Won’t You Be My Neighbor?



On this episode of the Quiet and Kinky Podcast Dave and Andi discuss not giving a fuck in certain situations. Also, what is a foofaraw? We gladly introduce our sexy neighbor scenario, and how it made it to our Only Fans page.
What scares you? Andi and Dave discuss their phobias as well as their love languages. Because it wouldn’t be a complete clusterfuck without a bunch of subjects that don’t make sense being put together into a podcast!

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[00:00:00] Dave: you are listening to the quiet and kinky podcast with David Andy.


[00:00:04] Andi: There is explicit material in this podcast. So if you are under 18,


[00:00:09] Dave: go away. Consider yourself warned. Hello, and welcome to another episode of quite a kinky. I’m Dave like a throw


[00:00:18] Andi: your gang. Something like, totally


[00:00:19] Dave: gangster. I’m Andy, and we’re just a lovely couple that likes to talk about quiet and kinky dirty things. And sometimes odd. In freaking weird ship,


[00:00:30] Andi: we had one. Um when we traveled one year, we had new neighbors come over and say, we noticed there was a petite young couple that had moved in. I was like, Wow, so we’ve always been the petite couple.


[00:00:43] Dave: I still thought it was funny the first time I heard that, I didn’t know what it meant.


[00:00:45] Andi: Well, I mean, it doesn’t fit, So we’re just


[00:00:48] Dave: a cute little couple next door.


[00:00:50] Andi: No, no, we


[00:00:53] Dave: were insane. Well, on this episode, where are we going to start with our topics today?


[00:01:00] Andi: Well, we’re going to try it again, because we shot most of this episode once already, and we had some serious audio.


[00:01:07] Dave: Yeah, I didn’t want to suck up the public.


[00:01:11] Andi: It’s terrible. So I made sure to sauce up on some wine this time. Oh, yeah, that was worthwhile. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if it gets off


[00:01:19] Dave: luxury. No, I like it when it’s puckering. Is when it usually sounds best. No, not


[00:01:23] Andi: really. All right. Our word of the week is Fu Farrah


[00:01:28] Dave: Farrah? Uh huh. And what is that? It’s


[00:01:31] Andi: like a kafuffle. It’s a disturbance. Yes. So if you cause a curfew for all like we usually do wherever we go, you cause a disturbance. You know, you’re Kroger, and you know you’re the one that yourself check out yours like attendant has been notified. You’re a food for


[00:01:51] Dave: all your food for all fucker. Yeah, That’ll be easier to remember.


[00:01:55] Andi: Yeah, for all. It’s where the Foo Fighters got their name. We’re making that up. Used to food for all fighters. Sorry.


[00:02:05] Dave: It’s the line. Utter funk up ones. Yeah, I gotcha. All right. So far, I If you are just now turning in for this episode, what we do is pick a word that we have to use with an episode, and he wins every time. But it’s always fun for me trying because I never get it.


[00:02:20] Andi: Yes, So if you’re turning in with us for the first time turning in you may you may see us use the word again. You may not. We are going to start off today with talking about an audio book that we both listened to. I’m re listening to called the subtle art of not giving a fun great audio book by Mark Manson. I believe, and it’s a really good book.


[00:02:45] Dave: I really liked it. I mean, we just Of course, the title is what pulled us into the audio book. And then when we started reading what the description was about, like, that’s kind of great


[00:02:54] Andi: Well, yeah, he makes some really good points who hasn’t known that person? That’s always the victim, right? And I’ve got a couple of people I can pinpoint, can, too. Yeah, it just kind of spiral in why everything is bad in my life and these are the reasons why it’s bad, and they’re not my fault. I am the victim of the circumstance, and that’s not it at all, because we all have a circumstance that we could fall victim to if we allowed it, and some are much worse than others, but yeah, So it’s all in how you respond to the circumstance. You know how you get sucked, so to speak, in life. Well,


[00:03:39] Dave: and I guess with that audio book, what I love taking away from it was that we have a finite amount of flux that we can give, So don’t give them all the way to hold on to a few. So it’s like, you can’t obsessively care about everything or it’s just going to tear you apart.


[00:03:55] Andi: And what a lot of times, what we end up doing is obsessing about what we think other people are thinking when they’re probably not thinking that at all. They don’t. The fact is, they don’t care enough to think about it because they’re too busy thinking about themselves like you’re thinking about yourself and spiraling. So, you know, it’s all again. We all have a story. We all have shipped our backyard, and we could all lie down and die and just go like, oh, well, this happened to me. So, you know, for me, I’ve got a laundry list of shit I could, but I mean, you just got to keep going. You’re gonna die. We’re both going to die. There’s not a question about that.


[00:04:36] Dave: What was the greatest thing we heard? What was the guy with Jimmy Fallon? Jimmy Fallon? Norman Lear? Norman Lear? What did he say the other


[00:04:43] Andi: Night? He said he’s 99 years old. He’ll be 100 years old in 2022. And, um, when Jimmy Kimmel asked him, what are your words of advice? And he said two words over and next. Meaning If something is over, fucking move on next. What is it? And that’s were a lot like that. I mean, we’ve done some crazy sh it and are relationship. We really have business ventures. Some have been wildly successful, and some have been just an utter funk up, and you just keep just keep moving forward. So


[00:05:17] Dave: and another thing is that any thing that ever bothered us, we kind of realized that we just kind of let it go, because if it really is something that is bothering you, then address that try to squash it. Otherwise, if you just focus on it, it’s just going to carry a


[00:05:31] Andi: part. You can’t listen, especially to people that are assholes and trolls, Internet trolls or gossip. Because by the time you get you hear the gossip, it has evolved from what was originally said in the first place. And it’s kind of like the What do they? What is the phone game? What was that?


[00:05:52] Dave: Telephone? Yeah, where you just say something and it changes every time it transfers down the line.


[00:05:57] Andi: So in the end, live for your own life and don’t let things eat you alive. And you know I don’t I’m not a proponent of Oh, it’s faith. Or just have faith. It will all work out. That’s I don’t believe that at all. But I think you make your own path to some degree based on your mindset. And if you’re just a ship hole of negativity, you’re just going to keep circling the diarrhea bowl of health


[00:06:25] Dave: exactly well, and it also goes back to stuff with this secret. You know, the natural whole aspect. Does you think about it constantly, think about negativity. All you’re going to have is negative. Things happen, that’s all. You’re going to see


[00:06:38] Andi: what you think about you bring about,


[00:06:39] Dave: and that’s literally


[00:06:40] Andi: true. I just don’t have time for negativity, and there’s a lot of it. I mean, we have. We have our only fans business. We have our main business. That’s, uh, not only fans, but we have, um and we have a lot of clients and we have people we answer to and family and friends and what have you and some people like what we do? And some people do not agree with what we do and like it or leave it. We’re still the same person that you allegedly care about in love, and I don’t necessarily agree with the stuff you’re doing. And it’s funny because the one person that has addressed us in, I guess this open minded kind of lifestyle with only fans and whatnot, um, is the one person that I could judge the most in the stupidity and horrible things done in their life. Because this person’s exterior life is a is a social, media perfect


[00:07:43] Dave: post. Well, that’s all social media is these


[00:07:46] Andi: days. But this person also knows that we know the truth. That’s total bullsh it Exactly. So I’m like, whatever fuck you. I don’t


[00:07:54] Dave: know, but you don’t have to lie to us. We really don’t care if you want to tell us the truth, so be it. But keep


[00:08:00] Andi: it to yourself. You have to share what? Why does everybody opinion? Why does everybody’s opinion have to be Sheldon compartmentalized and heard on everything? There are things yes, that we need to speak up about, but most of it shut the fudge up. Just you have to ask yourself, Are you are you stepping forward with an opinion that is going to make a difference, or are you just being a ship? Right? And if you’re just being a ship, just keep it to


[00:08:29] Dave: yourself. And the biggest thing about it is like a lot of our friends that we have now understand You can have an opinion and it doesn’t change what we think of you. Everybody has an opinion, and with our friends, we just know we can speak our minds and never be judged.


[00:08:42] Andi: Most of our friends are freaks now for it.


[00:08:44] Dave: Absolutely. And that’s the thing is that we’ve kind of gotten past the social norm. And now we’re into the world where we care about the most important things,


[00:08:55] Andi: exactly like what we do in our life and we don’t really bother anybody. We don’t start ship. We don’t start. Rumors were


[00:09:05] Dave: scary. Rumors were so Swiss.


[00:09:07] Andi: We really are. I don’t want to hear about it. It’s if it’s anything at all about anybody else. Just keep it to yourself. I don’t want to talk about fuck. You see how gangster I was? It’s the line. I’m sauced that pretty good tonight. And I’m like, so anybody who follows us on our YouTube channel As I grabbed my boob, I was trying to show off my shirt. My sin dog picks picks. So I ordered this shirt shirt from the chive, the Chidori, and I’m excited. I’m a little tired of it. So I always try to, like, sport their swag. So he has allergies. Okay, bro. And I posted this on social, and I said, Don’t send d pics, send dog picks, and everybody sent me pictures of their dog and it made my whole day for 24 hours straight. I was literally in heaven. I saw pictures of dogs on boats and in the snow and snuggling. I was like, Oh,


[00:10:06] Dave: well, it was really hilarious that morning because you had posted that picture and then all of a sudden I’m in the office. I’m working, and all of a sudden I start hearing you go. Oh, my God, that’s so cute. And I’m okay. That’s a little early in the morning for you already find something that cute on social, And then it happened again. So I finally walked in there, and you’re like, they’re starting to send me pictures of their dogs. I don’t


[00:10:29] Andi: know why I didn’t even think about your shirt. I know. I was just I was just trying to make a point that if you’re trying to just say hi to me for the first time on social, I don’t want to see your pain as right, Big B. But


[00:10:44] Dave: I love that about your people that follow you on social media. You had hundreds of people send you pictures of their dogs, and they were cute,


[00:10:51] Andi: and I looked at every one of them, applied to every one of them. And I love it. I am. I am the woman that will run through a freeway of traffic chasing a cat or a dog. I’m not psychic done that we


[00:11:04] Dave: Did that in Oklahoma one time.


[00:11:05] Andi: I know Rusty him and gave him a bath. Found his home?


[00:11:09] Dave: Yeah. It’s like a four laying intersection highway type craziness and finally ran off the side. Yeah, we gave him a


[00:11:16] Andi: bath. Seriously, I didn’t know he was so happy.


[00:11:19] Dave: He gave him a bath. And then we finally found his home run because we actually went door to door in that entire area trying to find out somebody was missing a dog.


[00:11:27] Andi: I found him. Yeah. If you haven’t picked up on that, I’m animal. I like all him. Oh, yeah. I wouldn’t try to catch a coyote or a snake or anything. No, but I would try to pet a coyote. Gosh,


[00:11:38] Dave: that’s nice to me. That tiktok you showed me that coyote coming into the house and sitting on the couch and shipped Fuck. Like what was the time? Because this is a good idea.


[00:11:49] Andi: I would do it. I would touch him.


[00:11:51] Dave: You would invite a coyote and no,


[00:11:53] Andi: I didn’t say that him specifically, he’s not totally He’s vetted. He’s a little more domestic. Vetted coyote? Yeah. Wiley Coyote. My childhood. He was nice, wasn’t he? Was Duke. Wiley. Coyote


[00:12:09] Dave: wasn’t as stupid as


[00:12:10] Andi: hell. And he was mean.


[00:12:11] Dave: He was always trying to blow Roadrunner.


[00:12:13] Andi: Yeah, he wanted to eat the chicken.


[00:12:17] Dave: He wanted to eat the chicken, but he never could get his road runner was too fast. I used to love those cartoons That explains so much about my childhood.


[00:12:23] Andi: Oh, you know what? When you said Roadrunner, I was thinking of who was the big 10?


[00:12:27] Dave: The Big 10? The Rooster?


[00:12:29] Andi: No, he was


[00:12:30] Dave: A one with the really deep boys.


[00:12:33] Andi: Maybe. Yeah. The big tall rooster Roosters are white.


[00:12:40] Dave: I don’t know Shit. Fact check.


[00:12:43] Andi: I can’t handle that. What was his name anyway? All right, we So we did a thing.


[00:12:50] Dave: We did a thing. We did


[00:12:51] Andi: a thing. We this past July, we had a neighborhood Independence Day meet and greet. I


[00:12:59] Dave: know where this is going,


[00:13:01] Andi: and we met a lot of our


[00:13:04] Dave: neighbors, neighbors, lovely neighbors. Yeah, we got along with some some We did better than


[00:13:09] Andi: others, and we met one in particular. That was a single guy that just lives. We have a small neighborhood, so and talk to him and you guys hit it off. But he’s had a lot in common with him over


[00:13:23] Dave: a couple of times. The house We play darts and stuff


[00:13:25] Andi: ship. And, you know, when you guys were playing darts, So I was like, After when he would leave, I would be like, Hey, I mean, he was cute, you know? And so you’re like, Oh, and so it was a little saucy, little sassy. Well, we’re a little wine.


[00:13:39] Dave: Well, and also, I had to kind of teach him up, too, because you were in there taking pictures for one of your chutes. And I we had been drinking just hanging out there, and I was like, Yeah,


[00:13:48] Andi: like I got to tell you something.


[00:13:50] Dave: She’s in there doing a shoot.


[00:13:53] Andi: Yeah, And so he’s like, Oh, really? Um, and showed a little interest. And it was like, Hey, go her, you know, and kind of complimented me Absolutely. And then it kind of just evolved. In a few drinks I had I was 30, you know, as I can be, especially with some wine. And then one night we just pulled the band Aid off and said, Hey, why don’t you come over one day and do a shoot with with Andy? And he’s like I’m down. I didn’t know when you were going to ask, You know, I was just waiting. And so this week, we did


[00:14:27] Dave: it. We did. You were surprised.


[00:14:30] Andi: Yeah. So was he.


[00:14:31] Dave: Well, that and so Yeah, it was very a whole great. It was sexy. It was a very sexy scenario, of course. With cameraman. Yeah. And participated you, did


[00:14:42] Andi: you? And you and you are involved.


[00:14:44] Dave: That was just hot of ship. It was funny, like, and I get to videotape this, like just seeing that whole scenario one I’m recording. So I’m trying to be very professional about this, and at the same time, this is hot as


[00:14:55] Andi: ship. Yeah. I have to say we both need to break a habit of something, because now that all we do is record things because it’s like what we do. We have to stop saying we videotaped it because that makes us so. Oh, gosh, You just said that and I’ve said it. Well,


[00:15:12] Dave: we recorded it, right? Videotaped it? Yes. We


[00:15:15] Andi: put it on our vinyl record. A hard time table. I


[00:15:19] Dave: mean, Well, it’s kind of like you were surprised our first recorded sex videos we made. You’re like, What did you record that on? That’s literally what you said to me. And I kept those digital copies to this date


[00:15:31] Andi: we have way back in the day. Yeah, that’s crazy. I’m like, Oh, my God. We were just looked like kids.


[00:15:37] Dave: Yeah, well, I love that the first time I started showing them to you, because you have forgot I had I mean, after all these years, you kept I mean, literally, our first sex tape from 12 years ago. And, yes, I kept them, but I was, like, started watching. You’re like, Oh, my gosh, you are nasty. Oh, my gosh. Look at that time.


[00:15:54] Andi: Yeah, yeah,


[00:15:57] Dave: yeah. It was great. So I think that’s that really made things a lot easier going into the only fans right now and then bringing somebody else in there. You’ve


[00:16:05] Andi: just done that before, just not with him. I’ve


[00:16:09] Dave: never had an opportunity to record it right and that, you know, it’s like my wife just made


[00:16:14] Andi: right. We’ve gotten a little cray and little freaky at times. Not definitely freaky, but but we we like who we like, so we narrow it down. We’re not super scarce when it comes to selection like, Oh, you know, random. It’s fine. Let’s hook up. We’re not I am more of a Sapio


[00:16:34] Dave: sexual. Definitely


[00:16:35] Andi: a Sapio sexual. So I like that mental connection


[00:16:38] Dave: and somebody you can carry on a conversation with. He’s


[00:16:41] Andi: intelligent, he’s smart. Well, that’s the same thing as a sentinel intelligent. And, you know, he’s not the kind that would cause a Foo for all at the meet and greet. I got your first buck. You really who for all fucked you in the ask? You really did. That’s


[00:16:59] Dave: thanks. Welcome. Appreciate it. And I love the alcohol. You need to actually consume this level every time because this has been a lively time.


[00:17:06] Andi: I know you always say that I’m so lame when I’m sober. I know you’re not


[00:17:11] Dave: like you were sober when we did the shoot.


[00:17:15] Andi: What is that song sober? You only come in when you’re so bad. Yes, you do definite evanescence.


[00:17:27] Dave: Oh, yeah. I don’t even want to try to sing that right. I won’t break this fucking microphone.


[00:17:34] Andi: Well, I think we’ve gotten quite a ways, um were very established in our life. We’re financially stable we’ve made some good decisions and were because of our decisions, afforded us to have nice things and, um, cars and such like that in such and such and such. And, um, that brings me to the question What we already know, But sure, please. With our audience, what was your first car at 16, however,


[00:18:08] Dave: All right, so I’ll just go ahead and lead this off with I was spoiled. Fucking rotten. So, yes, I have a new four runner Toyota four runner limited off the showroom floor. It was a brat. I I I see. I want to say I picked it off the shore of our I think they just drove it in there. And we’re like, That’s the one that kid’s gonna pick.


[00:18:30] Andi: Wow. You know, it’s funny, is not the car. We currently have the car before this one, we I drove Well, I didn’t, actually, but it came off the showroom floor and it was the first time in my life at years old where I got a car that was brand new. That was the first time. And so this was like, seven years ago, so I was not sure. Shit. 16.


[00:18:59] Dave: So we had. We have had very different upbringings.


[00:19:03] Andi: Yeah. Yeah. My first car was also a Toyota. Um, I don’t even know what year it was made because I don’t think they kept track of that when these cars were after


[00:19:16] Dave: a certain age, they just give the funk


[00:19:18] Andi: Up. Yeah, they don’t care. I don’t even think this thing had a title there. Like it’s fine. The Bondo one. Yeah, it’s a Toyota tercel. But it was before trestles were even to ourselves, like it was it was like, the What is it when something is, like a vintage? No fun? No, it was so it had dents all over it. And my dad’s like, I can repair these, right? And so he did. And he was great at starting projects, not finishing them. So I had orange Bondo spots on it for like, the first year. I didn’t know what was the latest color. It was


[00:19:51] Dave: silver, silver with orange Bondo.


[00:19:53] Andi: So yeah, it looks like raging case of herpes. Oh, nice. Yeah. So it would overheat when I stopped at red lights or stop anytime. If I stopped at all, I had to turn the motor off keep the heat running to pull the heat off the engine. Um, I couldn’t stop at red lights, so I had to learn how to play Frogger and pray


[00:20:17] Dave: faster. It’s


[00:20:18] Andi: right. It’s gonna blow. I had 55 clamps on hoses underneath it. The one only one windshield wiper worked. And


[00:20:31] Dave: you actually know what all those clamps and hoses and ship do. That


[00:20:35] Andi: Was my first car. I think it was all of $600. How long did you drop it for? Oh, I don’t know. It was a while. I mean, I don’t remember ever getting painted, but it probably just blew up at some point


[00:20:48] Dave: when surprised man hand crank windows and everything too. Yeah, man, I had a It was a stick, right?


[00:20:53] Andi: Yeah. Yeah. I was driving a five speed since I was, like, 11 or 12 years old because my family owned a car business. And back then it’s like kids help out. So when the cars needed to be transported or moved around, I mean, I was driving long distances, like 12 ish auctions and stuff for my family.


[00:21:12] Dave: Yeah, well, I’ve been driving automatic transmission vehicles since I was 12. I know I haven’t drove another type of vehicle ever since. I cannot drive a fucking stick.


[00:21:21] Andi: Honey, Honey, please. Can you get the servants to change the girls for me? Where is that damn clutch?


[00:21:28] Dave: Uh, you know, the true fucking story when it comes to cars. The first time I ever tried to start with a stick, you know the story. It was fucking terrible. It was my boss’s car, and it was cold outside, so I was going to start it so I could go out and start eating up. And so I go out there and I tried to start the vehicle. I’ve never started a stick before, my dear, Trying to start the vehicle. And it Nothing happens. So I was like, What? The fox. So I go back in. There I go. Hey, dude, the car is not started. It’s not even starting. It’s not just not doing shit because put your foot on the brake or


[00:22:07] Andi: break.


[00:22:08] Dave: The problem was, I didn’t Oh, I did the break at the same time. But what happened was he kept his car in first year.


[00:22:16] Andi: Well, yeah, that’s how you park stick shift


[00:22:18] Dave: where the car was parked was on the edge of an embankment Where the drop was like 15 ft down. I started the car and launched off the fucking embankment down into the


[00:22:30] Andi: bit. So you just let off you put your foot on the gas and just let off the clutch. As


[00:22:35] Dave: soon as it started, I just launched for it. He bought that car a week prior to me, driving


[00:22:40] Andi: a bit. He knew you couldn’t drive a stick. And that was his own fault. No,


[00:22:44] Dave: he didn’t know because after I did that, he goes, You don’t know how to drive a stick. So is that really was his fault?


[00:22:52] Andi: I think I said that to you on our second date. I was like, What? The


[00:22:58] Dave: really? I mean, that was required. I


[00:23:02] Andi: wasn’t. I was driving a stick shift. I don’t remember anybody teaching me to drive a stick like it’s just fuckingo. It was like a bird mama sticking to drive a stick. I jumped out of the nest like fly bitch. It’s like that’s all it was. But, uh, the thing is, I don’t just know how to drive a stick. I know how to raise in a stick. I know how I know how to. Just my little Toyota had the start. The starter went out like a month after I had it. So not only do I know how to drive a stick, but I know how to start a stick with no starter. Where I had to have my friends in high school roll my car or always try to find something that was on a little bit of an incline. No power steering. Mind you, you don’t know what that means. I


[00:23:49] Dave: know what that means. No, you don’t do. I’ve never driven one. Exactly. So you


[00:23:55] Andi: don’t know what that means? It’s a fucking workout. But I would pop the clutch to start my car. That was just daily like That was not. That wasn’t a crisis that


[00:24:06] Dave: would have been at the country’s hearts of men that drive trucks and everything. Their hearts are falling out of the car. Guys are just like, What the hell is happening


[00:24:12] Andi: right now I will drag race of bitchin a second.


[00:24:15] Dave: Speaking of that, because this was funny. All right, so we have been together probably about a year and a half to this point and I’ve driven with you everywhere. We’ve gone everywhere. I know your driving style. Well, one day she had the opportunity to drive a Corvette or that convertible, and I was like, Sure, I’ll go for a ride with it. So she’s driving. I’m in the passenger seat and a side of her I have never seen before in my entire life comes out like Bonnie and Clyde. Shit. You slammed on the gas and just Florida scaring the living Sh it out of


[00:24:49] Andi: me was drifting that bitch. I


[00:24:52] Dave: mean, I was over there stomping on my imaginary break. You had never driven like this before. I know. And I was in the car going South Dakota, What the FAQ or you’re gonna get us killed. But I realized you were really good at it.


[00:25:04] Andi: Well, growing up in my small hometown, that’s all we had to do was go out and meet our friends in a parking lot, and people would race cars and show up with their muscle cars. And that’s just what we did. So


[00:25:19] Dave: and he just cruise, just just go in a big circle. That’s great.


[00:25:24] Andi: Yeah, we had a lot of hair spray in the front of our hair


[00:25:27] Dave: the days before social media. But a


[00:25:28] Andi: lot of dumb people actually went the funk out. Yeah, yeah. So, yeah, I learned how to do all the things, but yeah, I’ve had a few races done a few things illegally. Time in vehicles.


[00:25:42] Dave: It’s the love that when I first got introduced to your dad, he was talking to me and he was like, Yeah, you know, she knows how to drive a rollback, right? I was like, What the funk am I getting myself into?


[00:25:52] Andi: You know, it’s just what adds to my charm.


[00:25:56] Dave: C This is again why we get along so well. We were so fun.


[00:26:01] Andi: Were opposites people for your people.


[00:26:05] Dave: You said that since the day we met. I


[00:26:08] Andi: know. And it’s funny because we because we went into the marriage differently like I was the I was the Super 8 to fiber and you had a more a little more flexibility. So it was like we shifted like our lives shifted some. But question for you, Dave, Would you rather be 20 minutes earlier? 10 minutes late?


[00:26:29] Dave: Well, to avoid a few for a


[00:26:31] Andi: I knew it I was almost


[00:26:33] Dave: Done. I was 13 minutes early.


[00:26:35] Andi: No, I said 20 minutes earlier. 10 minutes late, 10 minutes early, 20 minutes early. 20 minutes, 10 minutes late, 20 minutes early. I don’t have time for you. I


[00:26:47] Dave: came early, person all the time. I always want to leave extra time. I want to get there. I could get a flat tire. She could go wrong. I’m anal retentive when it comes to time


[00:26:57] Andi: to never, ever in my career. And that includes on my way to work. I totaled two cars. One time. One was my own. I still didn’t get to work late. True story. So I have all respect for respect, doing right by your job and that kind of thing. However, If it’s a family function, it’s always 10 minutes late. Why? Because funk that shit standing in the waiting area, waiting for a table and everybody is like it’s like a Greek fight or something like that. I’ve got all the yapping and ship. No, I agree with completely. Let me walk in all you bitches already have a table. Tell me where to sit


[00:27:41] Dave: and see. This is why you’re the smart When you think of those types of scenarios before they happen, right? I would just run the funk into


[00:27:46] Andi: it. And I’m the one out trying to find a nice parking spot that’s on an incline so I can pop the clutch in my car.


[00:27:52] Dave: So how about you meet me halfway and we just sit in the car for 20 minutes? We’ve done that


[00:27:55] Andi: multiple times we have. We have done that. Can they see us? They think we’re late, but we’re sitting right on the door. What is your love language, Dave? You have a few options. You have words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, um, acts of service quality time. I think I said that one already, right? 20


[00:28:20] Dave: times. I can I can name what Two of those sounds kind of like. Mind the affirmations. Words of affirmation and physical touch.


[00:28:28] Andi: Okay, your affectionate. You like to hear emotional affection. You like to


[00:28:34] Dave: touch, right? I like it when you touch me and stuff like that. I don’t know. And you’re the only person I’ve ever had that with my entire life. You just met me finishing What


[00:28:42] Andi: about when I touch myself?


[00:28:44] Dave: I want to have 3030. Sex with you.


[00:28:46] Andi: You don’t really care when I do that. I mean, that’s not


[00:28:49] Dave: a big thing. Oh, no, no. That’s just when that’s happening. That means that good things are about to happen for me. And I’m just going to run in there and just devour that.


[00:28:58] Andi: Wow. Me. I’ll be home. Be home, be home. I would say mine is, um, probably total opposite of yours. Probably acts of service quality, time,


[00:29:14] Dave: quality time. What’s your what’s your quality time? Just


[00:29:18] Andi: hanging out like I don’t have to be wooed and fine dining and all that. I like it sometimes, but majority of the time. I’m very simple. I just like to hang out


[00:29:29] Dave: The one week period for maybe five hours a day. We played frogger.


[00:29:33] Andi: Yeah, that was a great time. Or you loop in the house, we bring the stripper pole out or Oh, my


[00:29:42] Dave: gosh. This is my life. Does not fucking suck.


[00:29:45] Andi: No, it doesn’t. I like my life. Yeah, you should. We stock a cat in our neighborhood because we want to give him treats. I mean, that’s the kind of quality time I’m talking about. Where we just laugh and we’re stupid. And people think we’re on drugs or


[00:29:59] Dave: not. Yeah,


[00:30:01] Andi: so that would be my quality time. And the next of services, I would say, probably. I’m always doing things. And I always I always have a project, and I don’t like to leave anything hanging. So I’m not like my dad with Bondo, I spent If I start something, I want it finished. And a lot of times I need help with that. So I like when you help me out,


[00:30:23] Dave: Yeah. We alter our houses all the time, and we don’t do standard alterations. Like we have to change ceiling lights, poke holes. Um, all knock walls down. We do all that stuff


[00:30:34] Andi: bathrooms,


[00:30:35] Dave: So yeah, and I think I like doing that for you. I like having


[00:30:40] Andi: you like me being like, Oh, thank you, my hero. I like you being pleased. Parents Bueller. You’re my hero. What are your phobias name? Something you’re I’m really scared of. Don’t say spiders. That’s a fucking cop out. Nobody likes spiders. Phobia something. You are frightened up. What are you scared of, David?


[00:31:03] Dave: I want I don’t know if it’s necessary. In a phobia, I would say not being able to breathe. I don’t know what it is like.


[00:31:13] Andi: It’s going around. A lot of people feel helpless.


[00:31:16] Dave: Yeah, but, you know, and I guess it affects me a little more. So, like, I I start, my Sinus will still start kicking. And I’m like, Oh, no, I’m I’m having trouble breathing. And then it sucks when you have bad Sinuses and you’re trying to go to sleep because you can’t breathe through your nose and then you’re already feeling restricted and then I just add some


[00:31:32] Andi: kind of a beer, like, kind of like when the pandemic kicked up. You do have Sinus congestion issues anyway. And so when you have that, you would feel kind of that panic of Oh, gosh,


[00:31:45] Dave: it’s I’m


[00:31:48] Andi: coming home. Lord, I’m coming to you,


[00:31:51] Dave: right? So, yeah, that’s that’s what I was with me.


[00:31:53] Andi: Mine is definitely Heights Heights. It’s gotten worse since I’ve gotten over. Yeah, I used to be a rollercoaster queen, like through me. It’s great. I’ll do whatever. We went to the top of the Empire State Building. Um, once and we were all the way to the top. So we’re like the whatever


[00:32:16] Dave: the


[00:32:18] Andi: observation room. Whatever. And This was 10 years ago. So you had your little digital camera and you were holding it over taking a picture down below. And I thought I was going to pass out because I thought you’re going to drop the camera and it was going to kill somebody on the ground and just knowing we were so high up. And I think it was kind of combining The reality of 9. 11 were standing there looking where you can see where the towers used to be and just was. You’re so vulnerable you’ve got that’s horrible. So


[00:32:57] Dave: and I would like to state for the record, Yes, I was holding a camera over the ledge. I had it wrapped around my wrist. It was secured. I wasn’t going to drop it people in that. But you


[00:33:07] Andi: weren’t like acting like you’re going to drop it. What


[00:33:08] Dave: was really funny? Even speaking about that, my phobia then became dropping that on someone’s head. As soon as you said that my legs just started like


[00:33:16] Andi: that’s what I get. I get weak knees and then my calves hurt and sucks. And so, But I’ve noticed I even have that. We go walking on trails and go hiking, and I’m on certain elevated like cliff areas. They’re not really cliffs. I’m getting way too much credit cause they’re not that high. But it’s still unnerved me. So it’s getting worse As I get older.


[00:33:39] Dave: I still think it’s funny, so we watch a lot of shows that are like women killing their husbands and stuff like that. It’s great. It’s very fascinating. I’m always afraid when we go to that little bluff, cliff type area that we go to Oops, No, exactly. I would get accused there because you scared the sh out of me. You say you’re scared of heights, you go to the fucking edge and put your feet over. And I’m the one that’s holding back, maybe five ft going Just Can you? Can you come back? Can you come back a little bit? Because if you fall there anything, it’s me.


[00:34:12] Andi: I thought you said you thought I’m going with you because if you fall, I gotta take I gotta take the heat for this shit


[00:34:19] Dave: That leads me back. There was a funny we were watching in 2020 episode one time and I said, uh, their guy was talking about his wife had been passed away. And I go, I just wanted to ask you if this ever came to pass and I had to be this guy, what do I need to wear? And I loved your response. What was it? I don’t know. It was dead. You said you could wear Dad. I said. So I said, If you’re dead and I’m talking about you, what can You were dead?


[00:34:45] Andi: You can wear


[00:34:46] Dave: dead. I was too priceless.


[00:34:51] Andi: Well, I think this wraps up another dysfunctional, unstable and sucked up episode of specific direction.


[00:34:59] Dave: Quiet, and you feel like we conquered a lot of service. I


[00:35:03] Andi: don’t do it like this. I left halfway through and came back.


[00:35:07] Dave: And if you don’t know how to finance, you can find us at quiet and kinky dot com or on YouTube. We have videos of these episodes search quiet and kinky


[00:35:16] Andi: and instagram at Quiet and Kinky and Twitter quiet and kinky. And you can find me and my neighbor and


[00:35:24] Dave: Dave at only Andy dot com. That’s a n d i dot com.


[00:35:31] Andi: So until next time I’m Dave. I’m Andy.


[00:35:34] Dave: Bye bye.


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