, it’s not like at a big arena and so I’m like in a trance the whole time and I’ve got these heels on and I swear my feet were bleeding out and I think there was bone exposed and I’m like, suck it, I don’t care, it’s Garth and we’re we’re connecting and Trish, there was, I say Trish Trish, you know, my boo my friend Trish um there was a bar in this place and I look over and she’s standing at the bar, just tell it’s her from the back of her and I’m like, there’s trisha Yearwood, I’m like, I got my moment, she’s at the bar. He’s distracted calling, making my move. And then after the concert, it was cool because they walked around and met everybody and I got up there and got a picture,


[00:24:10] Dave: Can I do to things up to this point? Number one. You know how we talked about meeting famous people? Yeah,


[00:24:18] Andi: I was there with you. I know that, but you weren’t.


[00:24:21] Dave: No, no. See that’s the first thing. I didn’t know that. Like in my mind, I’ve met a famous person, I didn’t go, oh, I’m at Garth brooks. Number two. Your entire story excluded me because you were staring at Garth the entire night. You were in trance. Now, the beautiful thing about it when we actually got to meet him, you just started remnants like I’m his wife. And he goes, well, what did he say to you is like


[00:24:44] Andi: I said, well I told him who got us a ticket because I knew he knew the person. And I said, I know so And so he got me a ticket here and he goes, well, do you have a name, sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart. Yes, it’s anything you want, sweetheart. I’ll be your


[00:25:02] Dave: concubine. Take me on your. But that was funny. I’ve never in my life seen you starstruck ever. Your brain just like dropped,


[00:25:10] Andi: I’ll have to post the picture of me meeting


[00:25:13] Dave: a picture. They were


[00:25:14] Andi: great. It was great for one. Okay. Two things. Number one, he’s much taller than I thought. I thought he was a short guy. I don’t know either a sheet.


[00:25:22] Dave: They’re both, they’re both tall people.


[00:25:24] Andi: Well, I get in there to get a picture and I’m like all snuggled up to garth brooks. What happens fucking Tricia Yearwood. That’s what happened. She’s like, oh, let me get in here to my cat. Oh, hey girl, Hey, come on in here,


[00:25:37] Dave: you


[00:25:37] Andi: beautiful woman. Any other person


[00:25:39] Dave: would be perfectly fine. But instead you get up off my man


[00:25:43] Andi: bitch. I’m also a huge fan of Tricia Yearwood. So I allowed it,


[00:25:47] Dave: I’ll allow you to get near your husband. That’s fine. That was that was actually funny.


[00:25:53] Andi: What’s funny even funnier is the video you took that night,


[00:25:57] Dave: but Oh, was that the one you were in the tub?


[00:25:59] Andi: So I was, I had had a little to drink and we had a long drive home and I’m a bath girl, I get home, I take a bath and in this house we were in, we have a really large bathtub. But where, where our bed was situated. If you’re sitting on the bed, you can stay right in the bathtub and I am just in my little world, silly and dumb on fireball or whatever. I was drinking


[00:26:28] Dave: you at this point, your brain was exhausted. You were exhilarated. You had such a great night


[00:26:32] Andi: and I was singing two of a kind working


[00:26:35] Dave: on. But the funny thing was you were half fallen the funk asleep. But I was recording you and this is the most priceless video because I still remember how you twang that you’re throwing in there at the time and you’re very awkward moment. Like uh it was four of a kind or two of a kind of working on a full house. That’s exactly sunday. I’ll release that. That would be amazing.


[00:27:01] Andi: We may have to do that. We may have to put that in the part of the youtube.


[00:27:05] Dave: We’ll see if I can find them


[00:27:06] Andi: just so you can bring it home and show the picture of me and I’ll crop Tricia’s head out.


[00:27:10] Dave: Yeah, so we’ll crop before of meeting Garth brooks and then the after is you in the tub singing this great little clip,


[00:27:16] Andi: right? Like he’s probably still remembers me. That was like six years ago,


[00:27:22] Dave: about 60 rounds


[00:27:23] Andi: a minute. But I still think he remembers me. Uh let’s see here. Where do you want to go on your next vacation?


[00:27:30] Dave: Um I don’t know with everything going on in the world probably. I really want, I want to go to europe. If I could still get back in the U. S. I’ve still just done. You can get back in the U. S. Yeah, well now all these new things if you have a Micron or anything to us. But uh yeah, or I just want to go to european beach. I think that you know, we’ve done beaches in Mexico us. Like a


[00:27:54] Andi: mediterranean kind


[00:27:56] Dave: of right to get a different kind of vibe just having like in the architecture behind you being hundreds of years older than anything that’s here in the US. Yeah, so I think that’d be really nice about you.


[00:28:09] Andi: Is it the man, is it Maldives is how you say it or mouth? I think anyway, that’s where I want to go.


[00:28:14] Dave: Next Maldives. Yeah,


[00:28:16] Andi: exactly. Is that it’s over there? It’s way out there


[00:28:21] Dave: in other words. Move along. Next


[00:28:22] Andi: question to find a destination and like take me to the maladies.


[00:28:26] Dave: Well are there pictures of it? Is that like a remote island? Uh is it like like old Sicilian architecture or something? I can’t answer that. You have not done enough research but we’ll go there.


[00:28:38] Andi: I know that When we enter into 2022 We’re going to have about 1-2 million MX points. I


[00:28:49] Dave: don’t care where we’re going to build all these up and just save them for one big trips. So I if I’m going to say I’ll go to Maldives because it sounds like you’d be wearing a bikini with the surat.


[00:28:59] Andi: Little coconut.


[00:29:01] Dave: Yes, yes, yes, we can go there little coconut. Start a go fund me. Who wants to see? Andy in the Maldives?


[00:29:09] Andi: Not not anybody probably. All right. Dave. Do you work out. I’m not sure if we asked these. Alright. No. Um not really


[00:29:17] Dave: anymore. Yeah, I did for a really long time, like five days a week for like 4.5 years. My back blew out. Kind of put a kink in the work. I think we could talk about that. Yeah, it’s got a nice little spinal replacement piece in there.


[00:29:32] Andi: So I try to be a good spouse because you can’t. I try not to as well.


[00:29:36] Dave: I appreciate you going with me. I mean you shave your head, I’ll shave my head, you fall off a bridge. I’ll go with you. Thank you. That works. But I appreciate you joining me on the not working out train. What’s


[00:29:46] Andi: your favorite sport? Sports Ball? I’ve got three on you.


[00:29:54] Dave: You do have three. So I think I’m like, maybe I’m not the weirdest man in the world. I just don’t watch sports. I have no sport that I can watch. That intrigues me long enough to watch it. Yeah, I don’t. It was just kind of setting. I gave up. I mean even I think it’s pretty shortly after high school I just stopped watching it. I mean, for the longest time I was a computer nerd and that was about it.


[00:30:15] Andi: Yeah, I think last year we didn’t realize it was Super bowl sunday. Like. Oh it is today,


[00:30:22] Dave: isn’t it? Well, we have been cord cutters for the longest time to like we’ve been cord cutters. Well, we haven’t been using like cable tv for the longest time. That’s called cord


[00:30:32] Andi: cutters. I just thought I just want medical. I’m like umbilical cord. No


[00:30:38] Dave: cord cutters. People who don’t get cable tv like we’ve been streaming now for the past 77 years.


[00:30:44] Andi: I just do it. You put on the screen. Okay. I mean that’s your, that’s your area. I’ll take care of you. So if you ever die, I will never watch tv. You’ll never, I don’t even know what a fun. Yeah. Back back. I don’t know how to do it. My favorite sport I would say. Um, I do like watching the hockey games when we would get tickets but don’t follow it outside of that. But I’d like to go, well


[00:31:08] Dave: we’d like to go see the fights to and when they’re aggressively playing hockey.


[00:31:12] Andi: Yeah. Yeah. I want to, I want you want them beating the hell out of each other. Yeah, that’s


[00:31:17] Dave: fun. No, no figure skating. Just go out there.


[00:31:19] Andi: No. Yeah. And then I like, I’ve always liked baseball. I played softball growing up so I enjoy baseball. But again, if I get tickets to go, I’ll be all in it. But then after that I won’t follow another game.


[00:31:29] Dave: It’s like I played baseball, football, Golf, Everything. I don’t do anything anymore. I can’t play golf. I could see I that would have been funny. You do not have the patience for golf. I wish I had just taken you golfing one. I


[00:31:41] Andi: would just want to drive a little card around and drink. I can’t get a golf ball to go into a canyon. I can’t get into that hole.


[00:31:48] Dave: You just know it’s speaking of instant stressors, you playing


[00:31:53] Andi: golf? I would break


[00:31:55] Dave: things. Why? Why do you not like the whole aspect of golf? It’s


[00:31:57] Andi: too slow and it’s just dumb. That’s stressful. That’s not


[00:32:05] Dave: call me, tell me like what do you not like about teeing up a ball trying to hit it two in a specific place with a specific club and miss like traps and ship and then eventually put it in the hole. This 3.5 inches.


[00:32:16] Andi: I’m getting I need a massage now. Just talking about


[00:32:19] Dave: it so that makes you instantly anxious. Speaking about golf. Yeah. Priceless. Do you think you could take going to like one of those driving range? Like a top golf probably. Would you go out there and it’s moving a little


[00:32:32] Andi: bit faster? Let’s move. Come on fucking. I don’t want to talk, I’m gonna and they’re all dressed all cute. Well this


[00:32:41] Dave: whole scenario just changed completely so if you go to top Well if you want to go in sweat pants, that’s what I do most t shirt. Baseball cap, sunglasses, yep. Alright let’s do it. You want to do it tomorrow? Sure


[00:32:52] Andi: I will make sure not to wear underwear. Yes, you never wear. I know, I don’t that’s why I was just


[00:32:58] Dave: just throwing it out there?


[00:32:59] Andi: I got you. Yeah. Just throwing it out there. Let’s see here. What kind of pizza do you like?


[00:33:06] Dave: So I like to mix it up. I did the recent papa john’s thing with the uh, the shock caroni. Something about that much pepperoni and stuff. That was just really good. How do


[00:33:16] Andi: you consider that different? Like that’s off the wall? I ordered an extra triple pepperoni. Like what is that? How is that?


[00:33:24] Dave: There’s varying levels. Like if I want to be straight carnivore, that’s when you can do like double pepperoni or you go for the meat lovers where you get like, this is


[00:33:31] Andi: why you’re going to die before you’re like


[00:33:34] Dave: 45 years old. Probably my triglycerides probably haven’t been checked in a little while probably. Yeah. Yes. No, I’ve eaten like ship my entire life. Like when I was starting at waffle house, when I was a kid, growing up, my dad and I would go to waffle house every weekend. It was just like our saturday day thing. The I would order sausage country, ham and bacon and that was it. I would order the three things that were from a pig your family hates you. They didn’t say no, they just thought it was impressive that I would eat that much ship this


[00:34:04] Andi: is why we want to teach Children good choices.


[00:34:07] Dave: I’ll be on the next netflix series. Talking about


[00:34:12] Andi: Exploded Age 45. Well, my, so you like pig on your pizza. That’s it. That’s, that’s better. So I don’t like any meat on my pizza.


[00:34:22] Dave: Yeah. The stuff he was like onions, sometimes mushrooms


[00:34:26] Andi: and olives and stuff. And I had my first gluten free pizza the other night.


[00:34:30] Dave: Yeah, we did.


[00:34:31] Andi: We


[00:34:32] Dave: I I had a piece of took


[00:34:33] Andi: a bite. Yeah, but I liked it. It was a little flat. It’s a little boring. A little bit like cardboard. Yeah. Yeah,


[00:34:40] Dave: It was like cardboard with goods sauce and maybe it


[00:34:44] Andi: was doable. It wasn’t like terrible. Um, yeah. So what Maybe can you watch again and again? You need to work in your house. Are before we close out this episode. This is your final and gentle reminder.


[00:34:59] Dave: Thanks. Welcome. Okay. Uh, if one of my favorite movies, it would typically be a violent film of See


[00:35:09] Andi: this is what I mean. What do you mean? All the things, all the puzzles coming together, The puzzles of ming. Yeah. Narcos, Pepperoni, help. Bacon, pizza. Fucky, Fucky. I’m sucking in the first grade that


[00:35:21] Dave: wasn’t working in the first grade. I was trying to get married in the first grade. Big difference. Maybe I was trying to get married to get down. Who knows? I was sick. Anyway, so, uh, uh, my favorite movie, Fuck come back to me. I’m going to, I’m going to get this one and this.


[00:35:40] Andi: I think that’s actually a movie. Come back to me. Come


[00:35:42] Dave: back to me. Just stay with that one. All right now, I’ll hand this off to you. I think of my mind,


[00:35:46] Andi: mine would be either ferris Bueller’s day off or Pretty woman.


[00:35:49] Dave: Yeah, ferris Bueller is probably one of close to mine. Um Fuck,


[00:35:56] Andi: there’s so many though.


[00:35:57] Dave: There are so many and of course like, you know, like just anything that’s based on factual events like blow with johnny Depp. That was a fucking insane movie because it was based on real life events. So yeah, blows up there in a couple of movies. Um They give up until I can think of right now.


[00:36:15] Andi: Well, I would just say that of course I can watch christmas story all the time to the holidays, like every single day and


[00:36:22] Dave: what you do when it comes up to be the holidays. We just have its cycle up in Anything with snoopy, you’re obsessed with snoopy. He was a badass. What is your thing with Snoopy? He’s a


[00:36:34] Andi: badass. He’s a red Baron. He was like, he owned everything, he knew how to do everything. He was a school of shit


[00:36:40] Dave: Woodstock just as a little psychic and everything.


[00:36:43] Andi: What stuck was fine. It’s all about snoopy. We


[00:36:45] Dave: used to have a dog that was kind of like Snoopy was a little bit of a pimp, he has since passed, but yeah, yeah, he constantly thought he would look like snoopy. Yeah,


[00:36:53] Andi: Whoever doesn’t like snoopy Snoopy. Snoopy, Snoopy needs to, I think they need to be evaluated her trauma or something. So anyhow so coming up on our next episode we will be doing our interview of our careers and little special something for the Youtube side of that because I’m gonna dress appropriately.


[00:37:18] Dave: It’s


[00:37:19] Andi: not that sexy but yeah I’m dressing appropriately that’s all I’m saying. But um yeah so and then of course our D. N. A. Ancestry that nobody really gives a sh it about probably we don’t


[00:37:34] Dave: even know that’s going to be fun because I’m going to get the results from your ship and I’m going to go back and study your people, my people wherever you come from a study your people. So


[00:37:43] Andi: you can find us at


[00:37:45] Dave: quiet and kinky dot com or on youtube for quiet and kinky


[00:37:49] Andi: and instagram at quiet and kinky and twitter at quiet and kinky and you can find are sexy stuff on only Andy dot com. A. N. D. I. Dot com. Oh God and I got many more whose odds than you?


[00:38:05] Dave: Yeah you did. I’ll start using it the more I think it really need to use it in our day to day. I


[00:38:09] Andi: think we will do so


[00:38:11] Dave: until next time. Thanks guys. Bye bye.


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